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The hypocrisy of equal justice in America

Are you taking notice? Multi-millionaire Cliven Bundy refuses to pay the Government the $1.35 per moth fee per cow to graze on Federal Land Management land, racking up a debt of over a million dollars over many years, He defies collection by the FBI by  taking up rifles along with his millionaire buddies and the Government backs down. The US Government backs down!

Can you imagine if it were some blacks or any poor people brandishing guns? They would have been mowed down mercilessly to the glee of Rush Limbaugh, many Republicans and of course the Koch brothers Tea Party. The city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, dropped a bomb on the poor black members of Move in their home almost burning down an entire city block.

When we consider the ruthless treatment Mayor ‘Bull Connor’ Bloomberg meted out to Occupy for their unselfish protests on behalf of poor exploited people in America and this rich millionaire cattleman gets away with  robbing the Govt. at gunpoint, it is a new low for justice in America.

So now millionaire cattlemen can use their cows to plunder federal lands for free. Everyday, more and more, millionaires and corporations can get away with anything in this country, while the rest of us are in grave danger of being brutalized and pushed around like Occupy if we stand up peacefully for our legitimate fast-receding rights.


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Comment by Wes Barnard on April 27, 2014 at 1:31pm

Family, please don't allow the media to distract you from the real issue. It is not racism or whether Clive Bundy is a racist or not. The issue is about law. Please take the time to listen to the following:


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