3828586076?profile=originalThe Mission To Educate Black Children Sparks A Match Made in Heaven

The 2016 5th Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo and the highly acclaimed Nigerian cartoon series, Bino and Fino, say their vows as they marry forces, the first of its magnitude with a powerful mission to educate children of African descent about their remarkable culture and heritage. Both organizations have caught the worldwide attention of Black parents and educators alike through their unprecedented approach to sharing the tools that build a strong sense of identity and self esteem by way of putting African history and family values at the core of their message.

The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 by Queen Taese, a homeschooling Mom of 20 years, who has successfully homeschooled 7 of her own children and hundreds of others. She decided to homeschool as a result of recognizing her obligation to tailor make each of her children's educational road map to fit their innate gifts and how critical a strong cultural foundation would play into that, in order for them to thrive. During her homeschooling journey, there were many trials and triumphs. When asked some of the key elements of her homeschooling success, she states "I've always stayed a student, as well as an educator. We as parents have so much to learn and even unlearn. Being with my children is sacred time to me, bonding time. Keeping in mind the seriousness of the goal, I still remember to flow and have fun allowing the facilitation of their growth and development to propel mine. The way it naturally works is such an exciting and divinely complementary process. Therefore, even with all the challenges, the rewards are astoundingly infinite and everlasting."

Bino and Fino, the Nigerian based cartoon series as featured on CNN as Africa's answer to Dora the Explorer, is sweeping the planet with an incredible message to Black children worldwide. This magnificent message is one that is raising the self­-esteem of Black children everywhere. For those who have seen it will concur that it has a message that positively educates African history and culture, as well as math, science, geography, and so much more. The idea for Bino and Fino came about in 2007, first in the heart of the Nigerian creator, Adamu Waziri, who realized that there was a lack of true African made children's educational cartoon shows that
exemplified an honest reflection of themselves. Knowing the power of children's media, this brought serious concern. Waziri, with an amazing team that strongly believed in this vision, worked tirelessly to produce what has now become one of the most phenomenal African cartoons ever.

"The timing couldn't be better with all of the negative stereotypes and abuse of Black people depicted in the media. Bino and Fino is a tool that can be used to assist in the education of both children and adults alike, and it's fun. My children love it!" Queen Taese shares.

And so, the union is solidified! Bino and Fino will be at the Monumental 5th Anniversary of the 2016 Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo in Atlanta taking place at Georgia Piedmont Technical College on Saturday July 16th. The full weekend Expo has drawn thousands from across the nation and worldwide as Black parents take action in assuring a quality education for their children. There is no other place like it in the world. The offerings speak to why this is such a significant event for so many to attend.

The Liberated Minds Expo has a multitude of lectures, workshops, and training sessions that specifically meet the needs of Black parents and educators sharing on how to best educate Black children to succeed. The workshops are taught by top Black scholars, successful parents, and amazing educators and are aimed at building competence and confidence. The Liberated Minds Expo also boasts an Exhibitor Hall with all Black owned businesses selling products and services that provide parents with culturally relevant books, curriculum materials, a variety of educational support, networking, programs and resources. Three years ago we also added workshops for younger children 4­10 (Children's Watoto Village) and teens 11­17 (Sankofa Scholars University). Parents have praised the dynamic experience their children are able to experience in one day.

When asked about her inspiration for organizing the Liberated Minds Expo, she explains, "I created the Expo because I know how imperative it is for us parents and educators, whether we are homeschooling or not, to have effective culturally relevant training, educational resources, a solid support system and a social network that specifically fits the needs of developing the black child to their greatest potential. It was a huge challenge for me figuring things out along the way. I want to share the knowledge I have
gained and continue to acquire on the journey, to make the road a little easier for others."

Liberated Minds has become a consistent pillar that families can rely on every step of the way. This year is a special anniversary. We have reached a 5 year benchmark that signifies our perseverance and resilience and are quickly becoming a household name across the globe. Bino and Fino being a part of this milestone is extraordinary! The relationship between Liberated Minds and Bino and Fino is special because when it comes to the love and cultivation of African children, it is truly a match made in heaven.

There will be something for the whole family to enjoy as The Liberated Minds Expo big screens a variety of Bino and Fino episodes. There will be fun hands­on activities related to the theme of the cartoon, and a surprise Live guest appearance by the Bino and Fino Mascots themselves. This will prove to be memorable and educational for all. For more information visit www.LiberatedMindsExpo.com or call 678­368­8593 .

The Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Expo - Cultivate the Black Genius in Your Children - Atlanta

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