The Enemy: Donald Trump, Social Termites or Both ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

            If you were a homeowner, the solution for the enemy would be unmistakable.  "All politics is local."  Trump is seeking welfare at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC at the expense of all voters.  He is the welfare king.  On the home front, every voter and denizen needs a termite-free nest.

            Blacks need to get their priorities straight.  This is usually done by fashioning an agenda.  Subsequent to 1870, when black males were accorded the "right to vote,” no male group ever organized a political convention and fashioned an agenda.  In 1920, the defacto marriage between the "headless Negro" and a “black Nanny” completed the definition of marital partners in “plantation politics." 

            This meant only an uncomplicated marriage of black males and females. There was no pursuit of racial politics or a black agenda.  "Black nannies" favor white children over their own. My "Exhibit A" was my next door neighbor when I was growing up in Coweta County, Georgia.  My Exhibit "B" for the "headless Negro" was my high school principal. 

            Blacks will never be able to squeeze any "bacon" out of politics until we appreciate HELP (History Ethics Language Philosophy).  To enjoy clear and critical thinking, we must pen our own dictionary.  We must employ words to reflect our own experience.  The "founding fathers," out of necessity, retained Noah Webster to pen a dictionary.  I am writing “our” dictionary, from personal pockets, replete with holes.

            I start every trial by ensuring that the cards are not marked.  Next, I use "our language" and not "his language." Are whites superior to blacks?  No.  They have a faster draw on their wallets.  Life is, in many ways, like a casino. I believe in playing the hand that I am dealt.  The courthouse must be sanitized.  Judges must give respect to all blacks “or else.”  The trial must adhere to "Maddox39;s Law."
            When Donald Trump, in 1989, was auditioning for the presidency of the "United States" on the backs of the "Central Park 7,"  Eloise and Harold Dicks, Christian Petersen, Clara Jones and Roy Canton asked me to get involved in the "Central Park 7" case to stop the runaway freight train. 
 I already had my hands full:  Rev. Al Sharpton's prospective indictments in New York and Albany Counties involving seventy felony counts.  In the meantime, Sharpton, Mike Tyson and Don King were friends of Donald Trump.  I was also engaged in a war with Trump in defending Tawana Brawley.

            I see a courtroom as a battlefield.  It invariably involves a three-prong attack; a political duopoly, a special interest group and a pressure group.  Trump was championing the cause of a coalition of special interest groups.  He was the “white knight” in the British Crown.  The black community expected me to win, against Trump, with no war chest and no pressure group.
            The "logic" in the black community was: "Maddox needs no funds because he hates white people,"  "No one should give him any funds since he loves media attention." “If he is ‘the attorney-at-war,’ he should love the odds.” These fallacies were designed to masquerade blacks’ fear of Trump.

Outside the black community, the Washington Post, on the other hand, claimed that Maddox was:  "Mr. Civil Rights in the Courtroom."  Gov. Mario Cuomo claimed, "Maddox has zero credibility in the black community."  Prof. Jim Sleeper of Yale University stated that Maddox was a cut above all black politicians in New York. 

            I have three rules for representing black defendants.  No black defendant will ever be allowed to give testimony in a courtroom.  I will not permit a black defendant to plead guilty and I will never ask a black client to discuss any facet of any accusatory instrument with me despite the attorney-client privilege.  No attorney should break any of these rules. 

            Trump fully embraces Dred Scott.  He believes in a class action.  Blacks saw the "Central Park 7" as seven personal injury actions.  Trump believes in the "All or None" principle. Trump argued for the electrocution of seven, innocent boys.  Justice Antonin Scalia approved Trump's message in Stanford v. Kentucky. 

            I had the burden of saving the lives of these young men.  My own client was immediately pulled from the lion's den.  This was a blow to Trump who was pursuing a class action.  While five of these young men were in prison, I changed the law, through litigation, which permitted them to pursue a college degree.  One pled guilty in the interim. Three of them received associate degrees.

            I have always had faith in my revered ancestors and in the Creator.  Matias Reyes came forward and incriminated himself in the rape of Patricia Meili in Central Park in April 1989.  A confession is good for the soul.  Trump had defamed seven, innocent boys.  He is a vindictive man.  One young man is still stigmatized with a felony conviction.  He needs legal representation yesterday.

New York still bans me from practicing law because of an unconstitutional complaint from the New York Legislature.  All black attorneys in the case were disciplined.  Two were disbarred.  I was given a civil death.  Today, no black attorney will dare to speak out against any incident of racial injustice.  Trump runs New York.

            I had a vision about Donald Trump.  Our revered ancestors laid a foundation.  They gave the world Maat.  I called for a National Black Political Convention at Galbraith AME Zion Church in the nation's capital on October 3, 2015.  The keynote speakers were Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Drs. Leonard and Rosalind Jeffries and Joseph Griffith.  

The establishment threw censorship at this idea.  Since 1870, this would have been our first demand on a political duopoly.  We swung. Now, we have two strikes.  The second strike is a National Political Write-in Convention to be scheduled for September 2016.  The third strike will be the Electoral College after the General Election citing Bush v. Gore.  

            Without political and voter education blacks will "stink up" polling booths.  When President Lyndon B Johnson said that he would ban literacy tests, blacks construed his promise as saying that no one needed to "bone up" on either voter education or political education.  Political literacy defines "full citizenship."  Minor v. Happsett defines "second-class citizenship."

            We are in a state of emergency.  Although Donald Trump is no joke and his aim is clear, I am afraid of the social termites including “headless Negroes” and “black Nannies” who mistakenly believe that Hillary Clinton can save us.  Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have rap sheets.  They have fattened their pockets using us as prey.

            Even during the Civil War, New York's interests emulated those of the Confederate States of America.  During 1863, President Abraham Lincoln had to keep “one eye” on New York.  The Empire State was conducting a pogrom against descendants of enslaved Africans.  Gov. Samuel J. Tilden of New York would become the mouthpiece of the Confederate States of America in 1877.  

            If this is a “nation of laws” and not “a nation of men,” I am unmistakably and definitely licensed to practice law in federal courts.  In September 2014, the so-called “Central Park 5” was going to settle the case for “hush money.”  When their $ilver rites attorneys heard that I intended to intervene in this federal litigation and implead Trump, those attorneys “panicked.”  They did a bait-and-switch with the court calendar.  I was in Staten Island with Ramsey Orta on the impromptu date of settlement.

            Donald Trump would not be the presumptive nominee if I had deposed him in Manhattan Federal Court. Trump had accomplices in the Freedom Party. I may be as great as Louis Brandeis but he had a support system.  Blacks in New York have not learned that any system that practices censorship is either a “plantation” or a “prison.”  I should have been practicing law for all those years somewhere else.  Gradual emancipation in New York took twenty-eight years (1799-1827).

            I am an "Independent"; and head of the Freedom Party.  Its philosophy is rooted in Garveyism.  There are “no lesser of two evils” as an option.  A political duopoly is evil.  We have no permanent friends and only permanent interests.  We must defend and save ourselves.  This is the ninth inning and blacks are down to two strikes.  In baseball, the batter, swinging at homeplate, is dangerous.   

            Time is of the essence. I must get someone with a nationwide, radio audience to unveil this life-saving plan on this Monday, May 9, 2016.  President Obama’s recent trip to England was telling.  The United States is going back under the British Crown.  President Barack Obama’s father was a subject of the British Crown. We had better learn the definition of a “knight.”  It is Donald Trump.

Visit:  WWW.REINSTATEALTONMADDOX.COM for my political and legal writings.


            Malcolm X said it best:  “Of all the disciplines, history is best qualified to reward our research.”  Law is history, first and foremost.  This is why research is an essential tool for a competent and zealous attorney.  Blacks are entitled to receive well-researched and well-written articles.

            Dr. John Henrik Clarke said that the nineteenth century is crucial to understanding white supremacy.  My articles always use the nineteenth century as a guide.  Blacks not only need to read the dictum in Scott v. Sanford, 19 How. (60 U.S.) 393 (1857) but also its letter and spirit.

            Mark Riley, a former broadcaster with WLIB-AM, in a broadcast, told Elinor Tatum, publisher of the New York Amsterdam News, that my weekly op-ed pieces, alone, were worth the cost of the tabloid.  This did not set well with Tatum.  When her dad, Bill Tatum, made his transition, I received a pink slip.  I was an unpaid journalist with the New York Amsterdam News and my writings have always been free to the community.

            An award-winning journalist, Earl Caldwell, said on WBAI-FM said that my op-ed pieces were the best in New York.  The production of these writings carries considerable costs.  For blacks to continue to receive the best information, the acquisition of new research materials is necessary.  Propaganda is the first stage of warfare.   See, for example, the “Central Park 7.”

            Your contributions to a free and educational press will be greatly appreciated. (MONEY ORDERS ONLY) payable to Alton H. Maddox, Jr. and mail to the address listed below.  Thank you.

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The Enemy: Donald Trump, Social Termites or Both ©

Freedom Party
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