‘Toward Self-Empowerment for Self-Determination!’


Iziz (praises) Beloved Elders, Brothers and Sisters,

Re:       1) National Black People’s Day of Action (BPDA) Review.

2) Establishing the National Afrikan People’s Parliament (NAPP).


I write further to the review meetings of the National Black People’s Day of Action (BPDA), Central Organising Committee, on Thursday 10/03/11 and Thursday 31/03/11.

The committee noted that the 30th anniversary commemoration of the BPDA (March 2, 2011) was a resounding success. Some 250 people (adults and children) were on the march, 300+ in attendance at the conference and an estimated 400+ throughout the day. This includes brothers and sisters from Birmingham, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Brighton, High Wycombe and Liverpool. For a cold-winter-working day, and with only 4 weeks promotional time, this was a very significant accomplishment; testifying that the spirit of Afrikan community, solidarity and resistance is far from completely dead.

We were particularly pleased to see the number of children and young people who were present and commend the many parents who took their children out of school for the day.

It was also uplifting to note that over 40 groups and organisations endorsed and actively supported the planning and execution of the day (see list below).

The day was rich with positive spiritual vibrations throughout. A wealth of information and analyses on the historical significance of the New Cross Massacre and the BPDA, as well as where we are now as a people and why, with suggestions as to the way forward were provided by dynamic messages from Bro Minkah Adofo and Sis Ether ‘Ekua’ Stanford-Xosei. Sis Ekua delivered a tour de force on the need for a National Afrikan People’s Parliament. We were also blessed with gems of wisdom from Elders Rev. Hewie Andrew, Heru Khuti and Rev. Buddy Larrier (from Barbados) and the proceedings were expertly compered by Sis Jendayi Serwa from Bristol (See: the Whirlwind News Paper, issue 9, for reports; further reports due for issue 10).

But the most outstanding and celebrated feature of the event was the very charismatic youth panel: Bro ShakaRa Mbandaka, Sis Afryea Adofo, Sis Sara, Bro ‘Scientist’ Bro Kanja Sesay; who provided very profound and erudite analyses of the challenges facing them in 21st century Britain, showing clearly that they are confronted by the very same injustices and disadvantages which plagued their parents’ generation; and more. Their message was clear: they were ready for solutions-based action, but they need their elders to lay the foundation and provide the necessary guidance and direction.

In context, our young people enthusiastically embraced the idea of establishing a National Afrikan Peoples’ Parliament to affect a national agenda to promote, preserve and protect the best interest of Afrikan people here in the UK. The gathering unanimously endorsed the NAPP and Over 200 attendees signed up. The gathering also overwhelmingly endorsed the proposal that we should ‘Name and Claim’ March 2, as the ‘National Black People’s Day of Action’, and as an annual observance and public holiday; and that we should plan another march for March 2, 2012.

Since the BPDA commemoration, we continue to receive fervent inquiries about the plans and timeframe for instituting the NAPP. We are therefore very pleased to inform you that a meeting of the entire Afrikan community has been called for Saturday, 30.04.11. The meeting will review the successes and challenges of the 30th anniversary commemoration, with a report back from the Central Organising Committee. We will then discuss proposals for establishing the NAPP.

With the recent extremely suspicious death of Bro Smiley Culture in police custody and Britain’s involvement in the injudicious bombing of Afrikan territory (Libya), crystalising the beleaguered state of our people in and at the hands of the British government, the need for a National Afrikan People’s Parliament could not be clearer and more critical. We therefore urge you not only to attend this meeting, but to encourage as many fellow Afrikans to also be there. The details are:

Date:   Saturday, 30th April, 2011

Time:   5:00pm-8:30pm 

Venue: Queen Mother Moore School,

Clapham Methodist Church Hall,

Nelson’s Row, London, SW4 7JR


We look forward to seeing you.


Yours in Faith, Love and Liberation,


Bro Ldr Mbandaka

(On behalf of the BPDA, Central Organizing Committee).


BPDA - List of Organization 

 African Heartbeat, African Hebrew Israelites, African People's Liberation Organization, Afrikan Presence Foundation, Afruika Bantu Saturday School, AJAMU/ All-African People's Revolutionary Party, Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement, Best Kept Secret, Black Heritage Group, Black History Studies Ltd, Croydon Afrikan Caribbean Family Organization, CUAC, Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, Firehouse, Galaxy Radio 99.5FM, Global Afrikan Congress UK, Haiti First! Haiti Now!,, Jet Blak Ink, John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme, Living in Black, The A.R.M.Y, Muatta Books, Nation Of Islam, National Association of Black Saturday Schools, National Union of Student Black Student Officer, Nubia Community Foundation School, Omega Foundation, Omega Radio, Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition for Europe, Pan-African Congress Movement, Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum, Public & Commercial Services Union, The Purple Hat Co., Queen Mother Moore School, SLR Radio 97.5fm, Uhuru Movement, Voice Of Africa Radio 94fm, Youth and Community Action.


NAPP Concepts & Aims -




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