From: Federación Panafricanista The Partido Popular (PP) is preparing a non-legislative proposal (PNL) with the intention that Spain "is solidarity and recognize the rights of blacks in history," the spokesman explained yesterday Foreign PP, Gustavo de Arístegui. With the proposal, seeking a formula to recognize the historical grievances of black communities in Africa and America for slavery. " Izquierda Unida (Comunist) in the mouth of the federal secretary of Solidarity and Human Rights, Fran Pérez, labeled the initiative "opportunist", after the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama. "The PP has a ality Bush and the new position of the party now wants to close because of the Democrats in power," he added. While sharing the general line of the proposal, believes that there should also be an international financial compensation. For its part, the socialist group in Congress refused to make assessments until the present popular NLP. Fringes Outstanding MP says people who have had "more than a dozen meetings with the black community to prepare the report. However, fringes are still pending before giving the nod to the text. There is no official estimate on the number of descendants of Africans in the country, The government rejected the compensation, but accepted a formal apology for slavery, which do not pose the PSOE (socilademocrat in government). The black community for the initiative is very courageous, but if anything will not include an apology for the years of slavery. Without this minimum, the proposal does not make sense, "claimed. Assure that political parties can not apologize" for what they did previous generations. " we are studying the precedents that exist, however, it is still early to define the main lines that have the text, whose wording is responsible member of the PP by Sevilla Luis González Adolfo Rodriguez Platform repair and non-violence, Pan-African federation, Foundation Group ecologico life . DIVIDE AND RULE The SEGIB are using some Negroes group and so called educated people to made a simulacro of Durban reweu conference .This conference stablist that Spain is not responsible of racist post World Conference Against Racism (CMCR) in Durban in 2001 in the same day Durban reweu take place in Geneva Suiza . But the reality is that Spain didn't implementad any Durban recommendation. Other way this group are using conceptual separation what they call afrodescendientes from Africans as two different categories (Jenny de la Torre and Gillermo Ponce).This is the reason that Black Spanish leaders who born in Africa was excluded from the official delegation in last Panama SEGIB Afro conference (even thous who wanted to pay they own hotel and tiket ) . If we are Pan-Africanist this is a very dangerous reactionary position. They say that the victory of Obama is the demonstration that we must stop fighting because our situation will change just with PHD and glamorous hypocrite manner and separate from tha masses of African people who suffer racist everyday of their life .This divide the struggle for reparation in "elite " and Field Negro. Epsy Campbell is member of SEGIB and official Spanish advice government on Black people and when she was here in Madrid we try to talk with her but she didn't has time to meet has. We invite her husband to press conference with the occasions of the Verene Shephard conference Colombus day .He spoke with the Spanish media and he said that he is not militant and even he is not envolved en this"kind of things", but he traveled to Spain in the official delegation with her wife because black people demand responds and we made symposium, rallies and other protest. Recently the Spanish government created the organ antidiscriminador against racism and deliberately excluded the Black Community with the silence of Epsy Campbell that advises the Spanish government on Durban and Ignacio Sola Blackman and deputy director of Ministry of equality of Spain. On the next March 21th the spanish parliament will make declaration on apoligez us , perhaps they dont will use the term apology because mean money but they will say something that wil afect the 151 million of africans who speak spanish . As Scientific Chairman of The commission we want to thank for the great advice from Esther Ekwa, prof Verene Sephard, Yonas Endrias, Prof. Hourance Campbell, Akinyele Umoja, Runoko Rashidi, Jorge Medina, KWASI Akyeampong, Omali Yeshitela and NCOBRA, and remember brother Tcham Bissa a Field Nigger who came from Bissau and died fighting for this cause. After Obama the coronation spanish goverment is promoting some black faces (and that's very good) but the first thing they do is condemn reparation as a racist and activists who make it possible. So garveyist reparation movement in Spain we still need your advice and suport . Abuy Nfubea Spanish offical Committee for the drafting of the Draft no Law Project for condemnation African slavery and HISTORIC RECOGNITION OF BLACK COMMUNITY IN SPAIN
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  • West
    Spanish offical Committee for the drafting of the Draft no Law Project for condemnation African slavery and HISTORIC RECOGNITION OF BLACK COMMUNITY IN SPAIN
    Just imagine...If there were an existence of An "American official Committee for the drafting of the Draft no Law Project for condemnation African slavery and HISTORIC RECOGNITION OF BLACK COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA," there may or may not have been a need for the following dialog to take place between a white woman and a Black Man, no?

    Judge for yourself only, please!

    minwdpatterson says:
    Dear AQuietDay:

    I am a Black Man in America! If my word-share (some reference to the latter as an opinion) impacted you to the point that you felt compelled to comment in a less-than-complimentary or healing fashion then you missed the whole point here. We as a people stand a chance to make and change history by electing a Black Man for
    president of the greatest nation in the free-world something people like Rush Limbaugh and yourself said would never ever happen then they lied! We now have a Black Man as the president of America. Your country as well as my country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty.

    My words and support only reflected my "Black Privilege" (which has NOT been a pretty sight to most but it was all we had to work with) and the sense of healing for centuries of systemic oppression inflicted upon us by your own forefathers. I suppose you could counter-argue that you were only reflecting your "White Privilege" also, No?

    Well, let the record reflect that you've no need to continue down that trail. There's been an over abundance of White-Privileged Reflection in this country. A new day is dawning and change is on that horizon. You can either support it or get rolled over and glazed to the past by it.

    I trust my words of wisdom and experience shed some light on your way of thinking in the future. It's time for the renewing of the white mindset as well as a few of the "Uncle Tom" and "Black Minstrel" mindset accordingly. Then and only then can we move forward into the unknown realm that change has historically proven to bring about as a united people of all cultures. Barack Obama openly advocates the need for and execution of CHANGE for the whole of humanity. Unless, you have found a way to leave the planet and co-exist there? God Bless America and its inhabitants, all of them!


    ~Min W.D. Patterson
    Posted: January 25, 2009 1:09AM EST

    AQuietDay says:
    One lives in a state of denial that race has not been important to black, many white and hispanic voters. There is nothing wrong with this email.
    Like the writer, I feel Obama's resume is left wing lite and his platform lacks both orginality and depth and it a continuation of many failed social policies.
    Sadly, McCain's resume in economics is only marginally better
    Posted: October 31, 2008 8:52AM EDT
  • West
    Very good! All things will eventually workout.

    T. West
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