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This article (
is one-sided, deceptive, and inconsistent with what it calls for, and morph the demand for reparations to simply advice. It's headline is, "Obama urged to appoint reparations commission." Then in the first sentence, it says, "a coalition of Black groups are calling on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order to establish a “reparatory justice” commission. So what happened to the "reparations commission?" This is the deception as the content of the proposed executive order doesn't mention the word "reparations."

Read the proposed executive order before you support this initiative!

Second, it doesn't tell the reader anything about "reparations." If reparatory justice includes reparations then why don't it say so. Many have lived and died for reparations, and many live and struggle for reparations in our lifetime.

My third point references the language of the executive order. The language established the "reparatory justice commission" under the Attorney General and the Justice Department and two other levels of governance and control by a federal “Interagency Working Group.” This establishment constricts and restricts the demand for reparations, reparatory justice, and the ways and means for repairing the damage done to Africans Americans by chattel slavery to the lowest form of advocacy--as an ADVISORY commission.

The proposed executive order is only a political pleaser and enticement in the lame-duck year of President Obama. It gives no power to the proposed reparatory commission. Moreover, when you read the proposed executive order, on its face, it's simply a vulgar unconditional surrender of the DEMAND for reparations for Blacks in America. It gives the capacity to the federal government to, if they choose, without any negotiations with the proposed reparatory justice commission, to declare Africans American as “The New Chattel Property,” and they have done this once before.

Lest We Forget!

The proposed executive order African Americans are being asked to blindly support, through the Black Media, is a vicious nullifying initiative. As people read the proposed executive order submitted to the President more and more are against this initiative. Their voices must be heard so the other half of the story can be told.

There is no real way forward except across the table of negotiation for a reciprocal zero-sum reparations accord for real freedom, justice, and a new way of living and relating as humans in the world with fully endowed humanity and dignity.

Minister Ari S. Merretazon, M.S.CED
Former Male National Co-Chair,
National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA)

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