n1223010198_30117692_7401.jpgJamie Scott is still enduring a massive headache -- around her forehead and in the temples for weeks. The vomiting has stopped but she is currently experiencing diarrhea after eating each meal. She is being treated for a sinus condition which IS NOT WORKING!AT this point in time, Jamie needs the attention of an outside physician. Would you please call and/or e-mail and ask that she is taken to the hospital where this illness can be immediately taken care of.Drs. Gloria Perry and Zein-Ahmed and request that Jamie Scott #19197 immediately taken to the hospital. Please assist us in saving her life until she is released!Dr. Gloria Perry - 359-5155Dr. Zein-Ahmed - 359-5155You may cc and call the following if time permits.Margaret Bingham - Epps - ph. 601-359-5600Nancy Lockhart

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