Report by: Prince Adegoke Fusigboye, Lagos, Nigeria.

For the 4th straight day of Nationwide strike, Nigerians have been heeding
the called made by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to occupy Nigerian
streets for as long as the Nigerian President, Mr Jonathan revert to the
statue quo ante by reinstating the N65/litre pump price and continue the
consultations with stakeholders on how to resolve the issue of massive
corruption in the management of the fraudulent 'subsidy' regime.

As early as 8.30Am, thursday, 12/01/2012, few protesters were noticing by
me at the venue of the protest ground, the Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi Park,
along Ikorodu Road, Ojota, Lagos, Nigeria. Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi was a
Senior advocate of Nigeria, a national and international Human Right
Activist before his death. Some minutes later, protesters are gathering in
their hundreds, thousands until the whole place filled up to about 250,000
heads.Those in attendance are-: The Nigerian Labour Congress Officials,
Nigerian Civil Society Groups, Nigerian Human Rights Defender Associations,
Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Nigerian Nollywood Stars, Artiste, Religious
Leaders, Students and as well as Nigerian Markets women.

The usual daily prayers was offered by the religious leaders including the
indigenous prayer before proceeding to the real reason for convergence. In
fact, any foreigners that view the protest coverage on television would
first mistook the event for a carnival rally because,
the protest was perfectly organized to avoid being boring for the
protesters. Musics was every where, buying and selling of assorted food
items and drinks also available. Some people brought cooking gas and pots
to the spot as shown in the attached pictures.

At interval, each group collected micro-phone from the organizers and spoke
out his/her mind over the boiling issues. The protest was organized in the
whole 36 States of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory
(FCT) Abuja. Few death reports was recorded in Ilorin, Kano, Abuja, Ibadan,
Lagos,and Kogi States, while injured protesters were receiving treatments
at a nearby hospitals. Protesters go wild in Minna, kill cop, burn
buildings, cars according to a report from Nigerian Tribune. Attached
herewith are the pictures taken by me at the protest ground.

On New Year day, President Jonathan broke his bond on creating conditions
for Nigerians to enjoy a breath of fresh air by creating the pump price of
petrol (PMS). By this act, Nigerians are guaranteed to suffer extremely
huge cost for transport, foods,and other essentials. It is a policy
decision aimed at deepening poverty and the suffering of Nigerians. We are
Nigerians citizens and we must call the President bluff
that he can make us suffer as he pleases and as he pleases his bosses in
the IMF and World Bank. Nigeria is a Sovereign and Democratic country and
its citizens reserve the constitutional right to demand good government
while the President has the constitutional obligation
to promote the rights and welfare of Nigerians.

The price of petroleum products has been 'adjusted' or increased eighteen
times in the last 26years starting from a raise in the pump price of petrol
from 3.15kobo/litre to 20kobo/litre in April 1985. All the attempts by
successive Governments to remove the so called 'fuel subsidy' failed
because Nigerians resisted the imposition of more suffering. The Jonathan
administration will also fail because of its refusal to address corruption
in the downstream sector as an option to 'subsidy'.

* In 1999, the poverty rate in Nigeria was 45%. In 2012 it is 76%.
* The money Nigeria made between 1999-2011 is more than all the money
Nigeria made from 1960-1999.
* Nigeria's crude oil is among the best in the world and has brought
substantials financial gains. Yet, our leaders import inferior, cheap fuel
and are attempting to sell it to us at ridiculous price.
* Nigeria has made $1 trillion since independence. Of this, $600 Billion
has been stolen by our leaders. Unprecedented day light robbery and
* While we are hungry, the Presidency has budgeted about N1 Billion on food
for two families and their guests. Why are they spending our money on their
* Our 'leaders' killed our refineries. Now they own their refineries in
South Africa, Sao Tome, Sierra Leone, Niger Repbulic etc... They export our
crude there, and we pay them to refine it. They import oil, sell it to us,
and pay themselves subsidies.

* Make the 4 refineries to work and build new ones and make petroleum
products cheaper and affordable to all.
* Reverse the fraudulent handover of public enterprises; such as NITEL,
Nigeria Airways, Nigeria Ports Authority, Ajaokuta Steel, Oshogbo Steel
Rolling Mill, Itakpe Iron and Ore, ALSCON, Nigerian Newsprint Manufacturing
Company, Daily Times, etc...
* Ensure heavy public investment in industrialization and infrastructure (
energy, rail, road, and mass housing ) to enhance millions of employment
opportunities and wealth creation.
* Stop the privatization of National Electricity Power Authority and ensure
that it is kept public and made efficient under the democratic
control and management of elected committees of workers, consumers and
representatives of government in order to ensure that public resources
invested are not mismanaged or looted as in the case with
OBJ-Yar'dua-Joanthan regimes.
* Ensure a new POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ORDER that will end the era of
privatisation, deregulation, looting, and exploitation by the corrupt
capitalist ruling cabals and ensure that wealth of the country is
judiciously applied to benefit the majority working population (formal and
informal sectors) and the poor.

Oil workers may shut down production Friday

Foreign airlines suspend operations to Nigeria over strike.

Respectively Submitted,
For: Concerned Migrants Worldwide.
IWD,Sacramento 2008 Honoree: 'We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For'
Prince R.Adegoke Fusigboye (Coordinator-Global ).
U.S.A Spokesperson: Dorinda M.
Spokesperson Spain Chapter: Mr Olugbenga Fatai Falade.

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