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      Lately, I’ve been having a great time re-discovering classic westerns starring the legendary Randolph Scott—an actor who, in my opinion, has been very underrated in the western genre. 

      A great example of his work comes from the flick “Decision at Sundown”—a western with plot twists a-plenty.  Towards the end of the flick, Scott’s character—after the townspeople have begun celebrating the ridding of the town of the chief bad guy—makes this startling statement: “Where I come from, folks don’t celebrate or have a big ‘to do’ when a man acts the way he’s supposed to act.”

      This statement says—and means—a lot in our current social media, press release and ‘selfie’ environment.  The battlefield of our western society (no pun intended) has become ‘feminized’ in that people have come to expect ‘big brass bands’ of ‘attaboys’ and ‘well dones’ for doing their jobs.  THIS is where—and how—the great tipping ‘debate’ originated. THIS is where—and how—the dating ‘debates’ have attempted to take chivalry and replace it with ‘selfie-isness’ as—get this—WOMEN are setting the terms WHERE they would be willing to be taken for a first date!

      Brothers, a REAL man doesn’t ‘respond well’ to feminized fits of selfishness, arrogance and stupidity exhibited in public—or private by women or weak men (who cheer them on) who have no concept of true manhood.  Remember years ago as women started the phrase: “I can do bad ALL by myself?”  Real men said, “Bet!” And took their hats and wallets onward to women who respect them, appreciate them, and are willing to submit to their leadership in the home and in the workplace.

      Washington D.C. is a great example of far too many cities.  This is the high altar of feminist and radical women running the show—and doing a horrible job!  You can just smell the estrogen wafting from failure after failure.  REAL men are NOT held in high esteem.  Does this ‘disturb’ these brothers?  On the contrary!  They continue to flourish as society implodes upon itself as the ‘alphabet mafia’ has discovered that there is a firm remnant of brothers who won’t beg, bend, or bow before the idols the power structure attempts to place in front of them. 

      God ALWAYS has his reserves.  God’s real men are still getting married to upright women; still going to work, raising, and providing for their families, and training their children up in the fear and admonition of Jesus Christ, even in the rough times.  Just because YOU do not see them does NOT mean they don’t exist.  Rejoice real brothers in Christ!  God has your number and address.  His blessings to you come faster than fast—and will keep you in HIS majority!

      Mike Ramey is a Retired Minister, KJV Bible Teacher, syndicated columnist and Bible Prophecy Specialist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Quick Scan” is one of a variety of his columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2023 Barnstorm Communications International.

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Rev. M. G. “Mike” Ramey (Retired) served as the Certified Modern Street Gangs Specialist & Media Consultant of “The Gang Line”. He had been interviewed in the U. S. and abroad on radio, television, and Internet about the dangers of Modern Street Gangs since 2007. His writings on Modern Street Gangs abound in print and online. Previously, he served as an award-winning broadcast journalist, producer, and TV/Radio talk show host. He has also served as a staff writer, section editor, and syndicated columnist. Ramey has won—or helped to win—some two dozen journalism awards and citations. He also holds a Police Citation for Citizen Bravery from the Indianapolis Police Department (1986). Ramey is also married, an Ordained Minister (Retired) and a KJV Bible Teacher.

Ramey is a Certified Modern Street Gangs Specialist with Certifications in Law Enforcement (2006), Non-Law Enforcement (2010), and Gangs & Cults Ministry (2017). He also has endorsements in K-12 Gang Issues and Transnational Gangs. He also carries Specialist Ratings in Cult/Occult Crime, and Transnational Human Trafficking. Ramey has also served with several International anti-gang ministries, including of Washington state (2004-2009), Thug Exposed Ministries of California (2010 to 2015) and Bishop Outreach Ministries of Florida (2010 to 2015).

In 2011 “The Gang Line” offered training and certification coursework for those interested in becoming certified Modern Street Gang Specialists: Training approaches the anti-gang ministry field through the combined use of spiritual (biblical principles/discipleship) and criminal (gang members and gang crime). From 2015-2017, Ramey served as an Advisory Board Member for the School of Criminal Justice at Harrison College, Indianapolis, Indiana, with a specialty of Organized Crime & Gangs. From 2017-2019, Ramey served as a Bible Teacher to at-risk detained juvenile offenders at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center with his own Bible-based Curriculum centering upon Biblical Life Skills taught from the Book of Proverbs.

Rev. Ramey’s skill set includes having been a veteran substitute teacher (Secondary Education), a college instructor for two Bible colleges in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, a Probation Officer (Intensive/High Risk & School-Based) with the Marion County Juvenile Court, and a peer grant reviewer of anti-gang grant programs with the U.S. Department of Justice (2010). He also created, designed, and taught the course “Modern Street Gangs: Developing Urban Ministry Strategies—UM-190” at Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, Indiana (2009 & 2010). In 2013, Ramey served as a post-production Consultant for Chick Publications’ national anti-gang comic: “Black Angel”. It was translated into Spanish in 2014.

Ramey has written extensively on the topic of Modern Street Gangs with two Internet columns: “The Gang Line” and “The Gang Line Blogger” which abound in cyberspace. In a post-pandemic society, the motto of The Gang Line still rings true: “Spiritual Solutions for Spiritual Problems!”

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