The Matrix

From The Ramparts
By Junious Ricardo Stanton~
    “Even the gods envy those who are awakened and not forgetful who are given to meditation, who are wise and who delight in the repose and retirement from the world.” -  The Buddha

    Throughout human history sages, avatars, and enlightened ones have admonished humanity not to become trapped and ensnared in the illusions and falsities of their world. On the other hand those unrighteous persons who would rule, exploit and manipulate us depend upon this entrapment in falsity and illusion to accomplish their objectives, to facilitate their positions of “power” and authority. This is why one of the most potent tools of the oppressor is fear. For discussion sake I define anyone who is not for the collective uplift and empowerment of his or her people as an oppressor.
     Those who wish to enslave us and lord it over us use fear to get us to do their bidding to abdicate our own mastery, growth and development to prevent us from thinking clearly and with sobriety.  Fear is a potent weapon because it causes inner paralysis and disorientation as does deception. Fear and deception are the twins tyrants and demagogues employ to misdirect and rule the masses. We have seen this over and over in our lifetime, how politicians at the behest of the special interests like the  international bankers and military industrial complex use fear to create enemies real or imagined to get us jacked up to go off to war usually for the benefit of some company or corporation seeking to plunder the resources of another country or region.
    It is said truth is the first casualty of war. This is because all too often war is based upon a lie, some false or negative attitude such as racial, tribal or national pride the leaders use to manipulate the people. Even worse war is the result of greed, avarice, hubris or blood-lust already in the consciousness of the people . In Europe, war became the means to enrich the ruling elite whether it was the tribal leader, the Pope, the monarchs or the heads of the monopoly trading companies which later morphed into modern corporations.
    Unlike their Ostrogoth, Visigoth, Vandal, Frank, Angle, Saxon and Viking  ancestors, modern European elites never tell their followers the real reasons they were going to war. “The driving force behind Western imperialism has always been the pursuit of economic gain, ever since Isabella commissioned Columbus on his first entrepreneurial voyage. The rhetoric of empire concerning wars, however, has typically been about other things--the White Man's Burden, bringing true religion to the heathens, Manifest Destiny, defeating the Yellow Peril or the Hun, seeking lebensraum, or making the world safe for democracy. Any fabricated motivation for war or empire would do, as long as it appealed to the collective consciousness of the population at the time. The propaganda lies of yesterday were recorded and became consensus history--the fabric of the matrix.  While the costs of territorial empire (fleets, colonial administrations, etc.) were borne by Western taxpayers generally, the profits of imperialism were enjoyed primarily by private corporations and investors. Government and corporate elites were partners in the business of imperialism: empires gave government leaders power and prestige, and gave corporate leaders power and wealth. Corporations ran the real business of empire while government leaders fabricated noble excuses for the wars that were required to keep that business going.” Escaping The Matrix Richard K. Moore
    Leaders such as Hitler and Bu$h II used fear and the vague or specific threat of attack to motivate their people to pre-emptive strikes and wars against people who posed no threat nor had done their countries any harm. Leaders like Clinton and Obama use noble sounding rhetoric such as humanitarian aid, saving lives and promoting democracy to justify their wars and killing. This is merely propaganda to get the people to go along with the killing, maiming and theft of other people’s lands and resources to continue the US empire. This propaganda when parroted by the corporate media creates an alternate reality, one in which the US is the good guy, war equals peace, killing is liberation, occupation is freedom and so on so the empire can continue unquestioned and unchallenged.
    This Orwellian doublespeak  is like the false reality portrayed in The Matrix movie serials. “The premise of the films ... is one where 'reality' is simply a brain-implanted software program designed to imprison the mind while the body is used as a battery to power a world conquered by machines. Aside from the science fiction, the film uses a Buddhist outlook - that reality is an illusion - to support its plot. Because everything we do to test what constitutes reality involves the use of our mind, everything we accept as evidence of the existence of reality could well be (and often is) false. This is the fundamental reason why humans make mistakes, not so much that we err in judgment, but that we err in perceiving what is, or is not, actually real.” The Matrix Movies Provide Contrast On The Perception of Reality  Gnome Bodhi  While we’re not where the Matrix and Star Trek series depict society  yet, even though they are supposed to be well into the future; we seem to be on our way to a society where soulless machines (computers rather than Clones or the Cyborg of the movies) are the ultimate existence/reality
    We do not have to be subsumed into the false and dehumanizing reality created by  Madison Avenue, Washington D.C. and Hollywood. We can unplug from the Matrix at anytime by being more critical in our thinking, by examining and monitoring our personal thoughts, by the use of meditation and introspection and being deliberate in our actions.  Our ancient African ancestors taught the power of righteousness, character and innocence was the key to a good life and  immortality. They instinctively knew this world was not all there was, that the crass material existence was not the ultimate reality. This is what the Declarations of Innocence in The Book of Rising and Transformation are all about. Moses simply shortened the 42 Declarations of Innocence our African ancestors formulated into the 10 Commandments.
    The Buddha in India, Yeshua Ben Joseph in Palestine  and other sages around the world admonished us to seek the true reality and live in harmony with it.  The Buddha said, “ All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.”  Thinking is powerful influence on the quality of our lives and what we perceive as reality. Don’t allow others to poison your thoughts or control your mind. The world (reality)  is larger, more interconnected and more complex than the ruling elites want us to believe.
     When asked by his students when the Kingdom (of God)  would come  Yeshua Ben Joseph replied, “The Kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth but men don’t see it.” All these teachings and sayings have profound meaning and insight. Perhaps we should meditate on them instead of falling for the okey-doke and flim-flam of the Matrix.
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