CHAMPIONS FOR NIGERIA ORGANISATION(Leadership, Commitment, Dedication, Accountability, Excellence & Service)Registered in England & Wales No. 06525454"To celebrate genuine progress, excellence, commitment, selfless and unalloyed service to Nigeria and her people"P O Box 45566, London NW1 9WQ, UNITED KINGDOMWebsite: Phone: 07939 804 121Email: champions@championsfornigeria.org28th December 2009RE: UMAR ABDULMUTALLAB - CHAMPIONS FOR NIGERIA (CFN) CONDEMN TERRORIST ATTEMPTS AND ACTIVITIESChampions For Nigeria (CFN), an umbrella organisation of Nigerians in the Diaspora, incorporated in England and Wales, condemn all forms of terrorist activities. We express deep regret over the attempt by Nigerian-born Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab to blow up Flight 253 with explosive devices at the Detroit, Michigan, USA Airport on December 25, 2009.Nigerians all over the world are unanimous in their condemnation of this cowardly act. Such action is not representative of the character of Nigerian citizens. We are a peace-loving people who make positive contributions in whatever community we reside.Champions For Nigeria would like to stress the point that this terrorist incident was an individual action, and does not represent the true character of more than 150 million Nigerians.Nigeria is definitely not a breeding ground for terrorism of any description; be it domestic or international. We support the Nigerian government’s position, preparedness, and commitment to thwart any known or suspected acts of terrorism in our society by working with the governments of the United States of America, and other nations in snuffing out global terrorism.Champions For Nigeria express our gratitude to God that the attempt to destroy innocent lives and property on Christmas; a day Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a peace-loving individual, was foiled. We urge the international community to regard this incident as an isolated act of a misguided and radicalised Nigerian citizen who has allowed religious overzealousness to becloud his mind, without regard to the negative impact his actions would have on further tarnishing the global image of Nigeria.We would like to remind everyone that Nigerians generally are law-abiding citizens. We tolerate diverse political and religious views. We are productive, peaceful, and hard working. These attributes have been demonstrated by Dr Mutallab who, on sensing the strange behaviour of his son, quickly reported him to American Embassy officials and the Nigerian law enforcement authorities.Nigerians hereby promise to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity with the United States, and all responsible nations in the international community in the fight against global terrorism.Long live Nigeria, Long Live CFN.Signed:Odimegwu Onwumere (Regional Coordinator, Nigeria)Dr Ken Prince Asagwara (Regional Coordinator, Canada)Benedicta Attoh (Eire)Rufus Kayode Oteniya (Italy)Joseph Ochia (Mexico)Kola Afolabi (France)Dr Ehi Agboaye (USA)Dr Olayiwola Ajileye (Regional Coordinator, UK)Bernard Imarhiagbe (Publicity Coordinator)Akintokunbo A Adejumo (Global Coordinator)For CHAMPIONS FOR NIGERIA
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  • Canada
    If you can report your son to the CIA, it means you have had no relationship with him except a hostile one. The act of that young Nigerian is the result of the invasion of two alien entities into Afrika namely Islam and Christianity. Both cannot fix Afrika's problems as a matter of fact both are responsible for Afrika's problems. If the CIA had that info from his Father, but did nothing to prevent his boarding, they must have been trying to cause an attack to discredit President Albino. President Albino cannot even secure himself in the Whitehouse from whitefolks much less America from those who America murdered. President Albino is a waste of time and time will prove me right.
  • West
    Obama - The Legions Operate Within the Homeland

    This audio file will point out why the American people should demand a full investigation into CIA and other Western intelligence forces in London and elsewhere overseas that send terror forces against the United States to create and justify American foreign policies in an increasing number of countries around the world where these forces create chaos and anarchy within those countries.
    Obama - The Legions Operate Within the Homeland.wma
  • West
    The objective of CIA in London's setup of Umar, the Nigerian, with bomb which they knew would never explode, was to target Obama's determination to close down Guantanamo. A day or so prior to the Flight 253 incident, Obama Administration had released 2 prisoners to Somalia and several to Yemen. This whole situation with Flight 253 was orchestrated by the CIA of which certain elements are rogue and work in the interest of Dick Cheney and the Neocon agenda.

    Obama - The Legions Operate Within the Homeland.pdf
  • West
    The following is an analysis document I recently was working on prior to this Flight 253 incident and completed after the incident:

    Obama - The Legions Operate Within the Homeland
    In ancient Rome, the military, which was grouped in what was called Legions, were prohibited from entering Rome. This was for fear that a general may take the notion that he and his legions could militarily takeover Rome itself and depose the Caesar and Roman Senate. The “legions” of the US is the CIA and related paramilitary entities. In reality, the CIA answers to no one. In Congressional hearings, they often do not provide any information about their “Black Funds” which are billions of tax dollars provided to them to carryout shadow acts behind the guise of national security. Yes, these shadow forces are very concerned when President Obama carries out an Executive Order to release certain classified information. For example, the following was in the process of being released as this purported bombing attempt was being carried out:

    Promoting Openness and Accountability by Making Classification a Two-Way Street
    by William H. Leary
    • President Obama has issued a new executive order on “Classified National Security Information” that addresses the problem of over-classification in numerous ways and will allow researchers to gain timelier access to formerly classified records. Among the major changes are the following:

    It establishes a National Declassification Center at the National Archives to enable agency reviewers to perform collaborative declassification in accordance with priorities developed by the Archivist with input from the general public.

    • For the first time, it establishes the principle that no records may remain classified indefinitely and provides enforceable deadlines for declassifying information exempted from automatic declassification at 25 years.

    • For the first time, it requires agencies to conduct fundamental classification guidance reviews to ensure that classification guides are up-to-date and that they do not require unnecessary classification.

    • It eliminates an Intelligence Community veto of certain decisions by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel that was introduced in the Bush order.

    Clearly, this Executive Order is focused on the shadow activities of US and related intelligence activities and their ability to do evil and keep it hidden forever. This order also overturns the order under Bush/Cheney that enabled former presidents and vice presidents to prevent the release of sensitive information while they were in the White House.

    If the day ever comes when there is a full, complete and honest investigation of the 9/11 attacks and other terrorists acts in the US, that is the day you will discover that the genesis of these acts are Western. This statement alone is going to lose some of you. Some do not want to hear or read anything that causes them to feel they are even more out of control of what’s happening to their country, the world, and themselves. Elements within the CIA and other entities that operate with them are totally out of control and do not serve the interest of the US. If I did not know it to be true, I would not have said it.

    In common is the powder explosive that
    Richard Reid (shoe bomber) and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to use to blowup aircrafts. At least their handlers in London made them believe this is what would happen. Both also spent considerable time in London; Richard was born there and Umar attended college there.

    The CIA and related entities cruise the internet for youngsters like Umar. They are on various social sites looking for those they can use as sacrificial tools for their agendas. They anonymously befriend them, coolly guiding them into the acts they will ultimately commit or attempt to commit. These acts are for the sake of the order. Naturally, those within that order will come to the public microphone after the act is committed in order to shape public opinion in the pursuit of their wicked desired results. Therefore, we see Dick Cheney chime in immediately after Obama made a personal statement about Umar’s supposed attempt to blow up the Delta aircraft. Cheney’s statement was:

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney accused President Barack Obama on Tuesday of “trying to pretend we are not at war” with terrorists, pointing to the White House response to the attempted sky bombing as reflecting a pattern that includes banishing the term “war on terror” and attempting to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.
    “We are at war and when President Obama pretends we aren’t, it makes us less safe,” Cheney said in a statement to POLITICO. “Why doesn’t he want to admit we’re at war? It doesn’t fit with the view of the world he brought with him to the Oval Office. It doesn’t fit with what seems to be the goal of his presidency — social transformation — the restructuring of American society.”

    Dick Cheney is a terrorist and the worse sort of threat to America. President Obama knows this. Dick Cheney’s agenda was and remains to create an environment that convinces the American people that they are in an endless war but he don’t tell you that you’re fighting against shadows of his order’s own making. Long before you heard of anything about al Qaida and its supposed “cells within cells”, it was the CIA that was known to have constructed such, following the examples of secret Jesuit and other shadow organizations that have long permeated within American society before there was a United States of America.

    The US military do not actively recruit older men whose brains have developed to the point that it is difficult for the military to program or reprogram them. The military seek out the young and often naïve because their brains are more easily reprogrammed for the tasks at-hand. Of course many within the US military are smart people but they have still been programmed, usually beginning in their teens or early twenties. There is good programming and bad programming. Recently, one individual responded as follows to one of my videos, the misspellings and bad English is his:

    Well T-West I agree with you the war is lost 13 trillion debt. However, I injoyed hunting muslim in the military. Nothing like shooting a melon head from 500 yards away. Oh, college is overated grads working for me like dogs. A solid trade skill is better because most college jobs revolve around banking and lazy jobs were you sit in cubical and do nothing. These lazy EOC jobs are going be gone when the US colapses.

    After correcting him about the US debt not being solely military expenditures, I told him that he must have been lazy when he was going to school because his English, spelling and grammar is very bad. The point to be made from his comments is that he is one of those who have been reprogrammed to think that putting a bullet in the head of what he calls “a melon head from 500 yards” is cool and the type of job to have. I’m sure these types also work for Blackwater, aka, Xe Services. Blackwater and other private military forces like them are known to makeup as much as 45 percent of US military force in Iraq and Afghanistan, at times. If we were to follow the money, we would discover that Blackwater has been paid at least 1 trillion dollars, as reported by the Washington Post in 2007! You follow the money and you inevitably will find the real power. The primary employer of mercenary forces such as Blackwater is the US State Department. In the article of focus in this CART Analysis, the US State Department becomes another area of focus because the concerns of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father were not elevated after he informed the US State Department about the potentially dangerous behavior of his son. However, the CIA’s name features prominently because it was aware of this and did not warn about it. In fact, I will go further in saying that cells within this organization may have expedited Umar’s clearance to board the plane. CNN reported the following about the CIA’s knowledge about Umar:

    CNN’s Jeanne Meserve quoted “a reliable source” as saying on Tuesday: “The father of terrorism suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab talked about his son with someone from the CIA and a report was prepared, but the report was not circulated outside the agency.”

    It has long been very apparent that there are some very rogue elements within the CIA, especially operating outside the US. These people orchestrate acts where their acts come back as a blast against the US, including same flag attacks where American lives and property are destroyed. Dick Cheney is a big part of these same flag attacks on the US for the purpose of promoting their multi-trillion dollar wars from which they and their friends profit. As more information is declassified, it should be the desire of every good and decent American that Dick Cheney goes to prison.

    The purpose of my mentioning the programming and reprogramming of young minds is to point out that it is the young who almost always show up in the mug shots of those who committed or attempt to commit a terrorist act. It cannot be dismissed that some of those apprehended, while attempting to carry out a deadly act,

    Richard Reid, convicted and imprisoned for life without parole
    appears to be under the influence of drugs. This is true of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as well as Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. Do such mind altering drugs exist? Yes, they exist. Does Western intelligence utilize such drugs on people? Yes, they do. For example, as far back as the 1950s the CIA used LSD on employees and others. Highly trained psychiatrists could temporarily direct the acts of a person conditioned to carry out certain acts. US military and sub-contractors are the best at this science/art. Shadow CIA individuals are the ones who prepare the minds of the young for the acts they want them to carry-out. Dr. Timothy Leary stated:

    The mindset of the user and the atmosphere where the trip takes place are of the utmost importance. One psychiatrist stated, "LSD favors the prepared mind."

    The agency conducted clandestine experiments on college students, drug addicts, veterans, soldiers, sailors, johns, mental patients, at least one young mother and a jazz singer. For a time, the drug was so prevalent in the CIA, agents dosed one another for fun. And for a punch line, the heyday of 1960s counterculture -- including its subversion of the establishment -- was preceded and directly created by the CIA's acid tests.

    Dr. Timothy Leary, PhD (1920-1996) Psychologist, philosopher, explorer, teacher, optimist, author and revolutionary avatar of the mind. Rightly called the Galileo of Consciousness, he went public with his observations of the mind made with psychedelic mindscopes and helped initiate a renaissance which is still only beginning to elaborate itself.

    Commenting on the work of Dr. Leary, Robert Anton Wilson stated the following:

    "None of Dr. Leary's most important studies have either suffered refutation or enjoyed confirmation, because enacted law, statues enacted after and because of Dr. Leary's research - makes it a crime for any other psychologists or psychiatrists to replicate such research. I know you've heard that the Inquisition ended in 1819, but in many areas of psychotherapy and medicine, the U.S. government has taken up where the Vatican left off."
    Robert Anton Wilson

    The parents of Umar indicated the behavior of their son was "completely out of character and a very recent development. From very early childhood, Farouk, to the best of parental monitoring, had never shown any attitude, conduct or association that would give concern.” Drugs are most often the trigger for this type of sudden change in behavior. I have not noticed in any media or law enforcement reports whether immediate drug testing on Umar were proposed or done. We heard silly talk about DNA swabs but, conveniently, nothing about a drugs test. Some indicated that Umar appeared drugged on the flight. After the fact, the mass media is fed the following to feed to the American people:

    Without naming the “al Qaida militant” in Yemen, a videotape was reported to say, "We are carrying a bomb to hit the enemies of God." This was reported in the New York Daily News.

    Entirely too many lose ends. Who is the “al Qaida militant”? Where is the website that this video came from and who actually owns it? Is the site a CIA front? Why, without explanation, was the federal court hearing in Detroit abruptly canceled? This is when prosecutors were going to ask for a DNA sample. Again, there should have been an immediate drug test on Umar.

    Today, mind bending drugs are far more powerful than LSD of the 1950s and 60s. Electronic wizardry and psychiatric manipulation is far more advanced.

    You have already been conditioned to think that al Qaida is made up of these sub-cells where no one really knows what the other cell is doing and who’s in those cells. This presumed knowledge of al Qaida has been promoted through mass media, the main tool of the “Merchants”. Is it possible for these same Western intelligence organizations to play the role of al Qaida? Yes, and not only play the role but be al Qaida; the creators of al Qaida; the sustainers of al Qaida. This would mean that some of the acts of terrorism, and likely far more than you would want to know, are planned and implemented by those in the shadows within intelligence agencies who control those who govern; who controls your elected officials. Is President Obama reluctant with these “Merchants”? Yes, sometimes he is, his life and that of his family is at stake.

    In the video, When Media and the Military Runs the Show, which I published to Youtube on December 20, 2009, prior to the pre-planned act of moving the young Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, to attempt his trance-like act on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, I asked the following question:

    How would Obama’s opposition manipulate the situation to suit their objectives?

    This is very important because I am asserting that some of these “terrorist attacks” or attempts at “terrorist attacks” are manipulated by a higher order that works within the shadows. Here is the link to the video:

    In the video, I went on to say:
    “There are many anonymous individuals who supply information to the media, at least this is usually what the media says. This becomes a problem when this scheme is used to manipulate views and events to the point that these so-called anonymous and independent individuals shape and control US policy.”
    T. West

    What we are seeing with the hypnotized Nigerian is the work of Western psyops that has been at play since the beginnings of their “War On Terrorism”. I say it’s their war on terrorism because they are the ones who created it and continue to sustain it. What we are witnessing is a massive psychological operation that is in operation outside the laboratory, feeding the engine that keeps you and virtually all of those you know transfixed on what these people want you to see. They want you to see chaos and, therefore, they create chaos, and do it while convincing you that they will bring or sustain peace, prosperity and continued democracy and even the spread of democracy. We have seen the opposite in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Gaza, Somalia, Yemen and now Iran. The objective of the referenced video was to indicate how media and those within the military and shadow military forces are manipulating events with the intent of channeling President Obama exactly into areas and conclusions that they desire. They want Obama to make hasty decisions and speak quickly when they do something. We see this throughout the mass media. Headlines such as this one dated December 28, 2009, is an example of manipulation by journalists:

    President Obama is wise in moving slowly to address the American people about threats such as the potential bombing of the passenger aircraft on Christmas. He realizes that all of the facts must be known and that all motives and players must be analyzed, including those who allowed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to get through the checkpoints and on the plane. His statement about the attempt to blow up the plane was: “….we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable….The American people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to make sure you and your family are secure during this holiday season.” President Obama is smart enough to know there are Americans who hate him and desire to continue with their shadow agenda to the point of allowing potential threats onto planes. Only then can they proclaim “Obama did not keep us safe from another terrorist attack.” President Obama knows, as I do, that shadow forces are creating and manipulating events relative to the “War On Terrorism”. Of course he cannot publicly say this because it will be politically damaging. They did it during the Bush Administration and will continue to do so with the Obama Administration. This is why President Obama wants some of these dark secrets to be made public within 25 years or less, something you will soon hear the hounds of hell loudly pushing against.

    The article to the left, written on December 26, 2009, helps validate what I indicated on December 19 which was the following:

    What you see here is the buttressing of the Neocons’ objective, i.e., to create news that al-Qaeda is very active in Yemen, after all. The news of the day is that on this very day we killed someone deemed to be a “deputy” al Qaida operative in Yemen. Therefore, why would this American president release any Yemeni prisoners to Yemen? This is the dirty game Obama’s opposition play and you must be wise to beat them.

    Dick Cheney’s remarks, several days after I produced the video, confirms that I was correct and pre-articulated the deadly game these people are playing. Being wise to defeat the enemies within ones’ own house, ones’ own government requires a certain level of patience and thought. Otherwise, Obama would be perpetually reacting to what these people are creating and then manipulating to their political, economic and power advantage. We’re talking about a president who is very intelligent and smart enough to include some “vipers” within his cabinet, knowing that it is sometimes best to have them where they can be seen. With the thieves of Wall Street, he thought it best to have some of those who know where the money is placed into a position where they have to succeed. This keeps them busy proving to the American people they can get the job done. It is sort of like feeding a predator while you take care of other business within its cage, i.e., keeping that predator busy.

    Then there’s the traitorous Senator Joe Lieberman who maintains his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Against better wisdom, maybe it was best to keep this guy where he could be seen and controlled to some extent. The mass media makes certain that his mouth is heard. The best thing that could happen in 2010 is for Lieberman to be sent packing into retirement. Democrats need to keep him out of certain meetings because he is working in the interest of the Republican Party who do not operate in the interest of America. Lieberman’s continued pandering is evident in the following:

    The fresh criticism, including a letter from Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) calling on President Obama to halt the transfer of detainees to Yemen, comes after reports of links between that country and the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack.

    On December 25, 2009, immediately following the failed attempt to blow up the plane, Joe Lieberman stated:

    Sen. Joe Lieberman
    "I am troubled by several aspects of this case, including how the suspect escaped the attention of the State Department and law enforcers when his father apparently reported concerns about his son's extremist behavior to the U.S. embassy in Lagos, how the suspect managed to retain a U.S. visa after such complaints, and why he was not recognized as someone who reportedly was named in the terrorist database.
    Contact: Leslie Phillips
    (202) 224-2627
    December 28, 2009

    Joe Lieberman is regurgitating some of the same arguments raised after the 9/11 attacks but not with intent to resolve the problem once and for good. He and others in Congress swept much of the so-called investigation of the 9/11 attacks under the rug, out of sight and beyond questioning again. Lieberman wanted more CT scans of people, a process in hospitals that have been proven to cause cancer in a large number of women who undergo full body scans. America already has enough people with cancer. Buildings imploding that were not struck by aircraft, trade towers being almost totally demolished in a fashion only known to happen with controlled professional demolition work.

    The agenda of the chicken hawks within the Republican Party are quite evident in the words of Michigan Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra who stated “The president appears single-mindely focused on closing Guantanamo. He spends more time and energy on closing Guantanamo than on any of the other issues.” Hoekstra claims that George Bush allowed him access to whatever briefings he wanted. Apparently, he is too stupid to realize that he and George Bush were of the same political party. We have a group of lemmings known as Republicans who vote as a block against virtually everything the Obama Administration is for, except military funding.

    Yes, the Democrats are right to refocus on the Republicans as being a political “Party of No”. Republicans misgoverned to the point that it made them a minority political party and they now think they can make political progress by positioning themselves as the antithesis to all things Obama. In November, 2010, they shall discover that their estimates and prognosticators are wrong once again.

    A few days before most Americans knew anything about Yemen and the massive bombings being carried out there, I had written the CART Analysis, Why Close Guantanamo (Gitmo) Prison Camp. I wrote:

    Pohl was trying to pit Congress against the President which is apparent in his statement, "Congress passed the military commissions act, which remains in effect. The Commission is bound by the law as it currently exists, not as it may change in the future."
    T. West
    Why Close Guantanamo (Gitmo) Prison Camp

    We need to realize that the legions have been allowed to practice their deadly art within America, consuming its treasures. Pohl is the military judge at Guantanamo who challenged the President’s executive order issued in January, 2009 ordering that the military tribunals of prisoners temporarily end. Sometimes we need to be reminded of some bad personalities within the military hierarchy. This was during a time when some of the “fly boys” of Peterson Air Force Base removed President Barack Obama’s picture on Presidents’ Day. Here is how certain leaders at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs chose to react to the first African American president:

    President Barack Obama's picture was removed this week from a Presidents Day sign at the Peterson Air Force Base commissary after customers complained that the image did not fit the holiday commemorating the birthdays of past presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln……

    Peterson Air Force Base Commissary

    A cashier at the commissary who did not want her name used said pictures of past presidents, including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, have accompanied the Presidents Day closure sign.
    One customer, a military retiree, objected this year because of Obama's race, the cashier said.
    "He said they're not going to have no black man on the window where he shops," the cashier said.

    The objective of this shadow force, receiving untold amounts of taxpayer dollars, is to feed itself and its main method of doing so is through chaos and destroying things through deception. Yes, the legions are within the walls of the United States of America and the man to ferret them out is President Barack Hussein Obama. He must continue to be lifted up and encouraged to do this near impossible job. The Homeland shall never be secure until this shadow force and their “black funds” are dismantled.
  • Africa

  • Africa

    Tarpley on Russia Today: Nigerian Terrorist Patsy Yet Another CIA Ploy in US-backed Buildup of al Qaeda (AL-CIA-DA) n Yemen Civil War


    Russia Today

    December 29, 2009

    Tarpley tells RT that the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is not a matter of unconnected dots, but rather that of a protected patsy or puppet deliberately used by the US intelligence community for a Christmas Day provocation designed to facilitate US meddling in the civil war in Yemen, which is where Umar Farouk allegedly trained and was given his PETN device. Banker’s son Umar Farouk had been denied an entrance visa to Great Britain , and had been denounced to the US Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria as a possible terrorist by his own father in mid-November. His one-way ticket to Detroit was bought in Ghana for cash, and he reportedly entered Nigeria illegally. In Amsterdam , he was assisted at the Northwest Airlines gate by a “well-dressed Indian” who explained that Umar Farouk had no passport. He did have PETN, the same substance supposedly used by the mentally impaired shoe bomber Richard Reid in his abortive attack of eight years ago. In spite of all this, Umar Farouk’s US entry visa was never revoked, he never made it onto the no-fly list, and he was never thoroughly searched. These egregious lapses in normal procedure show that Umar Farouk was part of an orchestration sponsored by the CIA, which has now yielded 4 solid days of media hysteria. Obama has formulated his new version of the Axis of Evil, composed of Afghanistan-Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen. In Yemen, a civil war pits the Saudi-backed central government against the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels, whom the US has bombed at least twice this month. The goal here is to play Iran against Saudi Arabia so as to weaken both the pro-Moscow Achmadinejad government in Iran, and also those Saudi forces that are fed up with their status as a US protectorate. The US is openly now sponsoring a regroupment of “al Qaeda” (the CIA Moslem legion) in Yemen , including by sending fighters direct from Guantanamo . The new CIA-promoted entity synthetic entity is “Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula or AQAP, a gaggle of US patsies, dupes, and fanatics which is claiming credit for the Umar Farouk incident. The US hopes to further dominate the exit from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, while also easing pressure on the battered US dollar by jacking up the price of oil in an atmosphere of tension on the Arabian peninsula. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is now Totalitariano to the left, and Incompetano to the right. Rather than harassing travelers, she should resign or be fired along with the other corrupt, bungling, or complicit officials of the Obama administration involved in this false flag provocation. BE WARE AFRICOM !!!!

    Click here to see the story on Russia Today

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