Thursday, December 9, 2010 7.Black Hatred of Black Unity Toward the Unity of North American Africans 7. Black Hatred of Black Unity All classes of North American African society suffer the addiction to white supremacy, for sister Aeeshah Kokomon called blacks the "other white people." A friend of mind said my woman at the time who possessed several degrees from her European edumakation was not black but a white woman. He said that I should stop trying to hook up with an edumaked woman and get me one who was ignut and mentally ill. I don't know what made him think my edumaked woman wasn't mentally ill, even more so than the ignut woman he suggested. I am trying to get to the root of our problem that transcends classes and even caste--though we must do a separate essay on caste, color and class unity. What we want to examine here is the phenomenon of trans-class hatred of unity, whether black bourgeoisie or grass roots. There are those among us who would rather go into the gas chamber before they will come together to prevent such a black holocaust. And believe you, it is possible considering the level of white hatred against blacks that is yet prevalent in our society. There are those who have every intention to put blacks back in slavery. The prison system of involuntary servitude under the US Constitution is the most clear example of the present and future condition of North American Africans. Two and half million of the incarcerated are mostly North American Africans and other ethnic poor. The South finally figured out how to get those niggers back in chains, ball and chains, stripped suits and all, road gangs and all. Not that the North is any different, for we really have no idea how many of our people are incarcerated or under the control of the criminal justice system, but we know most black men, and lately women, are incarcerated in jail and/or prison, on probation or parole. There are very few who have no connection with the criminal justice system. A nigguh with no record is a rarity. Instead of fighting for a general amnesty of all imprisoned, there are those blacks who say them nigguhs need to be in prison, except when they often are members of their own family, including bourgeoisie blacks who try to disclaim any relationship with the criminal elements in their families. They will not offer a hand to their family members who are habitual criminals since it is a blot on their family pedigree, thus they may identify with their wife's relatives who may be of the uppity class, although upon examination these persons may have much if not many of the dysfunctional mental health issues of the grass roots relatives or in-laws. So there is grand denial here and absolutely no attempt to unify with such negative elements. I don't have nothing to do with the nigguhs in my family. They low class, ignut. I don't want them nigguhs over my house for Thanksgiving, Xmas or no other holiday. Them nigguhs ain't getting drunk and tearing up my good furniture! There is thus no family or community unity here, no desire for unity, nothing but the absolute desire to avoid those considered of lower class. And yet we know the golden handcuff syndrome of the black bourgeoisie, their conspicuous consumption lifestyle in their world of make believe, their gated estates wherein they suffer emotional, verbal and physical violence, yet refuse to leave because of the material comforts, though they are essentially prisoners of love, no better than the common nigguhs pushing a shopping cart down the street with theirj partner as they drink rot gut wine. But let us be prescriptive. Let us go to the drug store to get our medication to ameliorate the condition in our mental apparatus. Why do you hate your brother, sister? Did your Mama and Daddy teach you this? No, on what occasion did they teach you to hate your blood? None, thus it is derived from some foreign source, yes, the White Man devil! As Aeeshah Kokomon said, you are the other white people! Her program is her Attitudinal Healing Center. If you don't want to deal with my peer group to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, go see Aeeshah Kokomon. As Phavia says, do whatever is necessary to float yo boat! Just don't remain stagnant in full blown denial, like you got it all together when you on the brink of suicide. Somebody better get a healing up in here! You will, in the end, come together in the name of black unity. You may not want to, may not desire to, but you will be forced by circumstance to unite with those you hate and despise, once you find yourselves in the same holding cell. Your arrogance shall vanish, your humility shall appear. You will come to understand your brother and sister are all you have, and it shall hit you like a bomb in the head, cracking your brain cells like nothing you have experienced, all your edumakation shall go out the window, and you shall embrace your brother and sister with unconditional love that Mother and Father taught, and your memory shall be shattered into glass that you shall gather on your hands and feet, and you shall be glad you are on the floor crawling back to sanity! --Marvin X 12/9/11 --Marvin X 12/9/10

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