Subject: THE MILLION WOMAN MOVEMENT IS HERE !!!!!Official Woman March & Universal Movements AnnouncementRE: The Official "MILLION WOMAN MOVEMENT" IS ON ITS WAY !!Bring Our National/International Spokespersons or Representatives to Your Community, (school, temple, church, group/organization)For Black History and/or Women's History Months 2010THE "MILLION WOMAN MOVEMENT" IS HERE !!!!!Local, National, International & UniversalStart a chapter or become an affiliate member or supporterWE ARE NOW AT "THE TOP OF THE CLOCK" and bringing forwardA Million (plus) Black/Africana Women Rising for "Power, Prosperity, and Peace" Worldwide.Remember: Those who fail to embrace their history and great legacies will not only lose their benefits, they bring dishonor and further disaster to their Heritage and People.....On October 25, 1997, the largest gathering in the world of any women anywhere occurred in Philadelphia, PATHE MILLION WOMAN MARCH (MWM) (TM)More than 2.5 million women of African descent, from the entire African Diaspora, stood in Unity, Ancestral Legacy, Divine Spirit, and 'Sisterly Affection' under the banner of "Repentance, Resurrection, and Restoration", and in preparation for the further establishment of a Global Progressive Holistic African Sistahood (and power base) for Black/African women and girls regardless of nationality, faith, political affiliation, economic status, religion, ethnicity, etc.With millions of lives being touched and transformed, and thousands upon thousand of Black/African women finding a greater sense of identity and purpose while being connected, empowered, and readied to take their rightful places "from the grassroots through the glass ceiling", worldwide, as a result of the initial vision, mission, and subsequent work that has now occurred during the last 12 years, MWM thus plays a major role in not only Black History but Women's (World) History and will, indeed, take its rightful place.Now, from the originating entity of the historic Million Woman March, (that includes both the Founding/Executive Offices & National Headquarters which has remained In Philly, PA since its conception, and that has uncompromisingly continued the designated mission and work on going), it is our pleasure and honor to bring the long awaited authentic units and components that will introduce, pro-actively, the authorized MWM follow-up programs, Universal Movement Sistahood operations, general & specific national/international MWM agenda 2010- 2015 initiatives for all of Our People, etc.Learn about the official Million Woman Universal Movements and how it can help bring greater empowerment, enlightenment, and upliftment to our Sistahs, but also real Freedom and Justice for Our People in this "Our Day and Time".To get a listing of some of the topics available that have been especially designed by the MWM Founding Office for workshops, keynote address, and related programming and special events, or for membership and general information contact: nationalmwm@aol.com or officialmwm@yhaoo.comQuestions and topics that will now be addressed fully include:* What is the "real/true" history of the Million Woman March?* How and when was it started, by whom, and why?* Why was there an attempted coup during the time of its organizing, and why after its successful gathering and accomplishments has there been an attempt, during the last 12 years, to down play, distort, mis-represent and mis-direct it (and by whom/what) ?* What is the Million Woman Movement and why is it so important and greatly needed at this in history and the Universe?* Who is the "Mother of Civilization" and why is it time for her (energy) to come forward?* What are the MWM, African Diasporic and Original Woman Sistahoods?* Why are there now more Black/African men who recognize and are standing up and addressing the Truth regarding the necessity of the " raising up" (Resurrection) and proper/mandated treatment of the Goddess of the Universe (the Black Woman)The "MILLION WOMAN MOVEMENT CONVENTION"COMING: OCTOBER 2010 State Coordinators NeededPapers are being accepted for consideration now through June 2010Also: Tune in weekly to "The NU Day Resurrection and Liberation: LIVE talk radio program aired every Saturday night 10:30PM-12midnight on line at: www.blogtalkradio.com/empresschi or via telephone (podcast) at: 646-652-2232 Providing information, inspiration, motivation, no holds barred dialog, and more for the entire African CommunityHosted By: The Originator of the Million Woman March and President General of the MW Movements/Universal"EMPRESS CHI" Sis. Empress Phile' ChionesuNational MWM & Universal MovementsP.O. Box 53668 Philadelphia, PA 19105All Copy Rights Reserved (c) EPC 2010
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