SXSW SubKulture Patriots "Eskape" [ EXPLICIT ]


“S.K.P… We make this music for you to use it and lose touch with the daily routine. Reality is too much, too much. Escape, Escape, Escape, Escape!”

First of all I love the usage of the jazz horn in the background. It gives a soul-ful and Bluesy backdrop with these fellas ambitious, ready-for-the-world delivery. They speak as though they’ve done this many times before and with clear distinction. In the beginning a guy is sitting at the bus stop, minding his own business when four guys come up, full of life, hype, greeting each other.They sit down around the guy hanging all off of him as if they know him. You can tell by his body language and resistance to them being around he doesn’t know them. Still very hard to tell since he doesn’t put up much of a defiant fight to make them stop. These days a friend doesn’t even pick up a phone to call let alone complete strangers acting comfortable around each other.

The title is “Eskape” and that’s what these guys personify. They’re happy-go-lucky, high-spirited nature represents the fun times, the “escape” we need from the trials and hardships in life to feel whole. They are the embodiment physically of what we look like when we’re happy and not worrying about a damn thing and figuratively as the music that should allow the guy on the bench to “escape” and find a moment of inner-peace. It’s not until the end when he gets on the bus does he realize he was in the presence of a group that is known around the way.

The only substantial review available at this time regarding their music is from Chase Hoffberger from local newsletter The Austin Chronicle. He critiques LP Vol. 1 Issue 1 “Eskape” comes from stating “…each [member] flows like filler rap. Behind the hustle and bravado are quick fixes and old tricks.” There’s nothing but love coming from this direction on their music because the bravado speaks of their passionate message.

May 25, 2011- The SubKulture Patriots are a dynamic hip hop group from Austin, Texas. Their music comforts the lonely, inspires the downtrodden and strikes fear in the heart of whack emcees. The revolution won’t be televised; it will be in your streets!

Another commentator from off the street reinstates what Hoffberger describes as “filler rap” stating “the team does seem to lack focusin terms of their overall direction or sound….releases like these seem to bemore like resumes, where the artist or group attempts to gain the attention andappeal on a variety of sounds and issues.” It’s in the ball-park of what I felt was missing. Once Subkulture Patriots find a directed topic and make it more pronounced then it will be easier for the listener to follow and connect. They all have a mean flow and mesh well together so it's an excellent match-up. The four members are the Brain, Cap’n Kirk, RuDi Devino, and HBZ Boo Radley rev “A6” muscle. They all originate from prior groups: HBZ is from Spin Alley, RuDi Devino from Short Bus Alumni, and Cap’n Kirk from Diasporic and the Anti-Gravity Crew . They’ve rocked out with such greats as Scarface (Geto Boys), The Pharcyde, Talib Kweli (Black Star, Reflection Eternal), Three 6 Mafia, Dead Prez, Saul Williams, E.S.G. (S.U.C.), Murs (Living Legends, Rhymesayers), The RZA, Naughty by Nature and DJ Abilities just to name a few. The black and white scenes in the beginning for each guy gives a feeling you’re being introduced to up-and-comers who will definitely be coming back with much more. Link back here


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