As a sequel to the “Lights, Camera, FASHION: The Profile Party” this Spring, Brick City Varsity is once again giving the people its chance at stardom.


Newark, NJ – July 21, 2011 - Scheduled for Saturday, July 23rd, “15 Minutes of Fame” will treat attendees to $30 on-site photo shoots and allow them to peruse the vintage clothing line created by Brick City Varsity, a Newark based brand bent on using fashion and photography as vehicles for social justice. The event will include a fashion show and live musical performances to keep attendees entertained between the endless rounds of signature cocktails and decadent desserts. True to the brand’s affinity for the late 60s, the event recalls Andy Warhol’s 1968 quote, “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.”


BCV founder Larry Lyons says that redeploying the quote was quite intentional. “I’ve always understood my work with Brick City Varsity to be beautifying the city of Newark, one outfit at a time. With this event, I’m telling Newark and all of its lovers that Warhol’s prediction has come true. Our 15 minutes have come. As a city and as an urban culture, it’s our time to shine.”


Following the 15-minute theme, all guests will enjoy a 15-minute photo shoot with Lyons and receive a 15% discount on all vintage clothing and furniture items. Having tripled the number of women’s garments and home furnishings, BCV is eager to unveil its new wares and show how this niche brand is growing by leaps and bounds.


“Our line of clothing and home accents draws exclusively from thrift stores that support low-income families, the formerly incarcerated, veterans, disaster victims and those in need of free rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse. To that end, Brick City Varsity shifts the focus of urban fashion away from building the pockets of wealthy design houses and retailers that transgress against human rights, and back toward the support of the most vulnerable amongst us.” states Lyons.


Hosted at the Russell Aldo Murray Gallery, Newark’s only African-American contemporary art space, the event is the latest in a series of dynamic programs that have been drawing together Newark’s creative professionals, performers, activists, artists and educators. To keep the vibe light and the attendees in stitches, BCV has enlisted Newark’s most sought-after event hosting duo, Two-Headed Monster to bring their fashion expertise to the event. For a modest $5 cover, the event’s unique fusion of foto, fashion, strong drinks and social justice promises to delight every type of party-goer imaginable.



Who: Brick City Varsity

What: 15 Minutes of FAME Party

When: July 23, 2011


Where: RAM Gallery

260 Washington St.

Newark, NJ


Media Contact:

Larry Lyons

(732) 310 - 7278




ABOUT BRICK CITY VARSITY - Brick City Varsity offers custom photography, wardrobe styling, personal shopping, interior design, and event planning services. Inspired by notable moments of resistance and rebellion in Newark's history, the brand supports green business and the equitable distribution of wealth in urban spaces. It draws upon the revolutionary power of the people to challenge social norms, dismantle the status quo and incite justice. Read more on the BCV website:



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