The Spring Equinox & The Summer Solstice is in the Bank

-        Kemit Spiritualism Analysis –


by Sebek H. Khalif Khalifah


SEPTEMBER 21, 2011


THE NAT TURNER LIBRARY, DREWRYVILLE, VA – First of all I hope that all who are sincerely with me, had a successful Spring and Summer. And whether you are into Ancient Kemit Spiritualism, or not, I want one and all to know that the Ancestors of Black people inscribed in stone some of the goings on during the Spring and Summer. When the Autumn Equinox arrives (today, Sept. 21) the travel approximates ½ of the distance that our sun moved through the Cosmos since the Spring.

As we have intimated in our Spring Equinox Essay: “In the Spring Time a ‘Special Something’ visits the Earth, Energizing everything, springing what was dormant back to life.” I said us Farmers understand that the “Special Something” is going to happen each year: so we prepare our fields and plant our seeds to receive it – knowing that those who prepare the fields will have a better chance to grow a good crop: therefore reap a good harvest during the Fall Equinox.


  Us who are into both observing and practicing Kemit Spiritualism understand “The Special Something” will also energize our Spirits: so we also prepare Self to receive as we prepared our Land. And just as we do not plant seeds in the earth, receive the “Special Something” and just leave it, we understand it has to be cultivated and cared for throughout the summer months. Your success in planting, cultivation and caring will determine how the crop ripens in the Fall. If we have had a successful planting, cultivation and caring, we can then expect a successful ripening and Harvest.

Every farmer knows about planting and what must be done to reap successfully. Not everyone understand the processes of planting, Cultivating and Reaping Spiritual “crops.” Fortunately for Black people [others too if they behave themselves and not distort what they don’t understand; or exploit “The Teachings” to make money, or acquire power to enslave, oppress, second-class people); it is fortunate for Black people because our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit inscribed explicit instructions on how to plant, cultivate and reap a good Spiritual Harvest.



          Many are convinced that The Messenger of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the greatest Spiritual Blessing Black people have received during our captivity. The Message opened our beings, individually, and as a Nation, to receive Special Something.  He was the first to tell us we are the Originals and that as such, our nature is Peace because we are really created of the Divine Creator. He told us we are Gods & Goddesses.

          The second Great Blessing is the fact that young Black Kemetian Scholars made it their business to read and translate the Hieroglyphs, as a service. The ones whose work I am most familiar with are Ra Un Nefer Amen & Dr. Muata Ashby. Most of what I recount here is based on the distillation they have shared with the world about their translation of the legacy from our Ancestors. What others were doing, defending and challenging the ‘evil politically, they matched this in the careful attention to the subject of Spirituality. We are thankful!



          Of course since the Maafa that visited Black people some 5,000 years ago, the main things that happens around our Nation of people, community of people, neighborhood of people, family, Spring, Summer or Fall, is to reclaim that which was lost.  In a word, Reparations is The Great Issue not only in our own time, it has been the overall Issue that we have addressed since the advent of the white man’s entry into our world. What does Advocates for Reparations plant; and what will we now reap? Remember the reaping is both Physical and Spiritual. Both will be extremely deep!


          We shall end Part One by indicating what Part Two will consist of: I will share how I came to go deeper into the Study of Ancient Kemit: The Science of Life: Amen, Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, MAAT, HeruKhuti, Heru, Het/Heru, Sebek, Auset & Geb.


  1. What I was doing BEFORE the Spring Equinox; the period where I’d prepared to Receive the “Special Blessings” of Spring.
  2. What books I consulted;
  3. What part of my Religion/Spirituality was opted out/in as I embraced the practice of the Science of Life from Ancient Kemit.
  4. What impact did my practice have on the institutional programs at the Khalifah Health Ranch: The Name Change; Man Up Camp for Children and Adults, Kujichagulia Village, The Black Book Awards, The National Coalition of Black Elders, N'COBRA, Writing, Publishing, Buying and Selling Books.

H. KHALIF KHALIFAH is a Journalis living in Southampton County Virginia: his latest book is The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power.

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