As a woman from Cuba and A NON

As a non Latina/Hispanic Spanish speaking sistah from Cuba to be exact, i am clear concerning the relentless efforts by the former major society to annihilate, eradicate, stilfle, suffocate, smother and literally murder and remove from the face of the earth " THE AFRICAN MAN".

While traveling recently to Atlanta, as a ProBono Atty and supporter of the Innocense Project, while in my hotel, i began to re-read the book "Yoruga" by Marimba Ani. While reading, I began to reassess my own knowledge, and what i had been taught as a child.

In Cuba, we are a rainbow, Cubans as most "DO NOT KNOW (slavery began prior and ended later than that of ameriklkka.1898) or that as a people we range from euro, to grifa to negrazho, negro, moreno, mulatto, octorron quadroon to prieto,,BUT never the N word..hmmm....All coming from the HU-MAN?..

However, the saddest thing about those labels, is that many of our people world wide, seem to accept those humiliating labels without question and often with a grin vs a grimace?

As many know. The efforts to destroy the African,also did not begin in amerikkka, or even in the amerikkkas. Moreover, the efforts to annihilate the African mans counterpart is less visible in todays go along to get along society, where many African women do not hjave a vision or recognize thier mission and/or cause.

This lack of vision, mission and cause often stems from what she, as an import has been taught by the colonizer, and often re-introduced by the education system as well as the family.

Today, in 2010 as in years prior

as global economic conditions worsen for the worlds workers, and amerikkkas populations becomes browner, we will all experience a renewed spirit of ruthlessness from the white male power structure. And be not decieved: single, working and elderly women will suffer tremendously ..Is this on target?

The adept, covert and terroristic battle for the spirit, soul and overall being of the African man was/is, in my opinion a precursor for the ulterior, and clandestine battle for the African mans woman, mother, sister and female children?

The book by Michael Porter, was written for women, However, i believe that willing and concious African men as well as possible others? may benefit greatly, because i am not simply speaking of euro supremacy against Africans, i am specifically speaking about the deliberate attitude of an "I GOTCHA"' mentality by those with intent on destruction and mass annihilation, desimation, eradication, erasure and nullification of the African prescense in amerikkka and possibly the world...

One can also rest assured that by doing this..there is a 40% chance that the european will certainly lower his own numbers. to those being far more than suspected. Hence the 1 drop law...So my next question is. does he care, i think not! .This rush towards the "Final Call" is part of his mythology and delusion of grandiose.

Thus.,My reason for this peice is not simply to bash white supremacy (and i do) but to remain consistant in my goals of keeping this front and center to remain

apparent, articulate, candid, frank honest and open, so that those who know me or will at some point, will know that i have not nor will i ever change direction.

Having said that..i also realize that there are those like myself who have struggled against this attempt to destroy and conquer the African since time immemorial.

It has been documented in many great literary pieces as well as the above book by Porter. The auther tells us that African desc women live under constant threat to our humanity, and that our women are guinea pigs for the former major societal males lustful desires..

In my OP, this behavior ihas been subtlely forced undercover by the mainstream medias attempts to keep the focus on African men, and thier alleged lust and unsatiated need for sex, This diabolical attraction, along with the Africans Penis (size) which has been a pain in the groin since the days of iceageman,and continues the slow methodical approach by the colonizer, to the death of the African male, and the enslavement de jure or otherwise of the African woman.

What is being done now is to use the arts to create the myth of white male normalcy and like Alice Walker says in her book "The color Purple..White folk is a miracle of affliction'.

As the German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer states:: The white man has never originally sprung from the womb of nature, ,while he accepts the homosexuality was a good thing?

Or as Susan Sontag states below:

: The white race is the cancer of his-story, It is the white race and it alone- its ideologies and inventions which eradicates, autonomous civilizations whereever it spreads, and which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens life itself?

As i stated above the use of the arts ie music, video etc is what is used to attract, undermind and destroy African women. Many young as well as older sistahs believe that being called HO,& in Snoops BEEEITCH is ok

Only in a morally bankrupt society would one find popular, for profit, generally accepted and blatant exploitation of women in the media.

The pervasiveness of this is seen in rap videos and rap music, and where i am a fan of rap, i prefer the Last Poets who never ever called the first teachers bitches and ho's? Yet made it clear, the time of day..that was slowly moving forward...


It is a good thing to re-read literature about our people, and it is certainly "OKAY" to spktruth2pwr, because noone has to give permission before we can now purchase and read as we choose.

i know from being an Atty who has seen a man die on death row, that many, even those lying on a death gurney or sitting in an electric chair, that even though the end of life is looking in thier faces..HUMANITY STILL WRESTLES WITH OBATALA AND ESHU..Who do i choose in order to save my soul?

Sadly, some in the former major society wants to appear as caring or as normal as possible. This is espcially to NON euro women, because this allowes them to manipulate, exploit and take away the African womans ability to think for herself.

Taking away this ability to think for ourselves is one reason why The African mans removal is key..The African man if given all the op afforded by being alive, is the key to the control of the African community, and mr hate overstand this completely

. So the plan is to remove the man slowly, while sending out negative messages about his alleged behavior and actions, and thus return to white supremacy with the continuation of the "Madness".

It is an inherant characteristic of the culture (euro) that it prepares members of the culture to be able to act like friends towards those they regard as enemys, so that they will be able to continue to convince others that they have come to help when they in fact have come to destroy others and thier culture..IE Haiti, Psunami Katrina et/al

That some good people of all races may " SINCERELY BELIEVE " that they are actually doing good only makes them more dangerous, for they have swallowed thier own metaphorical narrative.

This is more than possible, a self serving delusion as well as a counterfeit cunning savor faire, too often sanctioned, rewarded and touted within the european/and African communities alike..

The reason for this piece has broadened as i write, and work my way to the final paragraph. i do this because not only do i love African men, and my entire FIRST culture. i am an African woman, a daughter of revolution, a mother of many sons, a grandmother of many nietas, (grndchi) a widow, and a revolutionary Pan African who senses the deep hurt many of my ilk are suffering,

IF for no other reason than feeling powerless.

Moving is imperative that African women become willing and able to realize that we must no longer accept the role of BITCH, HO,, slave, concubine and or second class citizen of any nation, and especially not where we reside and have been used to build and maintain..THIS MADNESS?


I loves you, Porgy,
Don't let him take me
Don't let him handle me
And drive me mad
If you can keep me
I wanna stay here with you forever
And I'll be glad

Yes I loves you, Porgy,
Don't let him take me
Don't let him handle me
With his hot hands
If you can keep me
I wants to stay here with you forever
I've got my man

I loves you, Porgy,
Don't let him take me
Don't let him handle me
And drive me mad
If you can keep me
I wanna stay here with you forever
I've got my man

Someday I know he's coming to call me
He's going to handle me and hold me
So, it' going to be like dying, Porgy
When he calls me
But when he comes I know I'll have to go

I loves you, Porgy,
Don't let him take me
Honey, don't let him handle me
And drive me mad
If you can keep me
I wanna stay here with you forever
I've got my man

One if not the most important reason for a change in what is believed percieved and created our "IDREN'.

is anyone wondering if the Gods are angry?

spkntruth2pwr 90miles from Miami

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