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• Are you all not planning to go see Steven Spielberg magnificent new movie LINCOLN? If you are not planning to do so, it would be a colossal mistake if you miss it – it will be like not going to see Spike Lee epic movie MALCOLM X. If word on the street is anywhere near true, this movie should be loaded with numerous sublime narratives and subtle dramatizations, which should spark much illumination in all who see it, especially those whose psychic heritage today harkens back to chattel slavery on this side of the globe. Do not forget to take a pen and a notepad as well as a few handkerchiefs, as each may prove to be very useful. Also, bring the entire family if not the whole hood out.  Internalize, marvel, and soak everything up like clean refreshing air, as this film is - like Obama, as an old soul OBAMA is to LINCOLN and AKHANATUN  A reincarnation, yet another of the very few remaining unstoppable Judgment Day signs, albeit a very great AND TIMELY SIGN indeed by Mr. Spielberg!

Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln': family-friendly and accurate

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