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After Africans liberated themselves for Europe, the America's (north, south and central America's) and the Middle East (wanting to rule themselves). They were cut off from aid - trade, food and technology. While the aid that was giving was handed over to puppet leaders rather then the people. With interest on the aid leaving Africa in crushing debt. The poverty fueled gangs in which non-African opportunists paid to terrorize Africa for control of its natural resources. Plus Africa didn't have 500 years of free slave labor and free natural resources to build itself up like the countries that colonized them.

Some people use "Africa" as an example of the failure of its people. let’s see, you rape and pillage and steal from a continent decade after decade, century after century (Arabs, Jews and Europeans). You not only rob the continent of its people (as slaves), but you steal its natural resources (oil, diamonds, gold, etc.). Then....right out of your pooper, you compare it to the country that raped it? Better yet you compare it to the "Countries" and people that raped it (America, Europe, Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Israel). For hundreds of years enemies of Africa and Africans have been waiting for them all to just leave using the excuse of how poor a lot of them are or Aids infested. Makes one wonder if the two main reasons "some" people want Africans to leave was created by the same people who want them to leave (first colonization then the creation of Aids) . Maybe so they could move there later after all the Africans are gone.

Then use all the money they got rich off Africans to build Africa up for themselves. To show how superior they are to be able to build Africa up while Africans couldn’t even do it themselves.Then claim all the natural resources of Africa (oil, diamonds, gold, etc.) and make themselves even more richer, but they refused to make the Africans of today rich off it (only choosing to steal it instead). Africans aren’t rich off hundreds of years of slavery, oppression and colonization to build up Africa like "some" people could. They have been the victims of slavery, oppression and colonization so they don’t have trillions of dollars of blood money to build Africa up. Not only that but the majority of Africans languages, religions and cultures are European or Middle Eastern ones. No race has lost their total identity (as far as languages, religions and cultures) like the Africans did other then Native Americans and Australian aborigines.

Native Americans and Australian aborigines might even be worst off then Africans, atleast Africans fought to get Africa back. Australia and the America’s on the other hand will forever remain property of the European colonist (yet nobody really kicks dirt on these two groups like Africans). Even Israel has been giving 100’s of billions every year from Germany, Europe and America since the 1940’s to build up Israel. A whole new generation of Israelis are even living in Israel who weren’t even alive in the 1930’s and 1940’s yet still are getting reparations. The old generations are dying off yet the new generation of Germans, Europeans and Americans are still paying reparations to Israel. While Africa as a whole is indebt and will to continue to be indebt to Europe, America and other European nations for the next 50 years. Who cares if Africans played a small role in it (Slavery that is), Native Americans played a small role in their own demise as well (Europeans used tribe against tribe) as well for the Jews (Didn’t some Jews help the Romans?).

Now compare the treatment of Jews who were allowed to keep their culture, religion and language. To people who were stripped of their culture, religion and language (and denied equal opportunity and schooling until 1965-1970). Compare reparations to no reparations. The creation of Liberia as compared to the creation of Israel doesn’t even compare. Israel has poor natural resources but somehow the United States is Israel’s largest trading partner. The two countries signed a free trade agreement (FTA) in 1985 that progressively eliminated tariffs on most goods traded between the two countries over the following ten years. An agricultural trade accord was signed in November 1996, which addressed the remaining goods not covered in the FTA. Some non-tariff barriers and tariffs on goods remain, however. Israel also has trade and cooperation agreements in place with the European Union and Canada, and is seeking to conclude such agreements with a number of other countries, including Turkey, Jordan and several countries in Eastern Europe. Jews were even allowed to go to America and owned media outlets something that was denied to minorities damn near until the 90’s - present.

It is a paradox isn´t it? Africa is arguably the world’s richest continent. Professor Ali Mazrui called it a ´Treasure Island´. As a continent, they own about 50 per cent of the world’s gold reserves, the world’s largest diamond reserves, manganese, chromium, cobalt, several millions of acres of untilled farmland, and other numerous natural resources.

So why is Africa so poor?

1) Firstly, not all of Africa is poor. There are divides and these divides are extreme in contrast. They are like our "class" systems in the fact that there are rich and poor. The only difference is that their rich are VERY rich and their poor are VERY VERY poor. In fact, some African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and to some extent Morocco and Egypt have relatively high standards of living.

2) Effects on most African nations' wealth include, among other things, (1) residual effects of colonialism, (2) current exploitation of poor nations by wealthy nations, (3) a pervading lack of strong political institutions to manage the economy, and (4) Western ignorance in their interventionist strategies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

3) Colonialism forced African peoples into regimented and incredibly foreign manners of government. Warring tribes were often "placed" in the same nation while other tribes were split by these artificial boundaries. Also, colonizers placed certain tribes in positions of power which has caused uprisings in areas such as Rwanda.

4) Unfair Trade Practices, food for diamonds is fair how? Not giving them as much for their oils as the Arabs oil or just outright robbing them for their natural resources. Unfair Trade Practices are activities that distort trade and give an unfair advantage to those practicing them.

5) Cut and run off Europeans/Arabs leaving corrupt governments to take over who mimics the one they replace, caring more about their personal wealth than the peoples.

6) The effects of being colonized and oppressed by Jews, Europeans and Arabs for 500-800 years from all sides, in which some countries in Africa getting their freedom in the 1960's - 1990's.

7) The people who ruled over them kept them poor, unintelligent and unable to self-govern. During colonialism, you are given a mindset of a stooge and you learn that people in authority are in charge of your destiny. Unfortunately for most African countries, after their liberation from their colonial master, the chosen few elect to colonize their own people in return for all the power and wealth that comes from the lessons they learned from their former masters.

Certainly the European colonialists who devoured Black Africa in the 19th Century weren't looking to do the Africans any favors. And in South West Africa and the Belgian Congo, there were foul crimes committed which rank right up there with anything the Nazis have ever done.

(Europeans) know the role that ethnicity plays in the geopolitical scheme of things, and that it is of extreme importance. That is why the historical culture war on Africans was waged, to prevent any re-emergence of ethnic consciousness among us, to prevent the unity that will lead to effective mobilization of our efforts as a group and to effective resistance to oppression.


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