Should Bill Cosby Have Went To Prison


Through all the fame and people in everyone's home on television, one of the most loved men in the world was sent to prison. Do you think his prison sentence was justice? How do you feel things should have gone?

William Henry Cosby Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author, and now a convicted sex offender. That is a hard title to add to your belt if you were in his shoes.

His successes span five decades and virtually all media, remarkable accomplishments for a kid who emerged from humble beginnings in a Philly project.

The maximum sentence for each of the three counts is 10 years, or 30 years in total, meaning the 80-year-old Cosby, who is legally blind and in poor health, could spend the end of his life in prison. Do you really think this is fair judgement?

No matter how we look at it, Bill Cosby help raised our children through television. What Bill did was inexcusable. Seriously, he was a big star, he could have gotten laid without drugging women. Problem is, he was messing with women who were already drug addicted.

The two reasons for prisons is(one) to punish criminals and two) to protect the population from criminals. So here you have an eighty-year-old blind man. I have a hard time imaging what sort of threat he can be to the public. So that leaves us with his incarceration being solely for punishment which I understand makes some people happy.

The primary reason for prison is to isolate the criminals out of society. Even though it’s too late. But among the primary reasons for prison is it keep revenge from happening.

Leave your thoughts below on if you feel his punishment was too harsh. Should Cosby be freed? Or is he best being left behind bars?

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  • West

    I agree that there are no perfect people on the planet. This of course includes Cosby.  Has he always remained a champion for his people?  Which people?  I remember a lot of criticism of his show when it first came out; people saying that the Huxtables were not representative of the Black experience in America, how they were too middle-class and aspirational for most Black people to relate to. These were Black people saying this. Then, several years later he gave a speech which upset a lot of Black men, saying that African American youth would do much better in life if they stopped buying $100 sneakers, and pulled up their pants. Many of my friends thought that he had lost touch.

    I agree that the power structure is threatened when a person of color tries to change what they are doing.  My question is why didn't they attack him with this stuff sooner -- when he was actually in the process of trying to buy NBC?  He had been doing what he was (allegedly) doing for several years by then; someone must have known. He is an old and sick man now. No longer any threat, and certainly not dangerous. Furthermore, the idea that his ownership of NBC would have fundamentally changed the kinds of programming that they show is, in my opinion, wishful thinking on your part.

  • NYMetro

    When people who are in power want to take down someone who is an irritant to them they will very carefully produce a script using as many characters as they feel are needed in order to bring that production to the stage. The they in this case are the entertainment establishment of Hollywood, California and New York, City. Think about how Bill Cosby, in his earlier days, effectively rubbed the noses of those Hollywood big wigs in there well establish practice of racism. They never forgot that nor have they ever forgiven him of it. Throughout his career Bill Cosby has remain a champion for and of his people. But the main irritation to the power elite came when he attempted to purchase the NBC broadcasting Network. Such an act, if it would have come into being, would have given black people real power in an area that they must never have and that is the power to change the narrative on a global scale. This acquisition by a person such as Bill Cosby would be a death blow to the doctrine of white supremacy. Every day the propaganda of the racist reactionary forces that have kept our people in bondage would have been taken apart. The true history of our people from antiquity to the present would now be brought to the forefront for everyone to see and the end of the white supremacist rule would have been accelerated to the fifth power. Bill Cosby was a dangerous black man that had to be eliminated and they have had many years in perfecting that nefarious craft.

    There are no perfect individuals on this planet but as I have said in my previous post "Can we as black people not see the forest for the tree".



  • Georgia

    This is America! A country that has bore false witnesses against people of color since the emancipation proclamation. White Women especially against my brothers. Now if Mr. Cosby had raped all those women, considering his wealth and the fact that he is a Black Man  do you seriously believe that any one of them would have allowed 50 years to go by before they nailed him to the cross? And why not ??? if they were not willing to have sex with him,get drugs from him to boost their own careers. This shit is nothing new. Your first lady did the same thing. It's what they do.  Personally, I will give my brother the benefit of doubt. And until all of our ancestors who were raped and beaten by white men are given justice, as well as those who go missing even today ,and those being raped while incarcerated, I will stand my ground on this issue. Mr. Cosby was not judged by a jury of his peers, and no, I do not believe any of his accusers were innocent victims. 

  • West

    The fact is that more than just one or two women said that they were raped by Bill Cosby.  Are we to discount 50 women who say that?

  • Georgia

    As long as we as a people, continue on this road of divide and conquer, we will Never be judged by a jury of "our" peers.  STOP pretending America is just one big old melting pot with Justice being served as the main ingredient. Clearly no one is that blind today.

  • Georgia

    No...We need to get Facts before accusations are being thrown around and stop getting behind white folk and their agendas. Black women ought to know better.

  • West

    We need to stop supporting Black men who injure and violate Black women and girls just because they are Black men.  If they are found to be guilty, they must be punished. It would be nice if the Black community could punish them instead of leaving them to the so-called justice of the white man, but that's not happening.  Are you going to say that those girls lied about R. Kelly too?

  • Georgia

    Right On @ Mel Wade!

  • NYMetro

    It is funny how fast we as black people have allowed white folks to change the narrative in our minds in adducing allegations that are not only false but were unproven by their own system of jurisprudence. With this change of narrative now firmly placed in our minds, we now have accepted brother Bill Cosby as a convicted felon, this is truly a sad occurrence on our part.  All of the irregular procedures and bias of the judge, the prosecutor, the state of Pennsylvania and the white women liberation lead "me to" movement were brought to bear and simply steamrolled brother Cosby on the bogus charges that were placed on him. Can we as black people not see the forest for the tree?

  • West
    My answer is yes. What he did was inexcusable, and he needed to be punished for it. Also, Miller Time, please learn some English grammar.
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