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Welcome to the country that live an opulent life style. Singapore homes maximum number of millionaires for a country in the world. Singapore offers exquisite choices in dining and shopping. According to your purse, wide variety of cuisines and consumer goods are on offer. Apart from that there are magnificent sky scrapers, well maintained public transport system, historical monuments, variety of entertainment opportunities and wild life parks as attractions.

There is acute scarcity of land in Singapore. This explains the inclination towards building towering sky scrapers. But to break the monotony, there are aesthetically minded constructions and monuments to be seen. Due to paucity of land owning private vehicles are made an expensive proposition in Singapore. To make for this shortcoming, an efficient and well maintained public transport system is in place. Singaporeans do not feel lame because of this. More land is found and added from sea through land reclamation.

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Singapore is an island country situated in South East Asia. It is located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is made of sixty three islands.

Singapore Tourismis a substantial earner for the country. Millions visit Singapore every year. Government is devising many plans to increase the number. In an effort to attract tourists administration has legalized gambling. Two casinos known as Integrated Resorts were opened in Sentosa and Marina Bay. Other area of thrust is medical tourism. Comparative low cost and a medical system of high standard are the plus points of Singapore. Government is also playing an active part in promoting medical tourism.

Although highly urbanized and densely populated, fifty percent of land area of Singapore is covered by greenery. About quarter of land area makes for forest and nature reserves. In fact most of the primary rainforest were lost because of urbanization. The significant remaining forest is in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Though there is little rain forest left, there are more than three hundred parks and four nature reserves in Singapore. Many plants are also planted throughout Singapore. Thus half the area of Singapore is green. For this reason Singapore is called ‘Garden City.

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Singapore is not just one island. More than fifty islets surround the main island. The smaller islands of Singapore forms an important part of Singapore Tourist Mapby offering a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city. They are renowned for their laid back ambience, idyllic beaches and inviting waters. Some of the prominent smaller islands of Singapore are Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and Lazarus and Sisters islands.

Sentosa is famous as the resort island of Singapore. It has become an integral part of itinerary of Singapore visitors. This tranquil island is very near to the Singapore city. Its attractions are charming sandy beaches, unspoilt nature trails, Oceanarium and Dolphin Lagoon, historical sites, museums and options for great entertainment.

singapore underwater world

Singapore Water World is the most exciting Oceanarium of Asia. It is a large aquarium which showcases about two thousand and five hundred marine lives from two hundred and fifty species. Tourists can savor amazing sea lives plus endangered underwater animals. It features a long walk-through tank from where you can relish underwater life without diving or getting wet.

Pulau Ubin is Singapore thirty years ago on display. It is complete with thatched huts, backyard orchards, dirt tracks and interesting wildlife.

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