Reparations: There’s Now an App for That!

3828587788?profile=originalThe Reparations Labor Union released its Reparations App, now available on Google Play Store and Apple I-Tunes. 

The Reparations App permits people to sign a Reparations Petition without having to memorize or correctly spell the website  The Reparations App is easier for listeners to remember when hearing about the Reparations Petition on television and radio.

The Reparations Petition seeks a Presidential executive order to enact Detroit Congressman John Conyers’ H.R. 40 reparations legislation.  The Reparations Petition also seeks to bypass congressional budget approval by fundraising for voluntary reparations through a National Jubilee Lottery or sweepstakes.  Anyone, regardless of race, could win the lottery or sweepstakes, but proceeds from the ticket sales would be irrevocably earmarked for reparations. 

The Reparations Petition needs at least 100,000 signatures for the petition to receive White House attention.  Anita Belle, President of the Reparations Labor Union, says, “We set a deadline of October 1st, 2016 to reach our signature goal.  For a limited time, petition signers will receive a vacation certificate as our thanks for helping us meet the October deadline.  October 1st gives President Obama enough time to enact reparations before he leaves office on January 20th, 2017.  We want reparations to be Obama’s legacy in African-American and American history. 

“We see reparations as a means of repairing race relations in America.  White police officers killing unarmed blacks is a headline that occurs too frequently, as if a race war is being waged against African-Americans.  If we truly want peace and truth and reconciliation in America, then reparations must be paid.  It isn’t a handout.  It’s a debt owed.”

Download the Reparations App from Google Play Store or sign the Reparations Petition now at

The Reparations Labor Union was founded in 2013 in Detroit in solidarity with municipal employees and retirees whose wages, benefits, and pensions were cut as part of Detroit’s bankruptcy.  The Reparations Labor Union’s website hosts a Reparations Petition that seeks a Presidential executive order to enact H.R. 40 and to raise voluntary reparations through a National Jubilee Lottery.



Anita Belle                 

Phone: (313) 736-5505



Detroit, MI/USA – August 28, 2016

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