Republican Mark Kirk and his aides STRETCH the truth regarding Alexi Giannouilias and Bank employees and depositors

Despite what the feds were telling bank staff and existing and new customers that it was still safe to do business with the bank, there was Republican candidate Mark Kirk and his spinsters constantly saying things to the opposite that bank employees jobs were in jeapordy, etc. There are some banks that the feds have taken over that were in even mnuch worse shape at its fed takeover than the Broadway Bank but this one involves candidate Ginnouilias and so his role as an individual senior bank official is being exaggerated by Republican Kirk and staff and some major media for sheer political purposes!

Thank goodness for the bank employees and existing and new customers the new MB Financial Bank believed in the words of the federal regulators and not Republican Kirk and his staff. Now it relains to be seen what the rest of Illinois voters think going into November as I am sure that the negative and exaggerated spin of Kirk and his operatives are going to keep beating their issues in, and maybe Giannoulias only defense is to keep replaying the quotes of the feds saying that the staff and customers of the former Broadway bank was secured the very next business day after the name change.


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