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Lip Reshaping Cosmetic Plastic Procedures are counted among the most demanded forms of cosmetic procedures in India and abroad. This is because everybody desires fuller, more aesthetically-appealing lips. Lip reshaping procedures are undertaken by specialist healthcare practitioners like cosmetic surgeons. Please note that lip reshaping can be undertaken for corrective purposes also. However, cosmetic lip reshaping procedures are more common. These are often combined with therapeutic surgeries that are often needed to treat people suffering from lip infections, carcinomas or congenitally-deformed lips. Within this niche, there is a basic categorization that divides Lip Reshaping into Lip Augmentation and Lip Reconstruction.

Basics of Lip Augmentation Plastic Cosmetic Surgery
Please note that reduction in lip volume is very rarely demanded. Thus, whenever a lip reshaping surgery is indicated, voluminizing the lips is assumed. This means increasing the overall volume and margins of the lips, creating a bigger, more sensual pout. Thus, lip augmentation procedures are usually sought after by women and not men. Such procedures are also referred to as Lip Augmentation procedures.

Lip augmentation procedures might seem simple but the slightest of mistakes can ruin the equilibrium of the entire facial dynamics. This is because changing the shape of the lips also impacts the outline that the lips share with the nose and chin. Further, an improperly conducted lip reshaping cosmetic surgery can ruin functions of the mouth like speech or consuming food. Lip reshaping surgeries that are aimed at augmenting the lips use two, basic types of approaches, i.e. lip fillers and lip implants.

Lip Fillers are among the most demanded forms of lips reshaping procedures. Lip fillers are also called dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are primarily used for removing signs of aging like wrinkles on the face. Dermal fillers work by increasing the volume and overall hydration level of the injected site and the surrounding tissues. There are various kinds of dermal fillers, among which natural fillers are most popular due to the higher degree of safety they offer. Lip reshaping done via the use of lip fillers is essentially a process of lip augmentation. Here, the filler material is injected into the lips. The injection is so sharp and precise that it doesn’t induce any kind of scarring or bleeding in the lips. The natural composition of the lip filler compounds ensures that there is no allergic reaction to the injected compound. Lip filler treatment offers impressive and long term results but these are not permanent results. Usually, lip filler treatment needs some degree of follow-up procedures using a series of supportive injections of filler compounds. The entire process is undemanding, being painless and is completed in less than an hour. No recovery time needed after having undergone a lip filler cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic surgeons in India are increasingly using lip fillers that have been approved in the US and by leading regulatory organizations like the FDA, i.e. the US Food & Drug Administration.

Lip Implants are the more conventional form of lip augmentation surgeries wherein small membranes created from silicone are surgically inserted into the lips. This is done via a small incision and there are no fears of harming the blood or nerve supply. Lip Implants provide more durable results as compared to lip fillers. However, fillers are the more convenient approach and provide the option of changing the outline of the slips until the precise amount of augmentation is achieved.

Lip Reconstruction is the most comprehensive of lip reshaping procedures. Here, dermal fillers or implants and skin grafting are combined for overhauling the original shape of the lips, i.e. comprehensive and large-scale reshaping of the lips. This is also the most extensive form of lip reshaping plastic cosmetic surgery.

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