As one of the first community organizers to work with Barack Obama when he first came to Chicago, I have the authority to state without reservation that "President" Obama has lost the foundation he developed as "Organizer" Obama.
His latest endorsement of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is proof that "President" Obama set a real low standard for this Quinn endorsement than the "high" standards he used to have making sure that candidates truly earned the grassroots support from the communty organizers and organizations on the ground.
President Obama would have had more respect from his old grassroots organizing community had he just stated that as a Democratic President, he is endorsing a Democratic nominee for election.
That fact that almost 300,000 Illinois citizens chose to sign petitions for Independent candidates to be on the ballot should have been a clear signal to President Obama that all is not well in Democratic grassroots circles for the candidacy of Pat Quinn. But again, "President" Obama today is not the grassroots "Community Organizer" Obama that I met 20 years ago. His standards have significantly changed.
Mark S. Allen
One who knew and worked with Obama long before many of the people who have titles and jobs with him today
Associate Editor
The South Street Journal Newspaper & one of the 2010 Who'sWho In Black Chicago, 449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60616 (312) 624-8351 or cell (773) 392-0165

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