Trump Racism

If Obama was a busboy, Trump and the Republican Party would not have hated him. But, Obama, did not “know his place”. The nerve of him, running for and winning  President of the United States! Some of America was justifiably proud of this historic accomplishment. But another side of America was seething with anger, rage  and resentment. The Republican Party plugged into this hatred  and brought the government to gridlock in fighting Obama’s every move except of course warmongering.  To generate hostility to the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans  attacked it as Obamacare.  Republican leaders subordinated the good of the country to their vendetta against this black president. And how  well Trump fitted into that agenda. Kill Obamacare regardless of how many millions of Americans would lose their healthcare was Trump’s first priority.

Donald Trump first publicly manifested his hatred of Obama by becoming a “birther”, claiming that Obama was not born in America, thus ineligible for the presidency. Trump soon became the champion of white racists, misogynists and all sorts of other social deplorables.

Trump is a closet racist no more. However, once again he is plagued with bankruptcy. The Trump Whitehouse is bankrupt, morally bankrupt. It is no wonder he attacked Muslims, immigrants, blacks, Mexicans, LBGT …..but not the white Putin. That’s what a racist does.

His Charlottesville rants exposed his racism for all the world to see.  He recruited racists for the Whitehouse to carry out his racist agenda.  Just as Scott Pruitt, Trump’s appointee for Administrator of the EPA, is secretly and deliberately dismantling that vital organization, by rolling back regulations, closing offices, and eliminating staff at the agency charged with protecting the nation’s environment and public health. So also, Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, is on a similar mission to dismantle civil and other rights.

People in Trump’s inner circle must have known Trump is a racist. People like Vice President Pence and Kelly must have known.   As a matter of fact, Kelly’s job was to hide  the racism of Trump. It probably was an impossible task. Would you work for a racist?  

Where are the statues of Hitler in Germany? Where are the statues of Mussolini in Italy? Would you  march proudly in a protest  led by white supremacists, Nazis, the Klu Klux Klan and other deplorables? Only if I were a racist too.

So now our leader is a white racist. The person who speaks for America to the rest of the world is a racist. If Trump bombs North Korea, he will kill millions of non-white Koreans (Norh and South Koreans).  Right now our racist is killing non-white people in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria to name a few. All the non-white world leaders from the Caribbean, South and Central America, Africa,  Asia. an array of countries all over the world, must now  deal with a white racist president of America.  They are not going to be apologists for him like some holdouts here. The white world leaders will deplore him too. To  world leaders, I am sure his ignorance and buffoonery made him a laughing stock, but now his overt racism makes him despicable. Has America come to this? Such an embarrassment! What a disgrace. What an outrage!

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About the Author
Michael Irving Phillips has kept abreast of Jamaican and the rest of the Caribbean by his one-man production of Hot Calaloo, a newsletter about Caribbean news and views. From April 1992 to December 1999, it was published monthly and was transferred to the web at since then.

He was born in Jamaica and left home for Howard University in the US where he received MA (Education) and BS (Chemistry) degrees. Previous books includes :Boycott Money And Save Your Soul – Launching The Goodwill Revolution:, “Leave the Rat Race To The Rats” and “Poems for Husbands and Other Underdogs

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