Charleston Church Massacre: Shooting suspect arrested by the police Dylann Roof
A photo from a white supremacist website showing Dylann Roof, the suspect in the Charleston, S.C., church 
The Mass Murder in Charleston, South Carolina, The Black Response? The Structure of American Race Oppression.
By Malik Sekou Osei
June 19th, 2015
    One of the major social maladies and afflictions in American social cultures is its abilities to always jump into the shitty eddy with both feet of a-historicism to explain everything and all truth away under the sentiment of personal “Feel Good” as subterfuge.  
As usual we are all treated to the sterile and vulgar flatulence of bloated toads of Black and white liberals attempt to explain white supremacy and it role in the genesis of racial domestic terrorism under the Kum-Ba-Yaa moment of Black and white hugs around the Americana camp fire. While we are expected to believe that last Wednesday act was just the act of a troubled individual and not the self-groomed ideologue of Americana. Dylann Roof in his jacket with South African badges and former Rhodesia is as American as apple pie.
After watching events in Ferguson, Staten Island, Baltimore, Los Angeles and a number of other place too many and numerous to mention. I had a main apprehension that I felt when watching videos from Charleston South Carolina from the families of the victims. I had an unexpected impulse to speak to the more that courageous and focus formation “Black Lives Matter” and ask them to take their protest within the Black church as families of the victims were give solace and forgiveness to an active ideologue of White supremacy.
As he led the mass killing of six women and three men at an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina Wednesday evening is a horrific event that speaks to a deeply dysfunctional and diseased social standing of a pathological society, but to be more than frank, of course America is deeply diseased and more than dysfunctional. However, Americans live under the sentiment of non-existent wholesome friendly liberalism only role has to disarm and explain away America’s violent ideological grit of “white supremacy” through their sterile dance of denial.
While, most white Americans seeks to explain away American institutionalize racism as the individual acts of eccentric and crazed behaviors of uneducated prejudice the unenlightened “cracker” no different from professional wrestling, something to enjoyed or smirked at. 
And as we are to hear the actual charges of the actual crime of this coward of youth “whiteness” we see the role of “Kum-Ba-Yaa” whiteness plays its role of disarming the vehicle for actual justice.
Senior Pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, speaks to those gathered during ... Clementa Pinckney 
However, what could be viewed as interesting is that Reverend Clementa Pinckney death was a State senator has not been articulated as white right wing assassination, one would gather such talk would undermine the “Kum-Ba-Yaa” hugs around the camp fires of sentimentally explaining away Black death through state sanction murder legal and extra-legal.    
Now we are about to see a very narrow legal definition and it beyond the term “assassination” its mass murder of domestic terrorism. While at the same time Black people are socialize and to celebrate the violent oppression of their humanity and to celebrate the humanity of their violent enemies by publicly advocating “Forgiveness” under the auspices of the Christian faith, while there are a number of arguments that shows than monotheism and Christianity has its roots in Africa. But however, the African-American introduction to Christianity was the religious faith of the white slave master to pacify the slave.
While, we have a certain part of the population and in particular the African American population would be more than insane to accept this carefully choreograph definition of these violent acts against its people and to remove the severity and to cleanse all our memories from the legal basis of the power and history of white supremacy to maintain if safety and privilege through racial or the threat of racial violence. It has to be understood that this latest act was not an isolated hate crime but the structure of American race oppression.
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So the history and tradition of Blacks and the American Christian faith is more than self-insulting and tawdry.
Now the beginning process of categorizing the deeds of  21-year-old Dylann Roof as a “Hate Crime” the thing that would make any logical and conscious person prepare for the stench of swine manure as the sweet smell of progress for justice. For it removes the act from history and takes it away from the definition of American domestic racialize terrorism. And we have to be aware that no prosecutor white or Black will ever address this in any form of indicting litigation.
What has to be noted is that all correct answers are gotten or received from correct questions. What here is being asked is that everyone including Black people is to cleanse all historical memory and to accept that the young man Dylann Roof is just a very lost young man (And even ifs he’s a member of a hate group) there no legal basis that this was the not a structure within American white supremacy society with institutional power at all. Dylann Roof was just a craze individual without any institutional backing or power, because in America these institutions don’t exist or exist anymore…(yeah right).
While at the same time the Black people who are being promoted who actually want to give prayer as the families of victims begin to pray and act in this Jean Genet theater of the absurd and never indict the system of racial privilege that created this so-called craze Dylann Roof
While as we look at the Black response outside of the church, now isn’t it ironic that the US Attorney General an African American woman, while six of the victims were women and three were men. And yet as an official within the “systems” the Attorney General is forced to present her options as the highest level prosecutor in the country that this was just an individual “Hate Crime” in which the system is permitted to go into historic WHITE OUT, meaning that whatever happened before has no bearing on this case or the intention of such a crazed individual who only represents his own insanity and not the ideology of the privilege system of American white supremacy, where there are no consequence in the full extent of the law for Black murder or American racist ethnic cleansing.
Loretta Lynch official photo.jpg Loretta E. Lynch 
Now as Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch pursues the indictments for the crime of hate as “Hate Crimes” under a federal indictment, now we all can see how constricted she is in presenting the precedent of this crime. To indict the institutional environment that was argued under the Hague Courts that could have a major role to educate the public around American legal hypocrisy around the Black victims of racial violence by the state or the extra-legal arms of the “state” meaning Trayvon Martin that was only used not to press for “justice,” but was used as an electioneering campaign to gather votes for Democrats to win local office and the November presidency election. While for the attorney general the “system” devises her system and compels her to erase history and to make no links to history of this mass killing or any other mass killings of Black people in American history.
... forward that President Obama is a Freemason for one very good reason Barack Obama ColorPurple.jpg      Alice walker 2 Alice Walker 
So we are ask to erase our historical memory because this is a “New Day,” under a Black President and two Black attorney generals one Black man and the second a Black woman. Perhaps we are to see all the re-runs of “Empire” or a second showing of Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple,” and the sterile of a space cadet, as how Black public sensibilities has shown itself with the exception of Ferguson and Baltimore.
Within African American history the major contradiction has not been the subjective hatred of enemies as such or the viciousness and hypocrisy of the American system, but the inability to confront. The vast tolerance and seeking acceptance and never to seek retribution and reckoning of facing imposed injustice and seeking acceptance by stepping away from reckoning as being above the hatred of the  members and ideologues of white  supremacy. For it actual practice this is the _expression_.    
black-lives-matter.jpg Black Lives Matter Black People Praying In Church Don't hide in a bunker.  black-churches-exercise-classes-prayer.jpg Black churches across the country protest through prayer | news
Of Black lives “Don’t Seem to Matter” to Black Christians, thus no standard of justice only “forgiveness,” in life and living is a form of insanity.
While there are more people beyond South Carolina that are seeking to suspend their consciousness of their lived reality in the name of Christian religious faith.
The question that young people must begin to address is what were and are the condition that created this oppressed class based on the social category of “race.” And the role of identity within capitalism race and white supremacy and the larger crisis of imperialism and white people’s relationship to reaction and American counter-revolution have to be on the agenda of honesty and clarity.
The gunman, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, of Columbia, South Carolina, was apparently motivated by racist and right-wing sentiments. He purportedly told a number of people that he was about to shoot in cold blood earlier in the week, and he was to say in the act of murder to the people in bible study “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go.”
While a number of media pundits try to explain away the ideological outlook of this youthful coward as simply being deranged with his face book history shows he was more than coherent.
On his Facebook profile page, Roof included a photograph of himself wearing a jacket with badges representing the flags of apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia. According to history it must be noted that the 1928 South African flag in distinctly has been adopted around the world in right-wing circles “as a symbol of white supremacy.”
The response of the political establishment in general has been hypocritical and empty to an obscene extent. Whatever the immediate political or psychological driving forces behind Roof’s action; it much be noted that such killing emerges in a specific political and social context.
The most obvious hypocrisy came from leading political figures in South Carolina. Various individuals associated with the South Carolina Republican Party have been exposed as members of the blatantly racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), the progeny of the old White Citizens Council, the “so-called reasonable” version of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s and 1960s.
Gov. Nikki Haley Calls for Death Penalty in Charleston Shooting Case ... Nikki Haley      ... Cross. In the Civil War, it was known as the Confederate Battle Flag Confederate Flag 
South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley declared Thursday that the state’s “heart and soul…was broken” by the mass killing. In 2014 she defended the flying of the Confederate flag at the statehouse on the grounds that “not a single CEO” had complained to her.
In his statement, President Barack Obama expressed on Thursday his “deep sorrow over the senseless murders” in Charleston. Obama continued, “Any death of this sort is a tragedy. Any shooting involving multiple victims is a tragedy.” The president suggested that “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”
Yes, but at which point exactly? Obama, like his predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, has had to make this sort of ceremonial appearance following a killing rampage on numerous occasions. If the president needs reminding about what has occurred during his administration alone, one could point to the April 2009 massacre of 13 people at a civic center for immigrants in Binghamton, New York; the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabby Giffords and the killing of six other people in Tucson, Arizona in January 2011; the mass killing at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in July 2012; the murder of six people and wounding of four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in August 2012 by a white supremacist; the killing of 26 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012; and there are many more. While Obama like the dancing parrot that he is, is articulate enough to dance around the real implication and the contradictions of American white supremacy as a political and social standard imposed on Black life.
For in America the irrational is very real and the real is very irrational
Shadowing each killing, one section of the media, looks to the bible or Scripture for its motivation (motivation to acquiesce from material reality), declares that this social disaster proves the actuality of “evil” and apparently Man’s Fallen Nature; another, more officially liberal-minded, claims that gun control will one way or another surreptitiously solve everything; a third sighs over the “senselessness” of it all and collectively shrugs its shoulders. The cluelessness of the official punditry is one symptom of the social, moral and political bankruptcy of the American political, social and religious leadership.
Here it should always be noted that to be an American the irrational is very real and the real is very irrational
There is, of course, an irrational element in each of these tragic episodes, including the most recent one. Roof apparently let one elderly woman live because, he told her, “I need someone to survive,” indicating that he planned to kill himself, “And you’ll be the only survivor.”
But the claim by the media that such mass killings are inconceivable is a more than a self-serving lie. The commentators, along with Obama and the political officialdom, cannot and will not “reckon with” the phenomenon of whites general support of state and extra- legal repression because even to begin critically searching the many massacres that has grown in American social life and, above all, the mood and environment of remorseless violence is a form of personal entertainment of alienated youth, from video games to television to adolescent music, but also the neurotic pathology of the very American tradition of white supremacy of social control in other words domestic terrorism. So the focal points of American culture have not been personal development, but personal consumption and escape. In America the term of social responsibility is oxymoronic.  
The alleged actions of Roof, who was obviously unbalanced and disoriented and came under the influence of pro-Confederate and white supremacist party line, however, Dylann Roof has made a conscious choice to be a solder in the army of white supremacy.  While there are many people in the US that are alienated but the contradictions between the Charleston suspect and the young killers at Columbine High School in 1999; or Seung-Hui Cho, the South Korean immigrant, who murdered 32 people and wounded 17 others on the Virginia Tech campus in April 2007; or James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter, and the various others is that these other forces were not in the American traditions of white supremacy as social control?
What psychological and sociological features do the various perpetrators share in common? A highly advanced state of social alienation, great bitterness at other human beings, self-hatred, isolation, general despondency and the recourse to extreme violence to solve their real or imagined problems.
These tendencies recur too often and too overwhelming to be mere personal failings; they clearly are from the broader society. They reflect an appalling and rotten disquietness, the mentality of individuals living perpetually under a dark cloud, who have no hope for the future, who can only imagine that things will get worse. Only look at the Facebook photograph of Dylann Roof if you want some idea of this bleakness and despondency.
The generation to which Roof belongs, unlike any other in American history, has known nothing but the combination of war and the building up of immense social inequality. If one sets aside with contempt the media’s fantasy version of American life, in which things have never been better—and, after all, don’t young people have Facebook, Twitter and iPhones?—no generation in modern times has experienced such harsh and discouraging circumstances. Capitalism, the subordination of every aspect of life to the drive for profit and personal wealth by the corporate elite, is at the heart of the problem, while also the elongated lack of real consequences of white people racist violence and behaviors.
The American powers would have us believe that endless war, belligerence, aggression and threats of new, more catastrophic wars, part of the drive for US global domination, have no consequences. Violence and killing on the part of the American military or intelligence apparatus is a daily occurrence. US officials and politicians, mafia-like, blandly discuss “killing” alleged terrorists or “eliminating threats” to “America’s national interests.” Murder, whether by drone or other efficient modern means, has become routinized, banal. The president, as we know, meets with his advisers every Tuesday, to go over “kill lists.”
Someone like Roof, if he turns out to be the culprit, has chosen this on a personal level this expanding and escalating violence all his life to feel important and special the usual vehicle of alienated white youth in search of easy victims without consequences. And not only violence overseas. Police in the US have been given a green light to open fire and kill innocent civilians. Only two months ago, in North Charleston, South Carolina, less than 10 miles from the scene of Wednesday night’s mass killings, a local police officer murdered Walter Scott in cold blood with five bullets in the back.
As America comes to its crisis and breaking point and their will be other Dylann Roofs weather he’s twisted or unhealthy is beyond the point. He consciously enlisted into the army of white supremacy and he must face the consequences of his decisions if not by the state, then the people.
The issue in American cowardliness and insanity is that American explains it away as troubling alienation and misdirection and not the ideology of a very active aggression of white supremacy that has always had it rationalization of comfort because their would never be any social or political consequence outside of idealist empty moral outrage and emasculated Black Christian prayer .
For though the sterile hypocrisy of the flatulence of boated toads of the over sentimentalize theater of the absurd of liberal sentimentality that only seeks to explain everything away and clarify nothing, must come to understand that history is on our side but, not time.

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