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By  | Their country sits some 250 miles north of Australia across the Torres Strait and is part of a large Island with a close history and links to it. It comprises of people who were independent and self-governing with a culture similar to tribal groups elsewhere. They were not violent towards anyone except through the spats and tribal wars they fought among themselves. Most of them, however, were head hunters and engaged in cannibalism that offends those of the west.

The overall islands were divided by different groups and those of the east knew little or nothing of the western people. The country is extremely hilly with mountains rising some 16,000 feet or more. It comprises volcanos and deep gorges with valleys supporting river systems. It is neither a suitable terrain for agriculture or grazing but the people make a living by growing crops and rearing pigs.

It is believed but not proven that they originally made their way from south-east Asia to inhabit the landmass some 40,000 years ago. Genetic markers disprove this theory and points to a relationship with African tribes, such as those of Guinea from which the name New Guinea was adopted. The people are similar in size, stature, and hair type to the ones of that area. Their extremely fuzzy hair has given them the title of 'fuzzy wuzzies'.

Spanish explorers arrived during the 16th century followed by the Dutch and inclusion in the Dutch East Indies spice trade. Later a Portuguese held territory the west was left to Indonesia while the eastern half became a protectorate of Australia following World War II. Now the Papuans on the western side of the island were taken over by Indonesia and are suffering from the presence of 'foreigners' changing their culture and employing violence and other violations against them.

With Australia running a long election campaign prior to a vote on July 2nd some of the people of Papua are speaking out and begging Australia for help to get away from the oppression by Indonesia. The question is how can this happen when the government sides with their invaders and has stated that it is in agreement with their actions?

As a spiritual person with a link to the Spirit of the Universe my feelings are that everything happens for a reason. Many years ago it involved me in plans to remove the White Australia Policy and to give the east of New Guinea its independence. This subsequently happened and now it is pushing me to write this article because somewhere there is an answer to this question and help for these people.

With the world in turmoil and people dying in their thousands on a daily basis the knowledge that we are in the last days is hitting home. My reincarnation and the knowledge given to me when asked to remove the wall of ignorance, deceit, and religious rubbish is having an effect. It is helping to break down systems that allow governments to get away with these actions.

Reincarnation is fact and everyone who has lived is back. They are turning to the Mountain of God for answers.

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