Razzi - “Smoking On Dead Ops”



Armed with unmatchable swagger and true grit, Razzi exploded onto the scene back in 2018 with his debut single “Pour Up The Henny” – and every step forward he’s taken with his career ever since has shown he’s miles ahead of the rest & been setting the standards for the Rap/Trap game to raise up to. From deep cuts with full video support like “Born With A Purpose” released in 2019 that told his story to the world, to tracks like “Red Lights” that flexed the finesse of a future superstar in the making – Razzi has consistently pushed the limits of what he can create to the next level every time he steps to the m-i-c, challenging himself to be nothing but the best.


In 2021, he’s settin’ the year OFF right from the drop with a brand-new joint called “Smoking On Dead Ops” that proves the work he’s put in throughout the years in the heat of the grind, to the wildest of good times, has all stacked up & played a significant role in turning Razzi into the artist he now is today. Returning with high-quality, single-worthy sound, bulletproof bars, and undeniable hooks that connect – Razzi’s as explicit, raw & unfiltered as ever, while spittin’ rhymes with powerfully professional precision; “Smoking On Dead Ops” shows the man is at the top of his game with nothing in between him and #1. A verifiable wordsmith capable of creating stylistically slick verbal rhythms that’ll send listeners straight to the floor of the club and Razzi straight to the top of the charts and playlists around the globe – “Smoking On Dead Ops” is every bit as savagely entertaining as it is skillful, bringin’ audible fire to the lefts and the rights through dynamic sound designed to heat this cut up hot enough to melt speakers & scorch haters.


After all the time he’s spent refining his talent in the trenches with over eight years of honorable service to his country, this Columbus, Georgia-based emcee is set for another incredibly groundbreaking year as an artist, and ready to establish his name permanently as the premier force on the frontlines of music. Join the man on his mission as he dominates the game with creativity & skill that’ll leave you speechless – “Smoking On Dead Ops” is guaranteed to connect on every level, and set him completely apart from the rest; there’s zero competition for what an artist like Razzi is capable of – and this year, he’ll prove it.














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