The panel for the “Reparations Forum” Rep. John Conyers will convene during CBC, (Congressional Black Caucus Weekend) has been released. Though the event is not called a Reparations Forum, it is called H. R. 40: Creating a Dialogue on the Legacy of Slavery. The name of the bill John Conyers annually introduces into the U. S. House of Representatives is H. R. 40; The Reparations Study Bill.

While the so-called Reparations bill has been, essentially useless, except mileage Reparations Advocates, who think something can be done to get America to obey its own law and pay Reparations. Yet, though the Forum doesn’t mention Reparations, the Conyers annual exercise is the second most popular annually event for N’COBRA: The National Coalition of Blacks For Reparations in America. The most popular is the N’COBRA conference in June.

The Panel will be moderated by Ron Daniels, he was never one of N’COBRA’s leaders, but he has been at most of the major events we have sponsored over the years: so he knows the issue as well as most Reparations Advocates today. The other members on the panel, put together by N’COBRA’S Kamm Howard, are: Nkechi Taifa, Shelly Moorehead, Jamoke Ifetavo (National Secretary of N’COBRA), Ari Merettazon ( National. Co-Chair of N’COBRA - Brother) and Sister Diana Kimble (National Co-Chair of N’COBRA – Sister).




The 2nd Reparations Conversation sponsored by The Nat Turner Library will be this coming Saturday, September 17, 2011: Once again an uninterrupted 5 minutes will be extended to Reparations Advocates to state what they expect will, or should come out of the John Conyers panel on Reparations. The first show was Sept. 10, 2011. It is available for listening on the archives at – search The Nat Turner Library.

This will be the 2nd of four planned shows to document the efforts of John Conyers, as he enters the 3rd decade of Reparations advocacy. More than two decades ago he tried to get the U. S. Congress to study the question about the dastardly “Crime Against Humanity” that the United States government committed against African people. It was called a crime against humanity by the United Nations in the year 2001. But the Congress of the United States of America have refused to discuss the issue.

John Conyers has certainly introduced the bill each year, BUT he is clearly not a forceful advocate for Reparations. However, compared to his colleagues, he is “sterling.” Fortunately for Black people there is no statute of limitation for murder, nor for Reparations: so the U. S. government defensive plan against the prosecution of our case is to ignore the Great Issue of Reparations. They hope the victims of their crime will forget, give up, give in or die without educating the next generations.

But just as the legendary Reparations Advocates before our time, N’COBRA appears to be doing the job of passing on the torch to the next generations. Legendary Advocates like Queen Mother Moore, Founder of N’COBRA, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, and Hannibal Afrik, must be smiling in their new Unseen suits to see the likes of Kamm Howard command of the legal demand language for Reparations.

If the floor is opened up for questions at the John Conyers Forum, someone is bound to ask about the other way Victims of crimes against humanity have obtained Reparations. That remedy is called Expropriation.



The reason Nat Turner is such a permanent fixture in the hearts and minds of Black people is because he took the only avenue to Reparations Back in 1831. That was to expropriate the goods, money and other values, including the lives of the Criminals who owned chattel property called Black men, women, and children.

Nat Turner effectively “hit” and killed some of the White War Criminals whose latter day descendants are still enjoying the ill begotten wealth.

If you are interested in being a part of the discussion about Reparations; or simply keeping yourself informed about the Great Issue of Reparations, tune into The Nat Turner Library Radio Show Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011 at 11 am EST. or call 323-902-2919. Or 434-378-2140 BEFORE the show.


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  • I am truly thrilled to see The Black Caucus working towards acquiring Reparations for descendants of Slaves. 


    Of a truth Blacks deserve Reparations to leave out of the United States that has kept us subjugated and second-class citizens and without any chance for an opportunity to progress and be equal to the powers-that-be.  And as far as an equal distribution of wealth is concerned, we can forget it in this place.  A handful of us might have the money, but we haven't the power, and most of us are too blind to see that we are all under this White man's control regardless of our financial status.


    It is time for us to rise up and establish ourselves in places where we can build another Black Wall Street that will not be destroyed by our enemies.


    The Black man has been deceived for long enough, even by the very religions cast upon us at the time of our enslavement. Do not delude yourselves.  With the way the Slave Masters treated us and given the way their descendants treat us, they cannot believe in this religion they have forced upon us.  Hence, this religion was used to make our forebears docile and prevent resurrections.  Today, their religions are to keep us in DARKNESS, so that we will not learn the GOD's Truth!


    Consider the following links for they speak volumes:



    We have been lied to for long enough.  Now, we have to wake up, Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37th Chapter), or forever be dependent on this White man and in his fall.


  • Caricom

    Brother, I would love to listen in on Saturday, but at the same time as your broadcast, my dear wife and I must go to Michigan from Indiana to bury a dear niece. I am not only interested in the discussion about reparations, but would like to explore a bit more thoroughly the concept of expropriation. According to Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition on page 692, expropriation is explained this way; "This word primarily denotes a voluntary surrender of rights and claims; the act of divesting oneself of that which was previously claimed as one's own, or renouncing it. In this sense it is the opposite of "appropriation."

    On the other hand, the word reparation is explained this way; "The redress of an injury; amends for a wrong inflicted. Jablonowski v. Modern Cap Mfg. Co., 312 Mo. 173, 279 S.W. 89, 95. 

    I am not an attorney or lawyer, but I am very familiar with the white man's clever use of language. I submit, we may be allowing ourselves to be led by a 'red herring' strategy. In other words, to hide a crime even more heinous than slavery, they continue to be amused by our fruitless struggles to 'prove' the 'injury'. 

    What if we attacked from a completely different angle? Just as there is not statute of limitations for murder or reparations, the same is also true of fraud. I submit that we could shake to the very foundations of the evil empire a charge of fraud, for that is exactly what we are dealing with here. 

    How do we prove the fraud, you ask? By focussing on a document called the Certificate of Birth. It is the only document you ever receive signed by the government and mailed to you after your birth. You will notice that it is printed on expensive bond paper and it's even called a 'certificate'. Normally, a 'certificate' is associated with commerce as in the case of stock certificate, certificate of purchase, certificate of deposit, etc.

    Closer examination reveals a seal and the signature of the 'registrar'. According to Bouvier's Legal Dictionary the registrar is Probate Court. Probate Court only deals with estates and trusts, exclusively. Thus, your Birth Certificate has been through Probate Court and there is an estate. 

    You will also notice that your name is printed in all capital letters. That is not you or your name. That is the identity of your estate. Do not all of your correspondence having to do with commerce have your name in all capital letters? Think about it. Your driver license, social security card, marriage license, title to your vehicle, checking account, utility bills, everything having to do with commerce has your name in all capital letters. 

    Remember, we are living in a world conceived and developed after the fall of Rome, when the Holy Roman Catholic Church was the only institution in the Western world left. I contend they could not resist the temptation and the influence of Satan to create a world that served the white European elites. Consider: The Vatican, London City and Washington, DC have one unique quality no other cities on earth have - sovereignty. Neither the Vatican, London City or Washington, DC are part of any city, state or nation. They are sovereign. How did that happen? The Catholic Church orchestrated the entire empire. The Vatican controls the religious business, London City controls the finances and legal business and Washington, DC controls the military business. In fact, the USA is a corporation, each state is a division of that corporation and every city, town, village and hamlet in America is a corporation. Don't believe me. Go check it out. 

    There is much more to the story, especially how everything ties back to the Holy Bible, essentially God's Last Will and Testament. It that book, upon which the entire Western world today is based, is incontrivertible proof that you and I were given an estate - the earth.


    I am in the process of proving whether or not I am right about this, but I wanted to share this

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