the coming divide

hetep,in considering myself a politically conscious afrikan-n-amerikkka, having delved into the various mechanizations that have affected my people for the past five hundred years on this side of the planet, correctly styled by me, as the united snakes of amerikkka, i've come to the conclusion that there will be a dividing line among the black collective masses of my people. an unfortunate line will be drawn or at least the potential of it has a strong chance or rearing its head.this is due to certain factors that have been based on the projection of so-called black leadership, which has been renamed by me as black leadershit, because of what so-called black leadership has practiced for at least the past one hundred years. simply put, black leadershit has been in the business of serving as the protectors of the king, eventhough they've been discriminated against for having the same skin-complexion, as those whom they've professed to lead to what king called the promised land. black leadershit has been in the business of placating the enemy, eventhough the enemy reminds them, on a daily basis, that they're still niggas like the rest of us, who've been duped into following them because of the projection of academic intellectualism, which evades scrutinization on the part of the following herd of afrikans-n-amerikkka.again, malcolm x, who was castigated by the same black leadershit elements, when he was alive, had warned us of the same negro cabal that was working for the so-called man, because their selfish interest was materially connected to their man's capitalistic romps. as long as wighty allowed them room and board in his whorehouse brothal of capitalism, they had no conscious qualms, about misdirecting us, on some venture called civil rights, when all the while it was about the basic right to exist and be self-determined.and because liberties ain't to be given, black leadershit knew full well, as did those of us who understood that bloodshed would be the price to attain so, that whenever they were in the business of croning crowds of us, during speech time activities, they made sure that they went no further than pennsylvania avenue, where their slavemaster resided in the most comfort of luxuries. for, they saw no profit in promoting revolutionary and threatening principles that lay on the other side of the sea of civil rights ideology. in essence, they were asking or had already asked themselves: why would we cut off the hand that was feeding or had fed them, since at least the first decade of the twentieth century?so, now. here we are in the twenty-first century, still wallowing in the same psycho-social sexual dysfunctionalism that is so typical of the white male psyche (with the white woman in tow), with the neo-black leadershit, to the tune of ron daniels, michael eric dyson, tavis smiley and cornel west, along with their negro elders al the pimp sharpton and messy jesse jackass, who, i figure, is the link between the ole civil rightists and the group just named. and let us not forget the preacher pack, the smooth religious hustlers of the black collective masses, who only want something they can fold and not anything they can roll, in terms of c.r.e.a.m (cash rules everything around me), in return for a funkadelic trip to paradise called heaven.we can sum this new age black leadershit as proponents of kingism, those who stomp to keep the so-called dream alive, a dream, if it has come true, manifests itself in the name of barack obama, accompanied with tears of joy and jubilation. and, along the way they've had much help in projecting themselves as black leadershit, as the now corporate-controlled media has given them an allocated spotlight on the airwaves that resonate so deeply within the mindset of the black collective masses. it's called the art of projection, until the people are so saturated with the projected image that it becomes automatic, as to who they percieve as their leaders.meanwhile, there is another element that's been blotted out, or even blacked out, because it is the antithesis of black leadershit among the black collective masses. it is the afrikan version of the chinese yin to the yang, an element that poses the greatest and most realistic threat to the same enemy that black leadershit has been rolling around with under the sadistic sheets of white supremacy. it is this afrikan element that malcolm was referring to as the proponents and shapers of the black revolution. it is composed of the unsafe niggas the white man loves to hate and hates to love, because it correctly understands that what's good for wighty must be bad for is this revolutionary element that is the real and true vanguard of our people. during the sixties, beside malcolm x, it was well-represented by the likes of robert williams, max sanford and r.a.m. (revolutionary action movement), huey p. newton, chairman fred hampton sr., assata shakur, jalil muntaquin and the b.l.a. (black liberation army), mutulu shakur, kawasi balagoon, russell maroon sholtz, amari obadele and the r.n.a. (republic of new afrika), just to name a few.they had come to know that without self-determination, afrikans-n-amerikkka wouldn't survive sufficiently enough, as a collective to where we would be able to support ourselves on all levels. they understood that it was more than civil rights, because civilities were man-made, legislated and mandated, as opposed to the natural god-given rights to exist as an independent nation with our own set of rules that were viable for us and our needs, beside material wants and aspirations. therefore, if the enemy was able to legislate an act for us, then he was also able to declare it null and void, whenever he saw fit by merely looking at the rolex on his wrist. hence, we have the so-called voting rights act, which is up for reconsideration at intervals over time. it had not the weight of the laws that he set in place for himself, which, by the way, are laws that have flexibility but don't break according to his standards.therefore, the black revolution and its cohorts reached the reality of what's called the end game of rather rocking the boat, instead of rocking the vote, which has been the fancy and appealing slogan of black leadershit, because it is no realistic threat to the law and order of white supremacy. it only boosts the status of the black middle class, from which hail the proponents of black leadershit, who can be called by another name, such as the boule or even members of the prince hall is at this point that it must be presented that because of these circumstantial differences, which could have been avoided long ago, had black leadershit been willing to utilize their intellectual acumine for the genuine liberation of afrikan people, instead of turning themselves into material prostitutes or helping wighty keep his blood-stained feet on our black and beautiful necks, for a piece of the capitalist pie, that there will come a time that a line of separation will draw near and look to emerge from among us. and it won't be a new line based on so-called race or the colorline that one of the early leading proponents of black leadershit, w.e.b. dubois, had predicted would step onto the scene.the line in which i present will be the line of demarcation that will split the black collective masses asunder into two camps, in the face of the worsening conditions that will force us to take a final direction or course of action, out of the necessity of force. on one side of this potential black line will be the so-called black middle class, the cosmopolitan crew with all it intellectual colloquialisms, otherwise called the black intelligentsia, and those associated with it, out of the sheer necessity to fit in the amerikkkan scheme of things.on the otherside will be the black revolutionary vanguard, the trouble-makers, percieved as agitators by both the enemy and black leadershit, risking their lives mingling with the downtrodden black masses, specified under the term niggas. it will be the mission on the part of the black revolutionary vanguard to take to the challenge to convert the criminal mentality to the revolutionary mentality, which will be the most important step in defeating white supremacy, the road block to afrikan self-determination.where there is but one driver's seat, the two opposing camps are not wanting to give way to the other, which means that one must and will unseat the other, because the proponents of black leadershit are strictly in the business of only improving the slave's condition, while the proponents of the black revolution seek, by any means necessary, to destroy the slavery system itself and replace it with a communalistic atmosphere, based on the collective will of the people, once they've been properly educated via revolutionary politics, which sets the bar for liberation as is borne out by the history of the struggles of the oppressed.short of this, it will be up to the proponents of black leadershit, the civil rights activists with their negro mentality, who will determine whether or not the relationship with those of us who want more than token government legislation and judicial concessionary acts, in order for us to have peace among ourselves as a sovereign people, will be reconcilable or irreconcilable. for, we can no longer entertain fancy slogans like up with hope and down with dope or keep hope alive. nor can we keep continuing singing we shall overcome or playing to negro spirituals and waiting on someone to come riding on a cloud or a swooping flying saucer to rescue us from something that we're gonna have to do ourselves.and we are not so caught up into revolutionary fervor that we aren't able to recognize that education and economics play an important role in our quest for self-sufficiency. however, black leadershit wields the impression that they are the solutions to our problems. but, there are those us who know better than to narrow it down to just those two, those of us who say phuck education and economics, if they ain't gonna free us from the tyranny of white supremacy, because black folk who attain to institutionalized education and black capitalism is just a further extension of the poisonous mechanizations of white supremacy. they are tantamount to being a white man made black man, a black man with the whitest of white minds. a black capitalist is just as dangerous as a white capitalist! and a henry louis gates is just as dangerous as a arnold toynbee!uhuru!
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    OK! OK! OK! Little brother... Let me slow down so you can keep up with me. I will try to dumb this down to your intellectual level.

    Where did you learn to spell? The University of Tel Aviv? Well, if that is where you learned, let me tell you that they tricked you. I did not say "intelligence". That word speaks to the FBI and CIA and other spying organizations. It also speaks to animals who can think and organize information in their minds to reach sensible ideas and conslusions. Clearly that does not apply to the subject at hand.

    What I said was "intelligentsia". Intelligentsia" is a social class of highly skilled people who do research and study to gather information and ideas and break it down to a level that the layman can understand and use. True, many intellectuals are too far-fetched to communicate with laymen. For instance, a theologian may be too far out to preach on Sunday mornings. Yet, he can develop thought and ideas that a trained preacher or minister can use, who in turn, delivers it to the average African in the pews, the laymen.

    Now, was that too much for your pea brain? Boy! I hope not.

    Theologians are intellectuals who form part of the intelligentsia. Every nation has an intelligentsia. What Africans need is a revolutionary intelligentsia. Imam Malik, "Malcolm X", was part of the African intelligentsia. He went to jail. But, instead of sitting around eating, getting fat and lazy, he spent many months in the library studying, researching. He memorized the dictionary. He studied African history. So, when he came out of prison, he was a value to the nation. He taught others what needed to be done to form an African intelligentsia. Imam Malik was among the first of the African revolutionary intelligentsia. One of the most important contributions he made was to teach us that we are Africans. And, as I said earlier, he taught us the Principles of the African United Front. Few intellectuals have ever done anything nearly as important as this. Thus, he was a philosopher, an intellectual who was a part of the African revolutionary intelligentsia.

    But, Imam Malik was not the only one. Kwame Nkrumah was another. Read Consciencism: Philoso[hy and Ideology for Decolonization. Ahmed Sekou Toure made immense conributions to the development of the African Revolutionary Intelligentsia. Amilcar Cabral broke it all down into a language that everybody could understand if they were not too lazy to study his works.

    Comrade Amilcar taught us that the petit burgeoisie: police officers, school teachers, college students, union workers, etc. were basically useless to the African Revolution. True. But, if these same people were imbued with a revolutioary consciousness, they could and would made tremendous contributions to the Revolution and to the African nation.

    What I am trying to say is this: we do not need to go to the Euroepans to study and learn how to make revolution in Africa. The names that I have mentioned above are the foremost revolutionaries of the previous century. If anything, Europeans need to learn from us, not the other way around. Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense to me for you to be coming to us with all of that crazy non-sense that you read from the white boys thinking that you can impress somebody with it. I am not impressed. Whatever Lenin and Marx and Engels and that psuedo-zionist Leone Tratsky had to say was said better by Nkrumah and Toure. Besides, Nkrumah and Toure and Cabral andf Abdel Nasser and Muamar Qaddafi and Imam Malik and many others made things relevant and harmonized it to concrete African reality. Thus, we have concluded that the "vangard" is irrlevant in Africa. Mengistu is a fool. To make revolution in Africa, we must rely on the masses of Africans everywhere.

    Thus, the ideology of the mass maovement accomodates the works of Dr. Martin Luther King and Booker T. Washington as opposed to W.E.B. Dubois' "talented tenth", otherwise known as the "vangard of the revolution". Wanna criticize somebody? Criticize Dubois for going to Europe, copying the white boys and coming back to attack Washington and Marcus Garvey.
  • South


    “…who've been duped into following them because of the projection of academic intellectualism, which evades scrutinization on the part of the following herd of afrikans-n-amerikkka.”


    "Every revolution has a revolutionary intelligentsia. The role of the intelligentsia is to research and study the reality and provide a theoretical framework in which to operate. Action without thought is blind. We do not need the blind leading the blind. That is irrational and bound to fail in reaching the goal of Liberating and Unifying Africa and Africans. Indeed “following the herd” is a result of a herd mentality. Herd mentality is a mentality based on a failure to think, but only to act blindly."

    where did i mention anything about every revolution having an intelligence apparatus? where did i mention anything about action without thought? and for that matter, where did i mention any of the other things that you alluded to? that's already a given. so, you're preaching to the choir again. either you're just plain ole stupid or you're just caught up into yourself, which i've already pointed out. you're so bent on antagonizing everything, that you don't even come close to the topic.

    fool, the topic is what the problem is. i don't know where you're from or what world you live in, but the world that i see on a daily basis, the world that i've come to know intimately, because i've laced up my boots and treaded where most of the so-called black intellectuals won't go, is the one that will get us out of this shit. and you wanna talk about revolutionary intelligence. negro please! ain't nothing going down without the hood being involved. and the state proved that when they assassinated chairman fred hampton sr. whether you like it or not!

  • South
    “…who've been duped into following them because of the projection of academic intellectualism, which evades scrutinization on the part of the following herd of afrikans-n-amerikkka.”

    Every revolution has a revolutionary intelligentsia. The role of the intelligentsia is to research and study the reality and provide a theoretical framework in which to operate. Action without thought is blind. We do not need the blind leading the blind. That is irrational and bound to fail in reaching the goal of Liberating and Unifying Africa and Africans. Indeed “following the herd” is a result of a herd mentality. Herd mentality is a mentality based on a failure to think, but only to act blindly.

    “again, malcolm x, who was castigated by the same black leadershit elements, when he was alive, had warned us of the same negro cabal that was working for the so-called man…”

    First of all, I do not agree with Malcolm’s use of the n-word. But, Malcolm never, as far I know, stooped so low as to select the worse of all n-words, as you have repeatedly done. He criticized Uncle Tomism. True. But, he never resorted to Marxist-Leninist terminology such as “cabal”.
    “and because liberties ain't to be given, black leadershit knew full well, as did those of us who understood that bloodshed would be the price to attain so…”
    Malcolm did understand that bloodshed would be necessary. Both before and after Malcolm, I prefer to call him Imam Malik, there was much bloodshed. John Brown used violence. The US Civil War was the bloodiest in American history. Egypt fought israel more than any other country, five times. Somalia fought the British, Guinea and Algeria fought the French. In fact, Africans fought slavery and colonization from day one. There is nothing new about Africans fighting. But, many of us are IGNORANT of the historical facts.

    Since Imam Malik, Angola and Mozambique have fought the Portuguese. Zimbabwe and Namibia have fought the British. South Africa has fought the settlers. Libya has fought the Americans Republicans. Somalia has fought the American Republicans. As a result of all of these battles, Africa is finally independent, except for Palestine.

    So, the talk about violence seems to be misplaced. Since the Liberation of Zimbabwe and South Africa, the Struggle has been characterized by the Movement for Unification and Development. The problem with many so-called revolutionaries is they have chosen to remain IGNORANT of the world around them, especially of what is going on in Africa. So, they are no longer relevant. They have fallen behind the times. All they can do is resort to attacking their fellow Africans. We never see them actually use any violence against the alien Europeans. The violence is almost always against other Africans. Thus, we see such farces as the war in Darfur, the conflict in Somalia, etc. This is what IGNORANCE of reality and history results in.

    “on the otherside will be the black revolutionary vanguard…”

    This is at the root of your failure to develop a correct ideology: ”vangardism”. There are two places where we find “Vangardism”: fascism and Marxism-Leninism. It has failed in both places.

    Besides, Marxism-Leninism like fascism is a European ideology. This is not to say that we as Africans must reject scientific socialism. As revolutionaries, we embrace scientific socialism wholeheartedly. But, we do not swallow the psycho-cultural garbage such as “vangardism” and atheism.

    The Marxist-Leninists reject religion and the legitimate belief in GOD. Imam Malik clearly established that religion was a part of the African Revolution. We know for a fact that the Muslims resisted slavery and colonialism from day one. We need look no further than Almany Samory Toure ( , Duse Muhammad Ali (, Ahmed Ben Bella (, Gamal Abdel-Nasser ( Yasser Arafat (, Ahmed Sekou Toure ( only to name the ones that come immediately to mind. What is absolutely clear is that virtually all major African leaders have been believers, not non-believers. Most have been Muslims and many have been Christians. This is one of the most significant differences between Marxism-Leninism and the legitimate African ideologies.

    In the major case in which the leader was probably not a believer, the Ethiopian Revolution, many Africans were killed un-necessarily. Not only were Muslims slaughtered like dogs, Christians were also murdered. To accomplish these horrendous crimes, you guessed it: the Uncle Toms had to import foreign armies, namely the Russian Red Army and the Cuban Army. Otherwise, the believers would have surely prevailed because all true Africans are believers of one sort or another. This is why Judaism, Christianity and Islam originate in Africa. So, when we see so-called revolutionaries talking this Marxist-Leninist non-sense, we know they are NOT African revolutionaries. They are merely copycats of European ideology.

    “The primary objective of all Black revolutionaries throughout the world must be the total Liberation and Unification of Africa…” –Nkrumah. Thus, Pan-Africanism, the highest expression of which is Nkrumahism-Toureism, is the only correct ideology of the African Revolution. Marxism-Leninism is reserved for Europeans. When we see Africans submitting to Marxism-Leninism, we know they are European on the inside, in their hearts

    As an Nkrumahist-Toureist, it is my duty to seek Unity among Africans. So, I invite the misguided Marxist-Leninists to join us. You do not have to agree with us ideologically. But, you must Unite with us. This can be done under the Principles of the African United Front. This way, we can work together on matters of common interests and concerns regardless to our differences in philosophy and ideology.
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