SplashChristo is an up and coming artist who has been gaining popularity lately with a new song on all digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


Recently, SplashChristo has released an ebook called "Christo Clear Combative Concepts " which is about self protection stray pieces, contentious strategies, basics, moving perpetually, looking at other hand to hand battling styles using your body and not having a particular style.


The ebook includes:

- The history of common fighting styles

- How it's changing the way we interact with other martial artists.

- Why it's important for martial artists to adapt to having no style.


SplashChristo has been creating some new sounds that you should be on the lookout for. 

He has expanded into different sounds that he hasn't explored before. He brings an eclectic mix of trap and jazz vocals to the table with a touch of the usual electronic influences.


One of the new songs he released was called “Duzit.” You can hear the conviction in his voice while he raps, which makes it an even better song. He's not playing around. He's serious. His new material sounds fresh and new. You should be on the lookout for SplashChristo.


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