Treatment of Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in USA. There have been lots of treatment available to cure this disease but the safest and the quickest is Mohs Surgery. Brainchild of American general surgeon Dr. Fredrick Mohs, also known as Chemotherapy is a process of exhaustive, careful procedure of curing skin cancer. In this therapy the doctor serves as pathologist as well as surgeon, while removing tissues and measuring the signs and stage of cancer.

It is the most effective and state-of-the-art procedure for treatment of skin cancer. It provides a good potential for recovery. The procedure starts with removal of any cancerous tissue, along with a layer of nearby skin. Surgeon then categorized the removed tissues into sections and color codes them for reference to indicate where the samples were taken from the patient’s skin. Effected tissues are later placed on Microscopic slides, which dermatologist examines to check if any cancerous cell got missed in initial ablation. Surgeon repeats it again and again until and unless no additional affected tissues are traced. It is meant to conserve most of the healthy skin and healthy tissue during the treatment. The skin conservation is mostly benefitted in cases where the surgery is being performed on the area of cosmetic importance.

Mohs micrographic surgery is considered as a standard treatment for many forms of primary and recurring, infiltrating skin cancers and provides maximum cure rates with highest tissue conservation in comparison with other modes. However other factors such as size of the tumor, the location and depth of the tumor also matters while considering for the procedure. Clinical studies has reported that chemotherapy have proved highly effective, with 5- year cure rate close to 95% for revenant cancers and 99% for new cancer cases on 1st stage. Dermatologists mostly use this procedure to curing cancer in areas like face, genitals and digits. The promptness of this surgical technique makes it a powerful weapon for penetrating non-melanoma skin cancers like Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamos Cell Carcinoma (SCC).

Consult your dermatologist to consider what skin treatment is right for you. This procedure is ideal for cancerous cell removal in many cases so at first what doctor may suggest you is mohs surgery.

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