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Police protect white people, but they pick-on, harass, stereotype and even kill black people, innocent black people. Will I be next? Should white people care? Many do not care. Even worse, many are enraged by peaceful, dignified protest at this treatment of blacks by police. When the white racist US president viciously attacked Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee to stand up for justice, they must have jumped for joy. They expect us to submit meekly. They expect us to grovel. Black lives just do not matter to them. We do not need their approval for our method of peaceful protest of this brutal injustice. The nerve!

The white racist president is their champion. There was a time howling enraged white mobs  attacked our peaceful protests against Jim Crow laws. But, fortunately many white people do not share this myopic view. I think that they believe in justice for all. I believe they are willing to put their belief in justice-for- all over their white privilege. I believe that they are in the majority too. But too many have been complacent. “It could not happen here”, they believed. Many of us did too. “This is America, aint it?”. I hope they are not complacent anymore.

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