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Watch the Republican Presidential Debate? I’d rather a trip to the dentist.

Republican Presidential Debate

I will not be watching the Republican presidential debate on Fox News tonight. First of all, I do not watch Fox News because it is unfair and unbalanced. Actually I am reluctant to watch any political debates. The participants are so practiced and rehearsed to spin an answer to the expected range of questions. Just don’t forget your lines.  Under thes conditions even G.W. Bush looked good. Even if some unique question arises, it is avoided by  diverting the response  to one of the already prepared answer. It is such a farce!

Besides, I’d rather not sit down and listen to a bunch of millionaires tell me how they plan to dismember Medicare, privatize social security, reduce or strip away healthcare benefits from thousands, make war with Iran, ignore the killing of innocent black people by police, continue to suppress the vote especially of blacks and Latinos, dump immigration reform, assault women’s rights,  and things of that ilk. But, most of the time, they will be using Hitler’s ‘ Big Lie’ strategy to smear Democrats with bogus issues.

Listen to that! I’d  rather a trip to the dentist.

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