The Appalling Silence Of Good People


The Appalling Silence of Good People


Charles Earl Campbell, Founder & CEO, Inc.



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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once wrote “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”.

It is with great joy that I announce the arrest of Rev. Ed Pinkney of Benton Harbor, Michigan, who had the courage to stand up against racist injustice and corruption that reminded him of Jim Crow Oppression in Mississippi during 1950s and 1960s.  After the re-election President Barack Obama, I had lost faith in Black Men’s ability to lead with integrity, morale courage and sacrifice. Under his leadership, the conditions of Black African Americans have gotten worst, without his administration proposing any significant or comprehensive plans to address our conditions.  His weak leadership  signaled to all racist, that it is open season to murder, oppress and deny civil liberties to Black African Americans.  Dr. King was arrested many times for his ability to stand up and Rev. Pinkney has followed in that leadership style, which makes me proud of him.  He, deserves our support more than any political leader serving in elected, appointed or anointed office today. His Black Manhood is a clear demonstration for All Other Black Africans American Males, who consider themselves “Men”.

Let me address Black Men of America who are tired of being treated unjustly, inhumanly and targeted by their local, state and the federal government.  It’s better to die with honor and self respect in defense of your people, than to live a long life of shame and fear. For when our enemy knows that we are ready to take his or her life and die if necessary in the process, then and only then will they respect us and our community. They are cowards, who will use the cover of law enforcement and political office to kill us, our family and oppress our communities.  We must make our enemies afraid for their life, without concern for their title, position, status, income or wealth. Only then will they leave us alone.  To eliminate all confusion regarding who’s the enemy of Black African American People, I offer this definition, which will cause your enemy to reveal themselves.  Anyone who is in a position of leadership at the civic, social, religious, corporate, nonprofit, federal, state, county or local level, who refuses speak out and take all necessary measures to ensure fairness, justice, life, and liberty for Black African Americans, in the same manner, as they would do for White Americans, are our enemies.  They deserve neither your respect, financial support, votes, membership or compassion.  

When Black African Americans stop being afraid to defend ourselves against our enemies, we will transform our people and no longer be the group that our enemies feel safe to attack.  Strong Black African American Men like Rev. Pinkney, Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Malcolm X, William “Bill” Moss and Jerry L. Doyle are my heroes, because of their sacrifice for the greater good of our people.  The price of liberty is death for both our enemies and ourselves, if required and necessary! “No Justice! No Commerce! No Life!”  

Benton Harbor, Michigan is this generation’s Selma Alabama! It’s Our Call To Action Against Our Enemies!  Any Enemy of Some Black African American People, is the Enemy of All Black African American People!  Please visit and contribute what you can to Rev. Pinkney's Legal Defense Fund.  Let our enemies in Benton Harbor, know that we are not afraid to defend Black African American People.  Let President Obama and Attorney General Holder know that they can not pretend to be ignorant of what is happening in Benton Harbor and that we Black African Americans demand their direct investigation and intervention in this matter.

What We Want:

  1. We, Black African Americans, demand that Eric Holder, US Justice Department investigate the illegal detention and charge of Rev. Ed. Pinkney by Benton Harbor Sheriff, City and County Officials and their connection to local corporations, who are conspiring to deny the recall of public elected officials in Benton Harbor, Michigan.
  2. We demand the immediate release and withdrawal of all charges against Rev. Ed Pinkney and his supporters. 
  3. We demand the resignation of all elected official involve with this illegal, unethical and immoral action.
  4. We demand those found guilty be charged and prosecuted with federal civil rights violation, conspiracy, abuse of power and misconduct.
  5. We demand that the State, County and City be held legally and financially responsible for those officials involve.
  6. We demand the financially compensation of Rev. Ed Pinkney, his supports and the Black African American Citizens of Benton Harbor impacted by the behavior those who failed to monitor, supervise and provide adequate oversight of those found responsible for their actions against Rev. Pinkney.  
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