1. Its enormous scenic diversity(sea side, mangroves, jungle, mountains, highlands and desert).

2. Its secuity(Cameroon is a politically stable country since many decades with a warm and welcoming population).

3. It hosts some of the most amazing and ancient cultures like the Baka and Badgeli pygmies in the Eastern jungle, the nomadic Mbororos on the Adamawa and North Regions, the animist Komas in the Alantika Mountains, but also Bantues, Kom and many more.

4. The traditional chiefdoms that survive in the volcanic West and the Sahel North.

5. The still existing ancient traditional colourful festival,arts,crafts and artistic expressions throughout the whole country.

6. The large quantity of animals to be found in the different National Parks (big sea-turtles, gorillas, chimps, antelope, the big five, wart hogs etc.).
7. Mount Cameroon; the highest peak (4080 mts) in West / Central Africa.

8. The treks around the Alantika and Mandara mountains, the Bamenda highlands and Manengoubavolcanoes (beautiful landscape and stunning views).

9. After an interesting and intensive trip relax at kribi or Limbe beach offering excellent sea-food and a great selection of fresh tropical fruits.

10. Still today Cameroon is an unknown country for the (western) traveller.

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