Response to State of Union Speech--Obama Drama--The End

Response to State of Union Speech:Obama Drama--The EndYouTube - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - 1975 - Wake Up EverybodyResponse to State of Union SpeechObama Drama: The EndA sister on the street at my outdoor classroom came by tonight and said, "You think this is the end, cause ain't nobody got no job. I'm working part time." Well, sister, I replied, you know when you at the end of a movie, what do you see on the screen--The End! And so it is--every nation has a term, and when it cannot fulfill its destiny, it simply falls into the dustbin of history. Another nation takes its place.And so the time has come to think out of the box of Americana. As we speak, a power shift is taking place in the global village--it's called BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China. This is the coming new world order. You see America is not in the picture. She had her chance but blew it because of her arrogance, greed and selfishness. She has no intention to make fundamental changes in her economic policy of free market exploitation.Your President said tonight that America will move aggressively to secure new markets to dump American goods. But what are American goods and where are they being manufactured in America? Does he really think America can compete with China and India--better do the math, better do the science, better do the English or Mandarin, Hindi and Portuguese. Better jump out of the box of this white supremacy English. Elijah said English shall be banned in the new world order.But you don't believe, just as you don't believe anything not emanating from the box of Americana. You are blind, deaf and dumb. You see a world changing before your eyes, yet you refuse to see what you see, to hear what you hear, and to speak the truth you know out of fear and trembling, shaking in your boots because the world order you are accustomed is in chaos.You see the people on the streets, in the homes, going mad before your very eyes, yet you are lost in denial. You hear them on cell phones talking with no one, text messaging to nowhere. The music in their I-phones is disintegrating their central nervous system. No wonder they cannot jump out of the box. Even though it is an easy task, their mental equilibrium will not afford them the ability to flip the switch to escape the box of their own making.Yes, our condition at this time is our own fault, not the government's, not the white man's. Don't you see the government can't pay its own bills--it owes over a trillion dollars to China. The war in Iraq cost over a trillion and the cost shall continue even after the American departure--they have not paid for all the destruction--a totally unnecessary adventure in madness due to white supremacy dreams of exploitation and domination.And what shall be the cost of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia? Your President vowed tonight to continue the killing and maiming of people for no real reason. You say it is because America was attacked on 9/11, because three thousand people lost their lives. Many more than three thousand people die in the hoods of America but nothing is done about it. Remember the song, How Long Has This Been Going On? Too long! Negroes say, "I'm cool, I'm cool." Martin Luther King, Jr. told you if you are cool much longer you'll end up in the deep freeze!It is time for us to think outside the box of America that has proscribed us into the dungeon ofeconomic, educational and spiritual stagnation. There are rites and rituals in other cultural traditions that we must consider, and if they are progressive, we must embrace them, whether it is marital relations, creative and artistic innovations, economic endeavors, educational curriculum or whatever.Don't we need to seek out how and why India and China are progressing, how and why they are making a great leap forward into the new millennium? What are they doing that we who are lagging cannot understand? Is it some deficit in our mindset, our genetic makeup? Or simple sloth and laziness, reflected in the gait of our young men with pants sagging, walking like ducks.What people can go anywhere looking and walking like this? We are an insult to our ancestors who suffered the most inhumane treatment known to humanity to get us to this day.We cannot continue inside the box of a sinking ship. Why should we go down with the Titanic just because we happened to find ourselves on board--we can jump ship and swim to another shore, even if we only do so mentally as Jesus taught, "In this world but not of this world."Look at Latin America (Peru, Brazil, Chile, Boliva, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, et al) determined to find an economic solution beyond free market capitalist exploitation. You mean North American Africans cannot come together in an economic think tank to configure a just economic order that provides a living wage and collective ownership of essential institutions in our community, including communal emergency facilities. The Mormons were able to send tons of food to Haiti because they control an abundant food supply for their own kind. Where is the North American African Emergency food center, medical center, transportation and housing center?Long ago we heard the tune Wake Up, Everybody, teachers must teach a new way, preachers must preach a new way. And so we must think a new way, discarding the box of archaic, reactionary, ignorant thoughts. Booker T. told you to cast down your buckets where you are, and you can do this if you will get your own little bucket? Think globally, act locally. Jump out the box to see what others are doing in the global village, then bring your knowledge home to your own kind. North American Africans are addicted to white supremacy thinking, i.e., you want to save the world yet can't save your own black asses. You are emulating American values and stinking thinking.Your President didn't tell you tonight the US government is giving money to employ insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Yemen. Yet, this same government refuses to make similar jobs available in the hood so the low intensity war can end, the homicides and suicides (probably half the homicides are suicides because brothers put themselves in a situation so someone can kill them because they were too cowardly to kill themselves).But how can the USA pay for jobs for so called terrorists abroad, but only call upon corporate America to find jobs for the dispossessed and desperate here at home? But he let you know there will be money for police and correctional officers to secure and occupy the hood that is growing more anxious and weary from a life of nothingness and dread.We must realize the final solution is do for self. Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad told you the day would come when you shall be forced to do for self. That day has arrived. You say you are free, no longer slaves, then get up and do for self. America cannot save you--did it save you during Katrina? Did it drop you a bottle of water, a grain of food? Not until you had gone several days, weeks, with nothing. Yet you have faith in this devil and the Negro in the White House who shall be lucky to walk away with his head.You must think out of the box. As Baraka says, "Stop thinking like an American." Are you being treated like an American? No, dogs get better treatment than you! Look how much time Michael Vick got for mistreating dogs, yet how much time shall America get for the mistreatment of her descendants of slaves who are yet suffering poverty, ignorance and disease? Your President said nothing tonight about helping the poor, the wretched confined to the cities full of violence, desperation and hopelessness, about the young single mothers whose mates are confined to jail and prison, about the drug addicted who medicate themselves into oblivion to ease the pain of their lives.The End has arrived, but The End is your beginning. Seize the time!--Marvin X
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  • West
    Please add me to the list of those who want out! The people will need to be educated on the plebiscite and the need for self determination, then maybe after a few more months of Bush in black face, they will seek those out called for liberated free zones. But imagine the work cut out to prepare the socalled Negro for a life without devilment as my grandmother used to say. Is this why Nkrumah said every black state is a military state? But maybe only those of high consciousness would want to stand up to do for self.
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