The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Dear Sweet Mother International,Please, please don't forget to add the United States of America to your "undeveloped nations" category. There is virtually nothing in place here in the government to help mothers. I have known single mothers who are forced to work 2 or more jobs -- 90 hours a week, in order to afford the childcare they are forced to have. Childcare in this area costs about $800 a month per child. A minimum wage job (which usually has no benefits, such as medical, dental, or even a week of vacation!) will bring home less than $800 a month. All the single mothers I know have no health insurance. I have just finished 10 years of single parenthood. My children are bright, intelligent, responsible and kind. It's almost as if I had to go to battle every day with my own government in order to make them that way.I became very, very ill and there is simply no help... or the help that is there is wholy inadequate, and you have to work too hard for too long to get it... and so no one can get it. Recently, because of medical bills, I lost my house which was fully paid for. I now live in my car, and rent a 5'X5' storage room to store all my children's pinchpots that they made in first grade and such. I wash in public restrooms. I am an intelligent, college educated woman, and at the age of 50, here is where I find myself.Mothers in the US are strained working - (as I said, lower-class people must work 2 jobs, and few mothers can afford to stay at home. )We just recently passed laws so women are protected from losing our jobs if we stopped to have a baby. I believe we now have 6 weeks of UNPAID vacation; that is, you can stay out 6 weeks without losing your job. Regular jobs carry either no vacation whatsoever, or, after the first year or two of work, you get one week. When I had my first baby, even though it was a traumatic birth requiring lots of stitches, the medical insurance that I paid so dearly for (my insurance now costs me $600 a month, and covers only a percentage of both costs and services) made me leave the hospital less than 24 hours after I checked in. Five hours after I had given birth, I had to leave.There's no support when you get home with your baby. No one checks up on you. If you or your baby get sick, it's all on your hands. I ended up with a life-threatening uterine infection, but it was up to me to figure it out, contact someone, get myself to the hospital, etc., all while having a 104 degree fever. I do love my country, but I'm so angry for the way they turn their faces away from the plight of women and children.Sorry for my rant. Just, please, please, even if you take no action, but only list it, please list the United States of America as one that needs to take responsibility for its children and its mothers. We are living at the bottom of the heap, here.Sharlene , USA.(posted on Sweet Mother International)
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