As a performer and historian, The ZYG attends historic event, kicking of the collecting of memorabilia and memories of the Hip-Hop movements growth and development in Massachusetts, parallel to the New York scene.3828603323?profile=original

Part of being a Griot is being a historian and keeper of information about those things that led to the present. After absorbing the available history of Hip-hop in the Bronx, the next logical step was to look at Hip-hop's evolution in cities like Boston, where it's contributions and innovations to Hip-hop culture are monumental yet largely unsung.

In the Commonwealth Salon of the Boston Public Library at Copley Square in Boston, pioneers and veterans of the Hip-hop movement in Boston gathered for the kick-off event of the newly forming Massachusetts Hip-Hop Archive. On May 19th at the library will be "Show 'Em Watcha Got" which has been described as a 'hip-hop antique road show' where DJs, Rappers, Break Dancers, Graffiti Artists, Producers and Promoters from the Massachusetts Hip-hop scene of the 1970's through the 1990s will bring memorabilia for display as well as inclusion in the archive's exhibit and digital data base. Items will include flyers, cassettes, records, articles, photos, and video footage of the last 45 years will be on display.

Present, front and center for the event was The ZYG, albeit a contemporary up and coming part of the hip-hop scene is still among the very few Hip-hop historians of his generation... (actually, the ONLY one that we know of), he saw this as a prime opportunity. Accompanied by members of The GroovaLottos, all of whom are veteran musicians and producers in both the New York and Massachusetts Hip-hop communities, The ZYG took the opportunity to meet some of the legends who he only knew through YouTube, like the Planet Patrol, Akrobatik MC, Ed O.G., and members of the legendary Boston breakdance crew, The Floor Lords, needless to say the young MC and Percussionist was awed and elated. 

The ZYG's connection to Boston's golden age hip-hop scene goes beyond his father to his uncles Naheem Garcia and Born Bi-Kim who were part of the world-famous breakdance crew The Uneek Dominoes, who along with veteran dancer and rapper Wyatt Jackson were among the true pioneers of the Hip-Hop Theater Movement of the 1980's, (About a decade before Washington DC who claim to be the originators of the genre) along with The ZYG's father in the role of playwright. Needless to say, his elders were quite pleased to find an up and coming MC with conscious lyrics and the fact that he drums while rhyming brought him even more love.

The ZYG has been rather busy with a string of live shows and performances, as well as appearances and shows coming up around Massachusetts and New York City. He is also in the studio completing his debut mixtape "The Intro" as well as shooting a few videos. We should start to see singles trickling out from this talented artist over the next few months.

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