As spiritual tour, we will walk quietly through of Egypt, were we will relax and meditate within the precincts of the sacred Temples & Tombs.  Here, we will come alive with the powerful energies, the temple walls echo memories and energies that inspire our soul and consciousness and we would like to walk with you and pass our inspiration and gifts of well being on to you.

As a spiritual guide &therapist we will help people address their problems on a journey of self discovery and healing in the mystical ancient land of Egypt. Our journey involves spiritual cleansing which is a type of healing.  A spiritual cleansing is not a medical treatment nor is it intended to take the place of one.

A spiritual journey to Egypt offers meditation relaxation and a connection to the healing energies in the sacred temples of Egypt, my spiritual Journeys are a therapeutic holiday of sound healing in the temples with a  Tibetan bowl, massage, and connection with the healing powers of the angels and the gods and goddesses of protection from Ancient Egypt. Our journey will be an ultimately of healing experience to positively enhance your Life. Please contact us if you are interested in joining to a spiritual Ancient Egypt Journey to know more about these journeys to Egypt. Kemet Travel will begin to expand its experiences of spiritual Egypt.

Our  spiritual program will  takes you through  the way from the Pyramids  into the western desert and as far as to Abu simbel ,Our experience and qualifications in the business for Many years makes our spiritual  journey smooth and powerful .Kemet Travel has widened  experiences of Hidden Egypt  , our co-cooperation has taken you to places off the beaten Tourist trap ,We have a vast experience of Egypt and together we have Experienced the healing that can be found in different places with the Amazing energies. Kemet Travel has the ability to organize the privet visits as we can arrange the government permits papers of special sights. 

We will offer personal Tours that will deepen and develop your spiritual awareness, open your heart and support you to be a part of Ancient Egypt knowledge, talents and healing work synergistically to support you.

Through our inner spiritual journey , We will working with the ancient energies of Egypt, The gods and goddesses, these journeys are for food our souls and for everyone who wants to transform their life and live life with an open heart , with love , Compassion , understanding , forgiveness and peace. By representing the feminine energy of Sekhmet, the powerful lion goddess uses the power of her strong compassionate heart to help you push through limitations, blocks illusions and fear so you may fully stand in your own power, we will give you a unique life changing experience in Egypt. The journey does not end there. When you get home they will follow up to see how you are doing and what support you might need. Tell us your interests and passions on our journey through wonders and sacred sites of Egypt and we will make sure we tailor the wonders and things. It will all be done with great care with attention to the little things that matter, with joy, humor and worm Egypt hospitality

We in Kemet Travel seeking to have quality time at the sacred sites and to avoid the crowds, to do this. We will obtain special permissions and permits that grant us with private visits in the Great Pyramids, inside the Sphinx enclosure and for visits the sites which not normally open to tourists. Kemet Travel will give you the chance to visit some of the local families to see their lives up close.

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