the shakedown artist

hetep,check out the following scams the nigga al sharpton did to get rich:1) pepsi-co: june 1998, sharpton calls for a boycott of pepsi-co, citing a lack of afrikan-amerikkkans in advertising campaigns; january 1999, pepsi is a sponsor of a conference hosted by sharpton and nan (national action network) on racial and ethnic diversity at the waldorf-astoria hotel. pepsi names sharpton to its "diversity consulting board," paying him 25,000 a year. he is removed from the board in 2007, but pepsi continues to financially support nan's annual conferences.2) general motors: december 2006, sharpton urges a major boycott of gm after an afrikan-amerikkkan loses his gm dealership in new york and sues the company; 2007, gm gives nan 5,000. nan lists the carmaker as a sponsor at its annual conference.3) forest city ratner: may 2000, sharpton speaks at a worker rally at the atlantic mall in brooklyn, a forest city ratner project, accusing developer bruce ratner of paying low wages and "enslaving our communities;" 2004, forest ratner begins to provide yearly financial support to nan in the thousands of dollars. the company sponsors nan conferences. sharpton becomes a vocal supporter of the company's plan to build the atlantic yards near the mall, including the new nba arena.4) mgm mirage: december 2001, sharpton vows to call for a national boycott if the company refuses to meet with him regarding discrimination at the company's detroit casino. he repeats the threat in march 2002 at a las vegas protest of alleged racism in hiring and employment by mgm; 2003, mgm names nan a "partner" in its diversity program in detroit, home of an mgm grand casino.5) amerikkkan honda: april 2003, sharpton sends a letter to the carmaker demanding it hire more afrikan-amerikkkans in executive posts; june 2003, amerikkkan honda begins to support nan with a "modest" payment each year.6) chrysler: february 2003, sharpton calls for a nationwide boycott of daimler-chrysler, alleging the company has discriminated against afrikan-amerikkkans applying for car loans; 2004, the company becomes a sponsor at nan's national convention in may. chrysler also agrees to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by afrikan-amerikkkan groups.7) colgate-palmolive: april 2008, the company acknowledges it gave nan 50,000; april 2008, nan gives colgate-palmolive its "corporate excellence award" at its memphis conference honoring martin luther king jr.8) macy's: june 1998, sharpton threatens a boycott over an alleged lack of diversity in ads; january 1999, macy's parent company, federated department stores, appoints sharpton an unpaid adviser on diversity. macy's become a sponsor of nan events and conferences, continuing to give financial support every, in essence, ask yourself" why would al sharpton wanna get rid of racism, which it is financially beneficial? he ain't gotta worry about having his bills paid, clothes on his back, a roof over his head nor where his next meal is gonna come from. and them same niggas wanna rail against the brothas hustling on the mean streets of the occupied colonies that we are isolated in, with no economic infrastructure.uhuru!
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