CASE:The median household income for blacks stands at $34,218; for whites, it's $55,530. Less than half of blacks own a home compared to three quarters of white families. Blacks are more than three times a...s likely to live in poverty.In addition, black-owned businesses represent a paltry 5 percent of privately owned companies, and the study says more are needed to help spur job growth in minority communities.The Obama administration, the study suggests, has taken measures to improve the gap between whites and blacks, although it says more is needed.CNN - "VICIOUS CYCLE" OF BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTYDEAR BLACK AMERICA 2010Can anyone reading the above 3 paragraphs tell me what's wrong with the above passages?POINT:The above passage clearly evidences that white people sincerely believe that they are the standard by which black people should be trying to live up to and be on parity with. FORGET ABOUT IT!DO THE MATHThere is only a $21,312 difference between what blacks are making and what white are making.Consider this:If someone black that you know went out and found a job only to return bragging that the job pays $21,312 a year you would tell them to keep it to themselves because if truth be told making "$21,312 a year is nothing to be bragging about.If black people are making a median income $34,218 and they still can’t make it they deserve to live in poverty because it is not how much you make it is all in how you spend the money that you do make. There is no mystery or racism involved.You can be on parity with white people by merely and wisely spending, budgeting and investing the little money that does cross your path and palm of hand.White America is always going to compare you to them but rest assured their comparison is not for justice, equality or your betterment. First there was living Black In America, and then there was 42% of black women are single and now it is our vicious cycle of poverty report.They compare themselves openly to you to suggest that the black man give it up and that the black woman should willingly and gleefully accept interracial dating.The Vicious Cycle of Poverty report put out by the White people now have black people believing that with only $34,218 median income you don’t stand a chance of ever achieving life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. FORGET ABOUT IT!There are many black people that have bought homes, buildings and put their children through college while making only "$21,312 or less while working on jobs like Motorola, keeblers, U.S.Post office, hospitals and for The Board of Education.The comparison of white people to black people is what keeps black people running like greyhound dogs around a track chasing a mechanical rabbit we will never catch.FORGET ABOUT IT!Stop trying to keep up with white people. White people are very grandiose people they will give away $21,312 in tips.Iif the good white people traded you their $55,530 and they took your $34,218 they would still surpass and overtake you on the road to financial freedom because it is all in how you educate "you" in spending the little money you do have.The Chinese, Spanish, Asian, Arab and Indian players are continuing to make their way in the world in-spite of white Americas gloom and doom economic forecast.African Americans however ignorantly live, breath and balance the prognosis of their lives based upon every word, news report, announcement, figure or percentage point that spews from the mouth of white America.How will we ever learn do for self when depending on White America's diagnosis and prognosis?White Americas facts and figures does not accurately reflect what condition your condition is in.For independent sakes what is our own black analyst predicting for black America?What does the accounting figures reveal from our own black accountants?What does the black bank presidents have to say?Where are the analysis from our black economic and accounting graduates from historically black universities?What does our local black graduating university sons and daughters have to say as they enter the world of finance, accounting and economics?African Americans stop tailgating white Americas lifestyle and spending habits. You can't do what they do nor live the lifestyle they live.STOP FEEDING YOUR SELF WORTH WHITE AMERICA'S AFTERBIRTH"Look at what you have working for you not at what you have working against you" and that determines for ourselves what condition our condition is in because........JESUS TOLD HIS DISCIPLES, "THE POOR WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.Jesus the ChristSincerely, Enoch MubarakPresident/CEO Mubarak
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  • Chicago-Midwest
    I am very disappointed to once again have to read another article that blames the White Man for all our troubles.

    No where in the above post does it reflect that the white man is the object of our demise in as much has it details the propaganda methods employed by other races to demoralize our self worth and self esteem via reports and unauthorized documentaries supposedly detailing our internal economic misery.

    Black America must not only read but we must read for comprehension as well.
  • Chicago-Midwest
    I am very disappointed to once again have to read another article that blames the White Man for all our troubles.
    "The above passage clearly evidences that white people sincerely believe that they are the standard by which black people should be trying to live up to and be on parity with."

    Worse, the author suggests that we should be content with our status and to achieve parity just "spend wisely."
    "You can be on parity with white people by merely and wisely spending, budgeting and investing the little money that does cross your path and palm of hand."

    Black people are the poorest in this country for three basic reasons:
    1. There are real structural barriers to accessing all lthe benefits of citizenry for Black people.
    2. It is simply very difficult to close a "400 year parity gap."
    3. Black people are not taking advantage of the "potential of unity" to improve our collective position.

    There are actions we can take to improve our condition. We have proven that progress can be made with intensive focus. The gains of the 50's and 60's are an example -- beginning in the 50"s with the Birmingham bus boycott, all the way through the Civil Rights legislation.

    Ironically, those gains resulted in a "Second Diaspora" right here in America -- as many sought to "escape the ghetto" for better living conditions in upwardly mobile communities. The unity that brought the gains was dissipated into a class separation among Blacks characterized by upwardly mobile Blacks forgetting from whence they came. Not all, but too many abandoned their less fortunate cousins.

    So, the efforts to erase some of the structural barriers was dissipated because we didn't stick together in our pursuit of "full participation" in the USA society. I recall that I didn't know I was poor until I left home and discovered that others were living in a more prosperous world. So, I made every effort to benefit from the sacrifices of those who led the struggles of the 50's and 60's, obtained a college education, and did what I could to help others to enjoy greater benefits -- as a father, mentor, business leader, activist. Not in a grandiose fashion, but within my means.

    The author quoted Jesus -- "The poor will always be with us." Yes, this is true, and 400 years of exclusion will ensure that Black are counted among the poor for a very long time. But it doesn't have to be that way. I know personally that striving for a better life for my family -- a faithful relationship with my wife, a home in a safe community, better education for my children, and managing my resources so that I can enjoy my retirement -- are not things I have done to "achieve parity with white people." There is nothing wrong with striving to do the very best for myself and the ones that I love and care about. It takes a lot of extra effort to overcome the position of disadvantage that I started from -- including the 400 years of slavery of my ancestors. So, yes it is difficult, but there are opportunities for a better life for those willing to make the extra effort.

    Finally, none of us can make progress alone -- not as individuals, and not in isolation as Black people. I believe we must grow where we are planted. I was born and raised here in the USA. I have lived in Europe, in Africa, and I have seen the efforts of Black people on three continents to overcome the barriers we all face. Progress comes through collaboration with everyone on the planet, when it serves our interests. The goal of progress is not "parity with whites" but the very best outcomes possible without boundaries. Sometimes that takes working with whites, sometimes working for Corporate America, sometimes launching our own entrepreneurial endeavors. But if the goal is lifting more Blacks out of poverty, there is an "absolute requirement for Black unity of purpose." That doesn't mean a win-lose war with whites or anyone else. It means helping ourselves to the greatest extent possible to advance to the mainstream of the global society. We should not accept relegation to any second class position. But that is not an attitude, that requires real work -- together. Sadly, African Americans lack sufficient unity to improve conditions for the masses. So, we see individual success stories -- Oprah, Bob Johnson, George Fraser, Black entertainers and athletes, and the ultimate achiever, Barack Obama, our President.

    There are many consequences to this lack of unity. It is not just reflected in the poverty or wealth statistics, but in education, employment, health, and the impact of unequal justice. From our current position, one might observe -- as the title of this article suggests -- "The poor will always be with us" -- but the poor don't always have to be Black folks.

    Three things will help us to improve our situation:
    1. Effort -- we simply have to strive harder to overcome the structural barriers we face.
    2. Education -- the universal equalizer is education. Knowledge is power in the 21st century.
    3. Entrepreneurship -- we must take more control of our own economic destiny through business ownership.

    These three can be the subject of another discussion. For now, being poor is not a death sentence. We can overcome our poverty to live better lives if we work at it together.
  • South
    The white man is not de " Breath GIVER " !!!
  • Georgia
    My brother you are so right. One of the things that is keeping us is communal living. Many people are realizing hey my sister got a house I live in a apt. Hey let us split expenses so we can both have a house.
  • South
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