Strolls Lake Merritt

“Strolls Lake Merritt” is an 9×12 ink and water color print of a magical nanosecond encounter with an elderly Vietnamese woman. She seamlessly maneuvers between pedestrians and picture-perfect twisted tree limbs along the street and dirt paths of the lake, while pushing a rickety, rusty cart of neat piles of groceries and clothes. On top of all this, there is a live fish in a fishbowl.

Mostly invisible to the hoards of walkers and runners around the lake who never swerve to avoid a collision or even acknowledge her presence, this woman is somehow connected to our higher frequencies and wavelengths. I’m caught in the one billionth of a second of harmony in which she securely resides. Cloaked only in her memories of natural unity, she flows like a stream in the shadows manifested as a tossed-aside cast member in the failures and injustices of society. Homelessness and hopelessness disturbs the harmony of universal principals, which in a more just society would rightly support her. Its failure has not been able to disconnect her from the spiritual connection with nature where the wonders of invisibility are open upon request, offering her adventure and protection from our lower frequencies.

I’m blown away by what I saw, unable to believe she was real until months later when a distinguished physicist told a radio audience that the principals of invisibility are a mathematical fact, and that within the next two decades three dimensional objects will be able to appear invisible. Scientists explain it takes one billionth of a second for electrons to travel from one location to another to give the appearance of invisibility, its my sense she is able to do this. I’m willing to entertain that just as physicists once ignored the factual realities of shamans and mystics, who’ve long told us other worlds of wonder are possible, that the homeless woman who travels with a live fish in a fishbowl, is able to utilize powers from the shadows which society has cast her into. She is the boulder in the stream of the riverbed of society’s neglect which appears invisible with the rush of waters over it. She mimics nature, able to bend light and connect to magical beams of technological wonders yet to be harnessed.

We’re fortunate science has transcended its own intellectual hubris to join with the shamans and mystics before them to share in what was previously known. “Strolls Lake Merritt,” is evidence for me of our capacity to align with greater principals of spirit and humanity in the humblest of circumstances. Out of the shadows of bigotry, racism, and class warfare, this Vietnamese woman appears, totally aligned in a time and space of far greater harmony with the landscape. She, and those like her who are thrust into manifestation by a society who feeds on collective values and consciousness of fear and ignorance is, in fact, a beacon from the shadows. In harmony with rhythms and vibrations of greater frequencies than that which is visible to most of us, she travels with a live fish in a fishbowl.

Should we stay the course of narrow cultural values of exclusion, we’re doomed to a technological invisibility of little consequence beyond the same mentality which has kept us marred in fear and wars, much like the use of atomic energy as a weapon of mass destruction. In Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” he decried his invisibility as the product of a racist society, but I believe we can do better. I believe scientists are correct when they say invisible cloaks will be a reality within a few decades; and it’s my fear that should society fail to incorporate a spiritual component in the utilization of the technological marvels coming our way, it’s possible the greater potential of universal harmony will again pass the world by.

This limited edition 9 x 12 print is available for purchase for $75.


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