By Norma Holt | One has to know how the magic of words kicks in when religious officials say them. They can drop hammer blows on the vulnerable and compel the brain-washed victims of their methods to do their bidding. The message sinks home when one sees the effect of it through the practices of others, such as the black magic of Africa, which for all intents and purposes varies little from that of western style religions, particularly those of the Catholic Church.

A documentary recently highlighted Nigerian girls who are trafficked into prostitution in Italy and forced to work and make money for others. The power of the Juju religion under which they were reared has imprisoned their minds to the point where they believe that if they don't fulfil their obligation as per their vow they will die.

In Australia the first people believe in a similar power related to a ritual described as 'pointing the bone'. This magic has power to actually kill when used against a believer.

The ritual shown in relation to the girls in Nigeria involves a shaman dressed in fancy beads and other things. He pranced around uttering indistinguishable words, throws smoke and water over her, paints her forehead with white stuff over which he then ties a white band. She then eats something like powdered nuts that he places into her hand.

With this ceremony she is committed to doing the work of a prostitute and repaying some 50,000 Euros to the 'madam' who brings her to Italy. Her 'boyfriend' back in Nigeria is also paid. The camera filmed a line of these girls along a highway in the country and it is claimed there are over 20,000 such girls in Italy alone.

To reverse the curse or vow they have taken requires another ceremony and the involvement of a statue that is remarkably like that of Krishna of the Indian Vedic Trinity. It has six arms and water is thrown over it and other forms of magic performed to set the girl free.

Statues of gods and such prayers or chants are an abomination to the Spirit who has warned against them in the prophecies. They are part of the wall of confusion and ignorance that hides the truth and it has captured the spiritual children of God behind it.

Following my reincarnation, the Spirit commissioned me to remove that wall and expose the identity of the 2 beasts who put it up and strengthened it with such magic. It then took me on a journey to learn of its roots in Babylon and how and why it has such a wide-ranging list of nations and peoples under the spell of religious claims.

Commissioned by God Norma Holt works to spread the knowledge given to her by the Spirit. It differs to religious teachings because she has memory of reincarnation and knows that heaven and hell are myths. Her experience in the Spirit is here. The evidence given to her to remove the wall of blindness is here. Everything she writes is verifiable in the bible and through research.

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