Review: South of the Border

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: South of the Border

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From: Nefertitti Jackmon
Sent: Wed, July 21, 2010 8:30:02 AM
Subject: Oliver Stone's SOUTH OF THE BORDER

I had an opportunity to view South of the Border this past Monday. It discusses the socialist movement thatis sweeping Latin America. I was not surprisedby any of the information that I saw in the film, but I was further empowered.My father (Marvin X) has been sharing with me (and others) much of what wasshown in the film. What it did reveal to me is that revolutionary change ispossible even within my lifetime. It is not an idealistic dream of some peoplefrom the '60's. The seeds of change have been sown, they are growing and theycan either blossom or be destroyed. Our knowledge and our understanding of ourrole in this world will either fuel this growth or kill the potential forpositive change fueled by THE PEOPLE.

What you will note in the documentary is thatthe countries that embraced changed were empowered by the masses of the people.There are many who are upset over what has occurred in Venezuela, Brazil,Argentina, Ecuador, and Cuba, but this is the rulingminority. The minority who for years have controlled the wealth; they areafraid that their wealth and their way of living will diminish. This is trueall over the world, even in the UnitedStates. Yesterday I heard a U.S. Senatordiscussing his lack of satisfaction with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Hesaid that he is afraid of the change that is taking place in this country (hewas speaking specifically in terms of the changes in the process of how theSenators agreed on her nomination) but to me it was symbolic of the overallfear that the wealthy/ruling minority fear will occur if Obama is bold enoughto fulfill some of his campaign rhetoric.

The Latin leaders even challenged Barak Obamato show his solidarity with the people. They suggested that there were merelythree conditions that must be met to show that he's concerned/unified with thepeople:

1) Pull out of the wars in the Middle East
2) Gosh, I'm so old I forgot the secondone, it was good
3) Invite Hugo Chavez to the U.S. (they alllaughed)

So just two, and when I heard what they said, Ifelt that if he would follow through on those he would be worthy of the NobelPrize which he has already been awarded.

The challenge is for us to encourage ourbrothers and sisters in African and Caribbean nations to look to the few strongleaders in Latin America who are charting anew destiny for their people. They have their own unique form of democracy,socialism and capitalism. Think out of the box, there's more than one way toget things done.

Go see the film and make your own informeddecision.

To the Bolivarian Revolution!

Peace and Blessings,


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