For Immediate Release:Thursday, July 23, 2009Contact: Corey Halstead954-243-5955(Ft. Lauderdale, FL.) - LLC is proud to announce that Talkers Magazine has recognized two of our talk show hosts.Andre Eggelletion, host of “The Experience”, which airs Monday through Friday from 9 -11a.m. and Raynard Jackson, host of “Talking Right with Raynard Jackson,” which airs on Saturday evenings, from 7-9 p.m. have been named to Talkers Magazine’s “Frontier Fifty.” The “Frontier Fifty” is a selection of Outstanding Talk Media Web casters for 2009.Talkers Magazine is the leading trade publication serving the Talk Radio Industry in America. Business Week Magazine dubbed it “The Bible of Talk Radio”. As technology and media trends have evolved, the publication has expanded to serve the cutting edge of the “New Talk Media” which includes talk on the Internet as well as cable television and satellite radio.According to Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine, “The Frontier Fifty: A Selection of Outstanding Talk Media Web casters is a list of 50 talk acts consisting of a wide variety of hosts, teams and shows representing a cross section of the important pioneering work taking place in the burgeoning world of internet talk media.The publication of such a list in this magazine marks another evolutionary milestone as, we experience the fascinating transition between the AM/FM/VHF/UHF (“terrestrial”) domination of pop culture during the second half of the 20th century and the emerging Internet media’s (“stickless”) reign over the first half of the 21st - already a decade underway.”Jackson stated that he was totally “surprised” to find himself recognized by the “Bible” of the industry. Eggelletion expressed being “humbled” by such recognition within the Talk Radio Industry.“This only confirms the vision we have at LLC,” says Lee Michaels, Founder/CEO of the network. “Our goal is to provide quality programming to a global audience and the recognition of two of our hosts is a testament to our vision and the hard work put in by the staff and hosts at our network. So again, congratulations to Andre and Raynard.”You can follow the link below to go to the article in Talkers Magazine:
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  • NYMetro
    My contention is that this is absolutely essential. We most maintain an edge in every way possible, inorder to stay abreast of what is coming up and down the pike for us as (if not a dominating voice on todays' landscape) a people who have come a long way to get where we are in HISTORY. And with forces at attention to try and deter our progress, we need to know that what affects one of us will eventually affect others if we allow it to be.
    Prof.Gates is just a microcosm of a much larger picture that we must see; have you ever heard of someone getting arrested for an expired car inspection sticker???? Well, it happened to me and although I didn't make the court date, I did eventually get my car fixed to pass inspection. Moreover, I was driving a new Mercedes Benz when the officers reminded me about my 93 Jaguar XJ6 ( and threw me in jail for the week-end) which is still registered but parked-TRUE STORY!
    This is just a faction of the many atrocities out there, to the point where I don't even venture far from my home these days...
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