From Hajji Malik Al-Shabazz to Barack Obama

Dr. Y. N. Kly

The time has come for a realistic political dialogue between the American
national minorities and the dominant Anglo-American ethny.
The problematic that arises in what American presidents Clinton and Obama
have repeatedly called a “one-nation one-state” political system is: how will the
state assure and protect the unique needs and interests of its minorities,
particularly its historically oppressed national minorities? All black officials in the
United States government are in the same position as the president; they are
required to represent first of all the majority’s interests. For a national minority to
be able to fully address its special needs (when it can find no specific
representation in the majority-dominated platform of either political party or the
policy agenda of government), it must seek to enjoy the full range of human and
civil rights, particularly the right to self-determination.

Hajji Malik Al-Shabazz understood that the African Americans were still in the grip
of American domestic colonialism. He feared that the majority ethny would prefer
to commit the violation of forced assimilation leading possibly to ethnocide rather
than to negotiate collective equal-status integration with the African American
national minority.
As the presidency of Barack Obama is demonstrating, electing a Black president
who is required to address the state’s interest as a whole is not the answer for
improving the well being of African Americans.

Dr. Y. N. Kly is Professor Emeritus, School of Human Justice, University of Regina, Canada,
and a former consultant to government and a wide range of ethnic groups on minority
issues. Author of five books and numerous articles, he won the Gustavus Myers
Outstanding Book Award in 1990 for International Law and the Black Minority in the US, and
in 1995 for A Popular Guide to Minority Rights. In 2007, the National Bar Association presented him with its International Human Rights Pioneer award. Dr. Kly chairs an international NGO in
consultative status at the UN. He holds a Ph.D. in political science, specializing in
international law, from University Laval.

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