The Media and Feminism—In The Woods

December 17, 2009Raynard JacksonTiger Woods seems to be the talk of the town of late. I had decided not to write about the Woods’ situation, but after an avalanche of calls from friends and media, I deicide to share my thoughts on this issue. So, for my final column of the year, I will give you my take.For those who have been living on another planet, let me give some background. Tiger Woods has been caught up in a storm of alleged mistresses who have come out publically to discuss their sexual affairs with him. Tiger is a married man, so needless to say, it does present some problems.Let me state emphatically, Tiger owes the public absolutely nothing as far as a public comment. He is not an elected official nor any other type of public official. Therefore, he owes the public nothing. I hope he goes to his grave having never publically addressed this issue. He has not been accused of any crime; therefore the public has NO right to know anything about his personal life!The media should be thoroughly embarrassed by how they have covered the Woods spectacle. I thought the role of the media was to report the facts. So, I have a few questions I would appreciate my media friends answering.How does the media know what is in Tiger’s pre-nuptial agreement with his wife? Even if one of their attorneys or Tiger’s wife were to verbally tell a reporter what is in it; shouldn’t a reporter have to actually see the documents in order to report about its content? Short of that, how would they know that the attorney or wife is telling the truth? For the record, history will show that Tiger’s wife and her mother are the ones leaking all this personal information. This is their way of inflicting further pain and injury on Tiger.One of Tiger’s tramps claim she had sex at his California home. What proof does the media have that it actually happened? Can the media prove she has ever been to Tiger’s house?Several of the other tramps claim that Tiger never used condoms. Does the media have any proof of this? Furthermore, if Tiger never used a condom, then THEY never used a condom (unless Tiger was having sex by himself). I have not seen one reporter challenge any of these girls on this issue.The media’s response will be, “we are just reporting what people are telling us.” But, it is the media’s obligation to not only report, but also to verify. They have been totally irresponsible in their coverage of the Tiger Woods story. There is absolutely no difference between the “mainstream” media and tabloid journalism. As a matter of fact, they have become totally indistinguishable.But, the media has been even more irresponsible when it comes to covering one of their own. How many of you are aware of the explosive sex scandal involving CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes correspondent, Lara Logan? The story broke last year and made a news splash for a couple of days then disappeared.Logan is a very attractive, married 37 year old reporter (at the time of the scandal). She was married to Jason Siemon (a professional basketball player in Britain at the time of the affair). She began having a sexual affair with a U.S. State Department contractor while they were both working in Iraq. Joe Burkett was 36 years old (at the time of the affair). Their affair was widely known throughout Iraq, but it later took an interesting turn. It wasn’t enough for the female “Tiger” to have one affair with a married man; she simultaneous began an affair with one of her colleagues, Michael Ware. Ware was a correspondent for CNN assigned to cover the Iraq war. Ware and Burkett were involved in a fist fight over Logan in a “safe house” in Iraq. I can guarantee that this is the first most of you have heard of this sex scandal.But, it gets better. July 2008, Logan admitted to being pregnant as a result of the affair. Burkett is supposed to be the father of record. So, not only was she having several affairs, but she was not having protected sex either.So, what happened as a result of the sex scandal? Logan was promoted (in the midst of the scandal) to chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News in Washington, DC and continued as a correspondent for 60 Minutes. This was according to a June 25, 2008 press release from CBS News. Similarly, Ware was promoted within CNN. Burkett got a divorce.Neither CBS nor CNN took either reporter off the air, nor was there any type of punishment levied against them. According to media reports at the time, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric exploded when she became aware of the sex scandal. Couric thought the scandal reflected badly on CBS, especially the women.But, isn’t it amazing that not one feminist group has said one word about how all these women are allowing themselves to be used by “celebrities” and wealthy people and then these same women claim to be a victim. All these women knew the men were married. Despite this knowledge, these women felt no hesitation in contributing to the destruction of a person’s family. You would have thought that feminist would publically chastise these predatory women and make statements of support for the women who are the victims in all these sex scandals (the wives who had nothing to do with these affairs). But not a word.So, why is no one holding the media to the same standard that the media is trying to hold Tiger Woods to?Neither reporter was required to hold a press conference to tell all the gory details as to what happened. No one in the media was crying about how these reporters owe the public an explanation or how the media had a right to know about the reporter’s private lives.Aside from family implications, no one is talking about the most tragic part of this story. Tiger is a very wealthy person, surrounded by an extensive entourage of handlers. Typically, those who are personally close to you will begin to circle the wagons; not necessarily in defense of your actions, but in support of the person. To date, not one person seen as personally close to Woods has said anything publically. This is an astonishing fact that no one seems to notice.So, despite all the money and all the fame, while Tiger is going through his darkest moment, he finds himself all alone in the woods!Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm. He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine (
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