During 2011’s International Year of African Descendants (IYPAD), as declared by the United Nations, a small group of Pan Africans in various parts of the globe discussed the idea of an international celebration which would symbolize our growing Africanness. The recommendation was the Pan African Day of the Drum (PADD), July 5th, on which at 12 noon, wherever African people live, operate, interact and engage, they would let loose the rhythmic voices of the worldwide African Experience. Individuals beating a solitary syncopation, or groups in fellowship celebrations were all to be included. The only format suggested was to enter and enjoy the rhythms—let them move you to higher ground. It was to be free, flighty and fun !!

There were several initial events held on July 5, 2011 in Chicago, in Los Angeles, and in other locales. The biggest, loudest, and most rhythmically serene was in the Virgin Islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. Johns. The folk literally boogied down, up and all around, joyously celebrating the continuing presence, progress and persistence of Africans in the world.

PADU is thus recommending that on July 5, 2012 and every other recurrence of that day annually, African people worldwide trust in the rhythms again — beat some drums and shake the earth. As a continuing reference model, utilize the experiences of Per Ankh University and other Virgin Islands folk as captured on YouTube and FaceBook( ).


PADU recommends that the Pan African Day of the Drum (PADD) be a 21st century annual celebration of the people, in commemoration of where we’ve been, what we’ve come through, and where we are going.

Along with May 25th, this can become the second global Pan African holiday celebration.





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  • Caricom

    Ee Em Htp:

    This is a dated response to restore Maat-truth, justice, order, reciprocity, balance, righteousness and harmony. For recordation purposes, Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute does not require permission from anyone to honor the "Day of the Drum" globally or otherwise.  Per Ankh Khamniversity honors Maat and has never claimed ownership of any form of the PanAfrican or Any "Day of the Drum"-it belongs to the people of AfRaKa-at home and abroad- not to any one purpose or organization. For those that may have overlooked ancient traditions, honoring ancestral and cultural drum celebrations did not have their origin in the 20th or 21st centuries. However, it is not alarming for individualism to arise when in the interest of recognizing persons reinitiation of ancient practices he or she mentioned only to have it misconceived as "manipulation" worthy of inappropriate and neocolonial commentary based on misconceptions of what was intended and what manifested.  So, after review with elders, Grandmaster drummers, artists, priests, scientists and international legal counsel this has been revisited to ensure that the disrespect is shifted as many may use adjectives, nouns and verbs to attack within the family instead of attacking the real enemies-with all due respect.  Essentially and henceforth, may we heal that which created conflict and support one another with mutual respect and move forward in harmony and in the best interest of the positive initiatives brought forth from the International Year for People of African Descent in 2011; the International Year of Cooperatives (2012); the Global African Diaspora Summit in South Africa in May 2012; the Declarations, Resolutions and Agreements developed at the Global African Diaspora Summit; the Declaration of the Decade for African Women 20120-2012; the Declaration of the Decade for People of African Descent 2013-2023; African Fundamentalism; Unity without Uniformity; 21st Century PanAfricanism and a host of productive initiatives that do not require any "directive or written consent" to any ONE organization or entity that are based on common capitalist, imperialistic and individualistic constructs that violate cooperative, collective, communitarian and harmonious ownership of PanAfRaKan and Black progressive ideologies, actions, initiatives, programmes, movements, campaigns,  In the culture capital of the Virgin Islands- St. Croix- for more than 40 years the drummers, musicians and culture bearers of the community have honored sunrise of July 3rd (the day of VI Emancipation in 1848) with greeting the sun with a drumming and singing ceremony...this did not start in 2011...this is an honor to our ancestors who sacrificed, lived, labored and ascended for us to Heal, Organize, Unify, Liberate and Ascend. 

    Live Well. Live Free. Live Safe2LIVEUP!

    Shm M Htp

    3829047310?profile=originalAnnual VI Emancipation AfRaKan Freedom Day of the Drum July 3.2007-Facilitated by Caribbean Dance Company of the Virgin Islands, Per Ankh Neteru Ankhsamble and Drummers, Dancers & Elders of AyAy St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, Antigua, St. Kitts & Nevis, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, US mainland, Africa & Beyond!  One God! One Aim! One Destiny!

    Forward Ever For Victory is Certain. Shm M Htp and and Email May we ankhtinue to heal all of our relations and move for our organizations to unite and liberate for the greatest and highest good of AfRaKans- at home and abroad for A Nu Humanity and beyond.

  • Caricom

    I wonder who gave PerAnkh University permission to use the Global Day of the Drum concepts and creation of an African holiday. Here is where the information originated

    This is obviously an attempt to misinform the community and to usurp a process already in progress. Family...brace yourselves. One have to love Black people to love Black people especially when their Kleptomania begins to show its ugly face. with all due respect,  It is Black people like this whom i absolute detest for their manipulation of our people and who's action we must call to question. No directive or written consent was give to Per Ankh University promote either the Global Day of the drum or  the Pan Afrikan Holiday.


    Global Day of the Drum and is concepts are registered to the Ian Douglas Foundation, based in Barbados. Contact:Tel 1246-4254440 or Email:



  • Chicago-Midwest

    As long as the U.N. (and any other similar entity) is not connected to this new Pan Afrikan Holiday, then I'm down.  

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